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Title: Minneapolis Star Tribune Portraits. Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Edina newspaper photographs collection.
Dates: circa 1901-1988 (bulk 1940-1970).
Language: Materials in English.
Abstract: Tracy Acosta in Dayton's basement with the Orange Juicing machineContains portraits of individuals and some groups that appeared in the Minneapolis papers. These include individuals from Minnesota, the United States, and elsewhere in the world. Most of the portraits have been indexed, but some names may have been skipped.
Quantity: 86 cubic feet (86 boxes): black and white and color; 8 x 10 in. and smaller.
Location: See Detailed Description for shelf locations.


Use Restrictions:

Photographs less than twenty-five years old may not be reproduced, published, or broadcast without written permission from the newspaper.

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Box 59 Aalbu, Olaf, Artist, Minneapolis, May 1, 1939.
Box 142 Aalto, M.W., Clerk in store, Minneapolis, December 23, 1950.
Filed with Willis, D.J.
Box 59 Aamodt, Hazel (Mrs.), Park Board Children's Theatre, MacPhail school, Minneapolis, November 26, 1958.
Aamodt, Jim, Teen topper, Minneapolis, November 30, 1957.
Aamodt, Peter, Fidelity State Bank, Minneapolis, January 18, 1955.
Aamodt, T.L., University of Minnesota entomologist, Minneapolis, February 18, 1949.
Box 143 Aanenson, Vern, Old Dutch Potato Chip, St. Cloud, March 12, 1961.
Filed with Wolle, Martin
Box 59 Aares, Mrs. Olaf, Shoemaker's wife, Minneapolis, November 24, 1947.
Filed with Aares, Olaf
Aares, Olaf, Shoemaker, Minneapolis, November 24, 1947.
Aarestad, Amanda, Winona State Division of Education, Winona, June 6, 1981.
Box 138 Aarseth, Agnes, Teacher, Minneapolis, March 4, 1955.
Filed with Vitovec, Franz (Mrs.)
Box 59 Aarthun, Bob, Breck School athletic director, Minneapolis, November 25, 1958.
Box 122 Abbas, Peter, Farmer, Triumph, August 27, 1950.
Filed with Pederson, Carl (mayor)
Box 59 Abbett, Loren B., Architect - murdered, Minneapolis, April 8, 1956.
Abbey, John M., Wm. H. Ziegler Co., Inc., St. Paul, August 11, 1964.
Abbey, K.O., Copy publicity dept. of Kerker-Peterson and Assoc., Minneapolis, November 6, 1952.
Abbott, Amstice, Macalester College, St. Paul,
Abbott, Edmund, WCCO, Minneapolis, April 9, 1938.
Abbott, Georgia (Mrs. B.J.), Guest columnist, Minneapolis, December 2, 1957.
Abbott, Howard S., Master in chancery, Minneapolis, July 24, 1942.
Abbott, Jim, Northwest Airlines, Minneapolis, July 30, 1959.
Abbott, Jonathan, Knutson Co., The, Minneapolis, September 17, 1964.
Abbott, Leland, Eskimo,
Abbott, Mark, Judge, International Falls, August 20, 1965.
Abbott, Mary, Stable owner, February 17, 1952.
Abbott, Mary, Chicken fancier (10 years old), Minneapolis, December 15, 1954.
Abbott, Mrs. T. Grafton, Educational consultant, New York City, February 19, 1944.
Abbott, Nelson, Westinghouse Electric Supply Co., St. Paul, September 16, 1951.
Abbott, Robert K., Morningside Councilman, Morningside, April 11, 1957.
Abbott, Russell J., Aviation safety artist, November 14, 1955.
Abbott, William H., 3M - legal affairs, St. Paul, January 6, 1965.
Abdallah, Ahmed (Albert), Abdallah's ice cream and candies, Minneapolis, June 5, 1956.
Abdallah, Subrey, Radio and TV, Minneapolis, June 24, 1951.
Abdellah, Faye (Dr.), University of Minnesota School of Nursing, Minneapolis, August 15, 1962.
Abdo, E. John, Knights of Columbus - Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, September 23, 1959.
Box 95 Abdo, E. John, Custody case, November 19, 1942.
Filed with Jensen, Walter (Mrs.)
Box 59 Abe, William T., Consulting engineer, Minneapolis, March 13, 1957.
Abel, Corrine, TV Advertising, Minneapolis, March 25, 1953.
Abel, Frederick, University High School principal, Minneapolis, March 5, 1957.
Abel, Jackie, Accordionist, Roseville, October 4, 1964.
Abel, Kenneth (Rev.), First Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, August 21, 1960.
Abel, Robert, University of Minnesota Instructor, film workshop, Minneapolis, January 30, 1966.
Abel, Wayne, Flying Cloud flight instructor, Shakopee, September 30, 1957.
Abell, Jeanne, KSTP, Minneapolis, January 16, 1964.
Abell, Richard, University of MInnesota Home Ec. instructor, St. Paul, January 19, 1961.
Abelson, Harold R., St. Paul -37th District, Minneapolis, November 3, 1960.
Abelson, Norman, Actor, Minneapolis, April 28, 1960.
Aberle, Lucille (Mrs.), Secretary of the Year - 1967, Minneapolis, January 6, 1967.
Box 89 Abernethy, Roy, American Motors Corp., Chicago, January 27, 1960.
Filed with Hencir, Thomas
Box 59 Abernethy, Ruth, St. Paul Historical Society, St. Paul, May 4, 1940.
Abiral, Erol, University foreign student council, Minneapolis, October 26, 1960.
Abraham, Herbert J., Moorhead State College, Moorhead, November 22, 1964.
Abraham, Louis, Friendly Bar & Bowling Alley, Minneapolis, March 14, 1964.
Abraham, Roland (Dr.), University of Minnesota Extension - Agriculture, St. Paul, November 30, 1969.
Abrahams, Carl W., Protection Equipment Co., Hopkins, December 26, 1963.
Abrahamsen, George (Mayor), Mayor, Marshall, Marshall, June 18, 1957.
Abrahamson, Bob, Plumbers Local #2, Duluth, May 19, 1967.
Box 91 Abrahamson, Clifford, Designed Hans Brinker trophy, Minneapolis, February 16, 1940.
Filed with Hendrickson, Roy
Box 59 Abrahamson, Elmer, Northwestern Drug Co., Asst. Sales Mgr., Minneapolis, April 16, 1955.
Abrahamson, Frederick W., Minneapolis Junior Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis, May 31, 1955.
Abrahamson, Mrs. Marvin, Mt. Sinai Hospital Gift Shop manager, Minneapolis, July 23, 1963.
Abrahamson, Ragnar (Rung), Walsh's Shopping Center, Mineapolis, May 17, 1958.
Abrahamson, Robert L., Guild Art Productions, Inc., Minneapolis, August 27, 1962.
Abrams, Harry, Fur trade, Minneapolis, July 23, 1963.
Abrams, Richard S., Union Carbid Olefins Co., Minneapolis, August 17, 1961.
Abramson, Burton, University of Minnesota Commencement, Minneapolis, April 2, 1951.
Filed with Abramson, Milton
Abramson, Carolun, United Airline vacationer, Minneapolis, April 2, 1951.
Filed with Abramson, Milton
Abramson, Ernst L. (Dr.), Swedish National Institute of Public Health, Minneapolis, October 31, 1954.
Abramson, Milton (Dr.), United Air Lines vacationer, Minneapolis, April 2, 1951.
Abramson, Mrs. Milton, United Air Lines vacationer, Minneapolis, April 2, 1951.
Filed with Abramson, Milton
Abramson, Ted, St. Paul United Jewish Fund and Council, St. Paul, August 2, 1958.
Box 103 Absolom, Katel B. (Dr.), Transplant of human liver, Minneapolis, November 9, 1964.
Filed with Klemz, Todd
Box 59 Absolon, Karel (Dr.), Liver operation, Minneapolis, November 10, 1964.
Acheson, George (Maj. Gen.), Civil Defense, Fort Snelling, October 29, 1951.
Acheson, W.S., Ben Gustafson & Son Mfg. Co., Minneapolis, April 20, 1960.
Achilles, Father (O.S.B.), St. John's University, Collegeville, January 31, 1957.
Box 110 Acker, Barbara, Sewing winners, Minneapolis, September 12, 1959.
Filed with Lingwall, Beverly
Box 116 Ackerson, Ellen (Miss), Concordia Society of Swedish Hospital, Minneapolis, June 9, 1943.
Filed with Melquist, Marie
Box 59 Ackert, Joe, Candidate, house district 44B, Minneapolis, October 4, 1966.
Box 108 Ackley, Charles M., Military; of Maine, North Africa, March 1, 1943.
Filed with Lemke, Leo O.
Box 65 Ackman, Delia, Northrop lower school, Minneapolis, November 6, 1960.
Filed with Bryan, Mrs. Elizabeth
Ackman, L.V., Northrop lower school, Minneapolis, November 6, 1960.
Filed with Bryan, Mrs. Elizabeth
Box 141 Acles, Dorothy (Mrs.), Reunion; from Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, July 2, 1953.
Filed with Whetstone, Clark (Mrs.)
Box 59 Acosta, Tracy, Inventor, Orange grower, Minneapolis, May 19, 1950.
Acrie, Chuck, WCCO, Minneapolis,
Acton, Harry, Attorney, St. Paul, May 20, 1954.
Box 122 Adair, Lucille, Mpls. native, chorus girl, New York, NY, February 4, 1936.
Box 67 Adair, Mrs. A.A., U.S. Grand Jury, Atlanta, November 5, 1957.
Filed with Center, Charles D. (Mrs.)
Box 59 Adair, Mrs. R.T., Segregation series, Minneapolis, January 20, 1956.
Adair, Sims S., Archer-Midland Co., Minneapolis, August 21, 1957.
Adam, Louis N. (Jr.), Brown County Sheriff, New Ulm, January 19, 1959.
Adams, Alden, Director of Bethany Home, Minneapolis, January 21, 1957.
Adams, Arthur S., American Council on Education, Minneapolis, March 13, 1968.
Adams, Bert, Markam hotel, Chef, Bemidji, March 21, 1951.
Adams, C.R., Wilson & Co., Albert Lea, January 18, 1948.
Box 123 Adams, Cedric, Columnist,
Filed with Przyborowski, Lorraine
Box 104 Adams, Charles, Legion awards, Minneapolis, August 24, 1959.
Filed with Kramer, R.J.
Box 60 Adams, Claris, Northwestern National Life Insurance Co., Minneapolis, October 29, 1945.
Filed with Arnold, O.J.
Box 59 Adams, Cuyler C., Fegles Construction Co., Minneapolis,
Adams, Damon, Pianist, Edina, January 19, 1964.
Adams, David R., Knutson Cos., Asst. VP, Minneapolis, June 13, 1963.
Adams, Elmer E., State Senator, Fergus Falls,
Adams, Elmo, Trunk murderer, Minneapolis, May 24, 1966.
Adams, Floyd R., Minnesota Education Association, Winona, September 29, 1942.
Adams, Forrest (Dr.), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Box 88 Adams, Frank, Veterans organization service offier, Minneapolis, September 10, 1949.
Filed with Haug, Fred D.
Box 138 Adams, Frank, Mpls. school board, Brooklyn Center, June 10, 1959.
Filed with Vizenor, Sylvia
Box 59 Adams, George, Feature, Minneapolis, June 13, 1960.
Adams, Helen (Mrs.), House Committee clerk, Minneapolis, February 18, 1957.
Adams, Henry B. (Rev. Dr.), Academy of Parish Clergy, Edina, July 12, 1969.
Adams, Henry H. (Jr.), First National Bank of Minneapolis, Minneapois,
Adams, I.L., Councilman, Bloomington, October 18, 1965.
Adams, J. Richard, Farm and Home News Editor, Mankato, May 15, 1954.
Adams, James, Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, St. Paul, May 24, 1966.
Adams, Jim, Songwriter, Minneapolis, January 31, 1966.
Adams, John Leslie (Rev. Dr.), Congregational Church - Hopkins, Hopkins, October 20, 1966.
Box 108 Adams, John W. (Mrs. Jr.), Woman's Club, Minneapolis, March 29, 1940.
Filed with Lavell, Richard (Mrs.)
Box 59 Adams, Joseph e., Swedish Hospital janitor, won deportation case, Minneapolis, September 9, 1954.
Adams, Judd F., Archer-Daniels-Midland Co., Minneapolis, November 20, 1952.
Adams, Kenneth, Bank bandit, St. Paul, December 7, 1956.
Adams, Kim, Miss Downtown, Minneapolis, May 25, 1968.
Adams, Lane W., American Cancer Society, Minneapolis, September 26, 1960.
Adams, Larry, International Farm Youth Exchange Program, Verndale, December 9, 1958.
Adams, Leonard J. (Rev.), St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Minneapolis, May 19, 1957.
Box 122 Adams, Lloyd, Violin maker, Minneapolis, March 25, 1957.
Box 59 Adams, Louis J., Candidate for Governor, Columbia Heights, May 13, 1955.
Adams, Marilyn Louis, Name change petition, Minneapolis, December 22, 1950.
Adams, Mason, Pepper Young of Radio Serials, Minneapolis, March 3, 1961.
Adams, Merriam, Northwestern Hospital Nursing Administrator, Minneapolis, October 5, 1962.
Adams, Mrs. A. Harold, Pianist's mother, Edina, January 19, 1964.
Filed with Adams, Damon
Adams, Mrs. Robert, Delta Gamma Sorority, Minneapolis, March 8, 1953.
Adams, Mrs. Salisbury, Dana Hall, Wayzata, November 12, 1956.
Adams, Nancy, First woman to win Canadian National debate tournament, St. Paul, March 18, 1957.
Adams, Pat, Chippewa band, St. Clair Reserve, December 23, 1956.
Filed with Adams, Telford
Adams, Patrick, Minnesota River Flood, Minneapolis, April 24, 1969.
Adams, Peggy (Mrs.), Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis, April 28, 1961.
Adams, Peter W., IBM-Minneapolis Branch manager, Minneapolis, September 22, 1960.
Adams, Richard L., Minnesota Mining & Mfg Co., St. Paul, March 22, 1959.
Adams, Robert, Iron Range tax hearing, Duluth, February 16, 1962.
Adams, Robert M., Richfield yards, Minneapolis, January 29, 1959.
Box 65 Adams, Sherman, Presidential Assistant, Washington, D.C., June 18, 1958.
Filed with Burns, MAry
Box 59 Adams, Suzanne, University of Minnesota Hospitals, heart surgery, Minneapolis, February 28, 1960.
Adams, T. Gordon, F.W. Woolworth Co., Minneapolis, October 7, 1953.
Adams, Telford, Chippewa Band, St. Clair Reserve, December 23, 1956.
Box 97 Adams, Wilbur Webster, Old time printer, Deer Creek, October 2, 1955.
Filed with Johnson, Manley
Box 59 Adamson, Margaret (Mrs.), Minneapolis Curative Workshop, Minneapolis, May 13, 1961.
Box 144 Adamsons, Janis, Cellist, Circle Pines, August 30, 1957.
Filed with Ziedonis, Viktors
Box 59 Addington, Wendell G., National Associationof Housing Cooperatives, Minneapolis, October 29, 1968.
Box 98 Addison, Dell, Fire prevention, Robbinsdale, October 11, 1957.
Filed with Jullie, Adolph
Box 59 Addison, Harry W., American Hardware Mutual, Marshall, April 24, 1956.
Addison, John K. (Col.), XIV Army Corp. (Res.), Minneapolis, June 6, 1959.
Box 61 Adelstein, Bernard, Symphony Orchestra, Minneapolis, March 15, 1953.
Filed with Baron, Samuel
Box 59 Adey, Lee, University of Minnesota Theatre, Minneapolis, March 2, 1967.
Adkins, Galen (Dr.), Cambridge State School, Cambridge, February 26, 1962.
Adler, Ron, Policeman, Commission on Human Relations, Minneapolis, April 3, 1968.
Adler, Sabina, Author, Minneapolis, September 5, 1935.
Adolphson, Mrs. Ronald, Accused in child deaths, St. Peter, May 23, 1963.
Adrian, Severin, Greetings Unlimited, Inc., St. Paul, December 3, 1959.
Affeldt, Leland (Sr.), Representative, 66th Dist., Fosston, November 20, 1954.
Affleck, Charles H., Labor movement veteran (63 years), St. Paul, October 28, 1963.
Box 60 Aftreth, Lydia, Minnesota School of Business, Robbinsdale, October 3, 1962.
Filed with Anderson, Doreen
Box 59 Agar, Donald, Custody case, Minneapolis, December 20, 1957.
Agar, Helen May, Custody case, Minneapolis, December 20, 1957.
Filed with Agar, Donald
Agather, Martin A., Gamble-Skogmo, Inc., Minneapolis, April 30, 1957.
Agee, Howard, Prudential Insurance Co., St. Paul, March 2, 1959.
Agerter, Ronald W., University of Minnesota Grad., Award winner, West Concord, May 26, 1961.
Agranoff, Harry, Gordon and Ferguson Co., St. Paul, June 23, 1965.
Agre, Annetta, Sewing Contest, October 13, 1965.
Agre, Ole J., Clerk, County School Board, August 31, 1954.
Agrimson, J. Elmo, Bishop, American Lutheran Church, St. Paul, July 30, 1971.
Aguiar, Eliz, Son,Coordinator to Secretary of Mutual Foreign Affairs, Brazil, Minneapolis, January 16, 1960.
Filed with Aguiar, Wilson
Aguiar, Wilson, Coordinator to Secretary of Mutual Foreign Affairs, Brazil, Minneapolis, January 16, 1960.
Aguiree, Lino, Arrested in fatal shooting, Bloomington, July 15, 1950.
Ahern, Annette (Mrs. John Jr.), Wife of President of Rapinwax Paper Co., Lake Minnetonka, September 4, 1957.
Filed with Ahern, John Jr. (Mrs.)
Ahern, Elmer, St. Paul Archdiocesan Union of Holy Name Societies, St. Paul, March 11, 1960.
Ahern, Eugene E. (Dr.), Hawaiian trip, Richfield, May 6, 1946.
Ahern, Kathleen M., Hay School Principal, July 3, 1958.
Ahern, Mrs. Eugene, Hawaiian trip, Richfield, May 6, 1946.
Filed with Ahern, Eugene (Dr.)
Ahern, Patrick H. (Rev.), Faculty of St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul, June 7, 1955.
Box 105 Ahl, Bob, Political activist, Bloomington, October 30, 1969.
Filed with Kuzma, Mark
Box 59 Ahl, Robert W., Candidate, Bloomington City Council, Bloomington, October 29, 1969.
Box 111 Ahlastrom, J. Millard (Rev.), First Lutheran Church, St. Peter, May 21, 1966.
Filed with Lund, Christine
Box 59 Ahlberg, Ernest W., Political, Farmington, October 30, 1968.
Filed with Akin, Jerome
Ahlberg, Wallace A., Circus Fans Association, St. Paul, April 5, 1964.
Ahlman, Karl F., Standard Construction Co., Minneapolis, September 18, 1968.
Ahlman, Martin J. (Cap), Gunsmith, March 28, 1962.
Ahlquist, Mrs. Carl, Parent Education Chairman, Minneapolis, December 4, 1961.
Ahlquist, Paul T., First Adjustment and Survey Co., July 28, 1959.
Ahlstrom, Don, Motor Scootor Tour, Mankato, April 29, 1959.
Ahmann, Richard J. (Jr.), Insurance Man of the Year, Minneapolis, September 16, 1968.
Aho, Ernie, Blind courthouse vendor, Minneapolis, February 10, 1960.
Box 142 Ahola, Irma, U of MN, Minneapolis, May 29, 1942.
Filed with Williams, E. Clifford
Box 59 Ahrenholz, Harold G., CLA business agent, Willmar, September 3, 1951.
Box 100 Ahrens, Jon, Student from Little Rock, Arkansas, Hutchinson, September 25, 1958.
Filed with Keene, Bob
Box 59 Aidian, Vartan, Clerk of Minneapolis municipal court, Minneapolis, November 18, 1958.
Aigner, Allen J., Minneapolis policeman, Minneapolis, August 25, 1969.
Aiken, Mrs. Frank, Wife of Ireland's minister of external affairs, Minnetonka, March 28, 1959.
Box 109 Ainslie, Helen, Military, Manchester, NH, October 13, 1944.
Filed with Linder, Winifred (WAC Pvt.)
Box 59 Ainslie, Mrs. James A., Northwestern Hospital Auxiliary President, Edina, May 22, 1963.
Box 123 Ainsworth, L.E. (Mrs.), Hennepin County nurses auxiliary, Minneapolis, October 31, 1950.
Filed with Peterson, Astrid
Box 59 Aitchison, Griffith J. (Lt.), Police Crime Prevention Bureau, Minneapolis, July 22, 1954.
Aitken, W.A., 3M, St. Paul, February 9, 1961.
Aitkens, F. Herbert, Northwestern National Bank of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, January 23, 1964.
Box 143 Aiton, E.W. (Dr.), 4-H Award donors conference, Chicago, IL, October 2, 1958.
Filed with Woestehoff, Phyliss
Box 84 Ajax, Warren, E.J. Ajax & Sons Co., Minneapolis, June 3, 1954.
Filed with Gleason, William (Displaymasters)
Box 142 Aker, Grace (Mrs.), Mason Home dedication, Bloomington, November 24, 1957.
Filed with Wilson, George R.
Box 118 Aker, Robert, Hennepin Co. Heart Fund, Minneapolis, March 18, 1955.
Filed with Nelson, Melvin P.
Box 59 Akers, Berry/Barry H., Farmer Magazine, St. Paul, December 31, 1955.
Akers, Ellsworth, 105th birthday, Winnebago, February 9, 1968.
Akers, Richard Dawes (Rev.), Parkers Lake Methodist, Plymouth, July 6, 1969.
Akerson, George, Secretary to President Hoover, Minneapolis, February 4, 1931.
Akervik, Merle, Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, August 14, 1966.
Akiki, Wladmer (Rev.), St. Maron's Catholic Church, Minneapolis, November 22, 1959.
Akin, C.W., Bemis Co., Inc., Minneapolis, October 26, 1965.
Akin, Jerome, 5th District Commissioner, Lakeville, October 30, 1968.
Akutsu, Tetsuzo (Dr.), Heart Research, Minnepaolis, April 9, 1964.
Alberg, Alan, Director of Parish Ed., ALC, Northfield, June 16, 1962.
Albers, Herman H., Director, Northeast State Bank, Minneapolis, March 14, 1969.
Albertsma, N.A. (Dr.), Minnesota Paints, Inc., Minneapolis, October 6, 1968.
Box 118 Albertson, ?, Overlook stockyards, South St. Paul, April 28, 1964.
Filed with Narusiewicz, S.E.
Box 59 Albinson, Jack, Funeral director,, Minneapolis, November 26, 1965.
Albinson, Pamela Jo, Aquatennial queen, Minneapolis, February 23, 1962.
Albion, Robert G., Harvard professor emiritus, Northfield,
Albitz, Benjamin (Dr.), Optomterist, Minneapolis, May 7, 1966.
Albitz, Paul, Artist, Minneapolis, November 20, 1954.
Albrecht, Lyle W., Minnesota Natural Gas Co., St. Louis Park, June 22, 1966.
Albrecht, Mrs. Henry, Women's Club, Wayzata, May 28, 1958.
Albrecht, Paul, Secretary to Luther Youngdahl, St. Paul, October 7, 1942.
Albrecht, Robert E., Albrecht Furs, St. Paul, September 25, 1946.
Albrecht, Theodore, Northwest Bancorporation, Minneapolis, March 28, 1934.
Albrecht, Wilson, Boutells, Minneapolis, December 26, 1957.
Albright, Zerelda, Singer, Minneapolis, March 23, 1936.
Album, Mrs. Reuben, Model, Minneapolis, August 28, 1950.
Filed with Album, Reuben
Album, Reuben, Album-Owen Sales Co., Minneapolis, July 22, 1955.
Alch, Harry Brown, Agent, cleaners' union, Minneapolis, November 6, 1940.
Filed with Ammerman, Thomas
Alch, Jerome S., Bozell & Jacobs, Minneapolis, October 22, 1958.
Box 120 Alcock, Gudrun, Judge,
Filed with Olson, Sallie
Box 59 Alcott, Bill, Clown, Minneapolis, April 15, 1941.
Alden, Maurice S., Specially equipped car, Minneapolis, December 6, 1955.
Alden, Neil, Pillsbury Baking co., Minneapolis, January 11, 1958.
Alderman, Matt, Knox Reeves, Minneapolis, August 5, 1958.
Aldre, Iive, New citizen, Minneapolis, November 10, 1954.
Filed with Aldre, Manivald
Aldre, Manivald, Augsburg College, professor of chemistry, new citizen, Minneapolis, November 10, 1954.
Aldre, Mrs. Manivald, New citizen, Minneapolis, November 10, 1954.
Filed with Aldre, Manivald
Box 61 Aldreich, Robert, Western Airlines, Minneapolis, November 27, 1957.
Filed with Balfour, Bill
Box 59 Aldrich, Boyd S., Management consulting firm, Minneapolis, October 26, 1955.
Aldrich, Chilson D., Architect, author, Minneapolis, June 14, 1949.
Box 94 Aldrich, H.D. (Dr.), Dentist, Shevlin, August 28, 1952.
Filed with Iverson, Daniel
Box 59 Aldrich, Knight (Dr.), University of Minnesota Medical School, psychiatry, Minneapolis, April 18, 1952.
Aldrich, Margaret, Red Cross Nursing Services, Minneapolis, January 20, 1954.
Box 107 Aldrich, Marge, Red Cross Nursing Services, October 27, 1953.
Filed with Law, Helen
Box 59 Aldrich, Mrs. Chilson D., Wife, Minneapolis, February 21, 1936.
Filed with Aldrich, Chilson D.
Aldrich, Susan, Singer, Minneapolis, February 12, 1953.
Aleman, Dolores (Mrs.), Nurse for Fidel Castro, Minneapolis, March 18, 1959.
Alevizos, Glenna, Airport Noise Protest, Minneapolis, January 26, 1973.
Filed with Alevizos, James (Mrs. Glenna)
Alexander, Bryce (Lt.), Military,
Alexander, Dale (Lt.), POW, Minneapolis, January 31, 1940.
Alexander, Eugene, Candidate, Minneapolis, April 11, 1953.
Alexander, Gordon L., Carl Byoir & Associates, Inc., Minneapolis, May 23, 1961.
Alexander, Holmes, Editorial Columnist, Minneapolis, May 20, 1964.
Alexander, Joan, Stewardess, North Central Airlines, Minneapolis, April 26, 1959.
Box 128 Alexander, John E., Children's Hospital benefit, St. Paul, November 22, 1953.
Filed with Schlick, Reynold N. (M/M)
Box 59 Alexander, John J., City treasurer candidate; pornographer, Minneapolis, May 10, 1949.
Alexander, Ralph, Drake and Alexander Co., Excelsior, April 2, 1959.
Alexander, Robert C., Audiovox, Inc., Minneapolis, November 22, 1956.
Alexander, Robert C., Candidate, St. Louis Park, St. Louis Park, November 22, 1955.
Alexander, Robert E., Pillsbury Co., Minneapolis, March 7, 1959.
Alexander, Stanley W., Stillwater Prison Warden, Stillwater, January 6, 1953.
Box 73 Alexander, Suzan, Movie business, Los Angeles, June 10, 1958.
Filed with Darlyn, Jann
Box 59 Alexander, William E., John G. Alexander Co., Minneapolis, October 17, 1957.
Alexeev, Mrs. Wassilij, Recording Russian, St. Paul, January 3, 1959.
Filed with Alexeev, Wassilij
Alexeev, Wassilij, Recording Russian, St. Paul, January 3, 1959.
Box 118 Alexson, Carl, Mailman, Minneapolis, November 1, 1944.
Filed with Nerli, Hans
Box 59 Alfalfa Neers, The, Band, August 9, 1941.
Alfken, Neville, Bookmobile librarian, Minneapolis, February 9, 1941.
Alford, Mrs. Chester, Mrs. Minnesota Candidate, Minneapolis, March 23, 1957.
Alfsen, Thomas C., Candidate, Park commission, Minneapolis, April 16, 1959.
Alfson, Gary, LEM Youth Director, Minneapolis, July 5, 1969.
Aling, C.A. (Dr.), Minneapolis Junior Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis, November 6, 1953.
Filed with Abrahamson, Frederick W.
Allan, J.L., Juster Bros., Minneapolis, March 22, 1949.
Box 105 Allan, Nancy, Baton twirler, Minneapolis, August 5, 1950.
Filed with Kuss, Glen
Box 59 Allard, J. Clinton (Rev.), St. Joseph of Medicine Lake Catholic Church, Medicine Lake, January 11, 1959.
Box 100 Allard, Susan, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, St. Paul, February 27, 1978.
Filed with Keillor, Garrison
Box 59 Allbright, Bruce, Target, Medicine Lake, September 25, 1979.
Alldridge, J.L. ('Vic'), Helicopter pilot, Minneapolis, December 14, 1953.
Allegrezza, Domenic, Builds church in Italy, Chisholm, August 7, 1959.
Box 117 Alleman, Beverly, In 'Kiss Me Kate' Chorus, March 31, 1951.
Filed with Montell, Tony (M/M)
Box 59 Allen, A.W., Remington Rand Univac, St. Paul, June 19, 1960.
Allen, Alden L., A.D. Berdolyack, Inc., Minneapolis, August 5, 1955.
Allen, Bennet Y. (Maj.), Minneapolis Air Procurement office, Minneapolis, December 7, 1957.
Allen, Burns, Northwestern National Bank of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, August 29, 1957.
Allen, C. Eugene, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, May 31, 1968.
Allen, Charles M., Archer-Daniels-Midland Co., Minneapolis, February 21, 1957.
Allen, Charles R. (Very Rev.), Cathedral, Faribault, July 4, 1954.
Allen, Don (Jr.), Beaten by cops, St. Paul, September 11, 1949.
Allen, Donald, Jamaican and University of Minnesota Student, Minneapolis, May 14, 1954.
Allen, Donald C., Pidgeon Savage Lewis, Inc., Minneapolis, July 31, 1963.
Allen, Doris, Minneapolis Public Library, Minneapolis, October 6, 1955.
Allen, E. Drell (Rev.), Russell Avenue Church of the Nazarene, Minneapolis, September 12, 1959.
Allen, Frank J., Winona County Draft Board, Winona, November 20, 1951.
Allen, Grace Robertson, Michael Dowling School principal, Minneapolis, January 18, 1965.
Allen, Heilman, Hormel Co. VP, Austin, July 21, 1964.
Box 105 Allen, Helen, Bachelor's Dance, Rochester, December 28, 1950.
Filed with Krafft, Margaret
Box 79 Allen, Henry E., Mayflower descendants, So. St. Paul, November 28, 1954.
Filed with Elwood, Charles B.
Box 59 Allen, Horace, Mpls. DA and Director of Federal Food and Drug Admin., Minneapolis, December 1, 1962.
Allen, Ira B. (Rev. Dr.), Asbury Methodist Church, Minneapolis, June 27, 1964.
Allen, John W., Random Specialties, Hopkins, February 27, 1959.
Allen, Joyce, Gustavus Adolphus College Homecoming queen, St. Peter, October 26, 1962.
Allen, Judi, Miss Tall Minnesota, Minneapolis, July 1, 1963.
Allen, Judith, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, January 29, 1969.
Allen, Leland, Blaine Elementary School principal, March 4, 1955.
Allen, Loren L., Highway maintainence engineer, March 10, 1939.
Allen, Lorin S., Civil Defense Director, St. Paul, August 5, 1964.
Allen, Lucy Byrd (Mrs.), Home Economist, Maple Lake, October 11, 1961.
Allen, Marcia (Mrs.), Minnesota Restaurant Queen, St. Paul, October 9, 1959.
Box 79 Allen, Mrs. Henry E., Mayflower descendants, So. St. Paul, November 28, 1954.
Filed with Elwood, Charles B.
Allen, Mrs. Waldo Morgan, Mayflower descendants, So. St. Paul, November 28, 1954.
Filed with Elwood, Charles B.
Box 59 Allen, Mrs. William C. (Jr.), Society, Minneapolis, December 6, 1959.
Filed with Allen, William C., Jr.
Box 88 Allen, Mrs. William C. (Jr.), Feature, Wayzata, November 23, 1953.
Filed with Hawley, John (Mrs.)
Box 85 Allen, Nat, U of MN Farm dairy staff, St. Paul, December 9, 1936.
Filed with Gullickson, T.W.
Box 59 Allen, R.B., Univac, St. Paul, May 28, 1965.
Allen, Ralph, Minneapolis Honeywell, Minneapolis, May 1, 1946.
Allen, Ray L., Ford Motor Company, Minneapolis, July 16, 1951.
Allen, Robert E. Barton, Carleton College, Northfield, January 20, 1961.
Box 105 Allen, Susan, Junior Miss contest, Mobile, AL, March 24, 1960.
Filed with Kraeger, Jan
Box 59 Allen, Sylvia, New York casting director, Minneapolis, December 31, 1968.
Allen, T.B. (Mrs.), Society, Minneapolis, October 19, 1959.
Allen, T.R. (Capt.), Dentist; military, Minneapolis, October 23, 1942.
Allen, Wally, Shark hunter, Falcon Heights, August 31, 1962.
Allen, Wayne, Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Co., Minneapolis, February 21, 1962.
Allen, William, Minnesota Department of Health, Bloomington, March 24, 1964.
Allen, William C. (Jr.), Society, Minneapolis, December 6, 1959.
Allen, William J., Marquette National Bank, Minneapolis, December 6, 1962.
Allen, William J., Lauderdale Mayor, Lauderdale, December 1, 1951.
Allen, William S., Microtone Co., Minneapolis, February 23, 1955.
Box 126 Allendorf, Charles K., Red River Grain Co., Moorhead, August 2, 1964.
Box 59 Aller, Johnson V. (Gen.), Lindbergh kidnaping, Flemington, N.J., April 12, 1932.
Allert, Carl J., John W. Thomas & Co., Minneapolis, November 21, 1950.
Allgood, Thurlow V., Shot son's girl friend, Fridley, May 20, 1956.
Alliet, W.F., Western Union Telegraph Co., Minneapolis, July 9, 1959.
Allin, Willard S. (Rev.), Edgewater Methodist Church, Minneapolis, June 27, 1964.
Alling, Wm. R. (Dr.), Moorhead State College, Moorhead, January 7, 1960.
Box 69 Allison, John H. (Prof.), U of MN professor of forestry, June 21, 1952.
Filed with Colburn, Litella
Box 59 Allphin, McKay, Mormon leader, Minneapolis, May 28, 1963.
Box 98 Allred, James E., POW, Korea, October 15, 1952.
Filed with Jurek, Anthony
Box 59 Allsbrook, L.I., Ford Motor Co., St. Paul, May 11, 1964.
Allsman, Paul T., Bureau of Mines, Minneapolis, January 17, 1952.
Alm, Kent G. (Dr.), Mankato State College, Mankato, February 13, 1969.
Alm, Mrs. Oscar, Wife, Minneapolis, November 2, 1954.
Filed with Alm, Oscar
Alm, Oscar, Authorized Old Age Assistance Bill, Minneapolis, November 2, 1954.
Alm, Russell A., First Bank System, Asst. VP, Minneapolis, August 25, 1968.
Box 81 Alm, Warren, Band director, May 25, 1957.
Filed with Fisher, George E.
Box 124 Alman, Albert, Reserve Champion dairy at Anoka Co. Fair, Elk River, August 15, 1950.
Filed with Pieri, Myron
Box 59 Almberg, S.G. (Bud), Candidate for councilman, Wayzata, Wayzata, November 28, 1961.
Almen, Thomas, Minneapolis policeman, Minneapolis, December 29, 1961.
Almer, Lowell (Rev.), Editor, Lutheran Standard, May 26, 1981.
Almgren, John, United Theological Seminary student, Minneapolis, December 15, 1966.
Almlie, John L. (Rev.), Victory Lutheran Church Asst. Pastor, Minneapolis, June 29, 1963.
Box 137 Almond, Edward M. (Lt. Gen.), Military, Minneapolis, September 6, 1951.
Filed with Uskrait, Robert H. (Lt.)
Box 59 Almquist, Annette (Mrs.), Career Clinic for Mature Women, Minneapolis, October 21, 1960.
Almquist, James (Rev.), Spring Lake Park Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, June 8, 1961.
Box 63 Almquist, Murial, Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing, Minneapolis, May 8, 1952.
Filed with Bergh, Inger
Box 59 Almquist, William C., Lilley-Almquist Insurance Agency, Minneapolis, February 5, 1962.
Alms, J.J., Burlington Lines, December 28, 1959.
Alms, Rolland (Maj.), Minnesota National Guard, Red Wing, April 1, 1964.
Alnes, Steve, Editorial staff writer S&T, Minneapolis, March 20, 1968.
Alonzo, William, Pearl Harbor vet, Minneapolis, December 6, 1963.
Alperin, Louis, Newsy at 5th and Hennepin, Minneapolis, March 25, 1952.
Alsager, M.O., AC Spark Plug Division of General Motors, Minneapolis, March 1, 1957.
Box 140 Alsip, Charles H., Federal employee, Minneapolis, September 10, 1960.
Filed with Wagner, Lois E.
Box 59 Alsman, Ralph, Dillinger double, St. Paul, May 10, 1934.
Alsop, John W., Chicago and North Western Railway, St. Paul, October 9, 1957.
Alstad, Richard E. (Sgt.), Police Department, Edina, April 18, 1966.
Alston, Gordon D., Paul Burke & Assoc. VP, Minneapolis, February 8, 1966.
Alston, Harry, United Packinghouse Workers Union, Program Director, Minneapolis, November 28, 1966.
Box 131 Alt, Harold, 10,000 Lakes Family Boating club, Minneapolis, December 16, 1958.
Filed with Soderlund, Arnie
Box 59 Alt, Joyce (Mrs.), Physical therapist, St. Luke's, Minneapolis, July 24, 1964.
Altermatt, Pauline, Charm course, Minneapolis, April 13, 1966.
Box 76 Altermatt, Pauline, Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, Minneapolis, November 23, 1953.
Filed with Dorweiler, Louis C. (Mrs. Jr.)
Box 59 Althoff, Rose Alice (Mother), St. Paul's Priory, St. Paul, June 10, 1966.
Altman, Mrs. Frank A., DAV Auxiliary, Minneapolis, January 17, 1957.
Altman, Ruth, University Singers, Minneapolis, October 11, 1936.
Altnow, Earl F., Minnesota Food Retailers, St. Paul, November 14, 1957.
Alton, Gerald L., John A. McSherry Mpls Agency of Continental Assurance Co., Minneapolis, August 24, 1959.
Alton, Howard R. (Jr.), Pan-O-Gold Baking Co., Minneapolis, November 1, 1967.
Alton, John M., Univac manager, St. Paul, December 23, 1965.
Altschul, Eugen, University of Minnesota Professor, Minneapolis, December 12, 1941.
Alvarez, M.C., International Milling Co., Minneapolis, January 19, 1960.
Box 98 Alvaro, Loke, Hula girl, Minneapolis, July 3, 1958.
Filed with Jopp, Lorraine H. (Mrs.)
Box 127 Alvinson, Rube (Dr.), Mpls. Athletic Club, Minneapolis, January 29, 1954.
Filed with Runez, Henry
Box 59 Alvis, C.E., Minneapolis-Moline Co., Minneapolis, April 30, 1956.
Alvord, Maxwell, University of Minnesota Director of Placement, Minneapolis, October 24, 1967.
Box 59 Alway, Frederick J. (Dr.), University of Minnesota Professor of Chemistry (Emeritus), Minneapolis, March 22, 1949.
Box 94 Alwin, Jack, Singing Group, Minneapolis, December 26, 1965.
Filed with Intolerables
Box 59 Alwin, R.W., Franklin Manufacturing, Dir. of Administration, Minneapolis, November 2, 1960.
Alwin, S.S., Minneapolis Gas Company, Minneapolis, December 25, 1961.
Alwyn, Florence E. (Lt.), Navy Nurse Corps, Minneapolis, October 5, 1957.
Box 101 Alyeshmerni, Mansoor, B'nai B'rith scholarship, Minneapolis, June 13, 1960.
Filed with Keller, Edward K.
Box 59 Amacher, Phyllis, Sunday School for retarded children, Minneapolis, November 2, 1960.
Amann, Joseph, Engineers & Scientists of America, President, Minneapolis, December 9, 1952.
Amberg, Maryetta, Christmas seal child, Waseca, November 27, 1953.
Amberson, Max, F.H. Peavey & Co., Minneapolis, June 15, 1957.
Amble, Raymond E., Civil engineer, Minneapolis, February 16, 1959.
Ambli, Andrew, Briggs Transportation, Minneapolis, May 17, 1966.
Ambrose, Carl, Shadow boxes, Richfield, October 3, 1954.
Ambrose, J. (Brother), St. Mary's retiring president, Winona, August 4, 1956.
Ambrosen, Edwin C., Wold-Chamberlain, Commander, Minneapolis, July 21, 1959.
Amdahl, Burgee O., St. Paul Bank for Cooperatives, St. Paul, May 31, 1974.
Amersbach, Sharon, Miss Page One, N. St. Paul, October 5, 1958.
Amerson, Elaine, YMCA Professional Secretary, Minneapolis, August 18, 1958.
Amerson, Robert, General Mills public relations, Minneapolis, June 19, 1953.
Amerson, Roger, Superior Electronics Service Co., Minneapolis, January 18, 1960.
Ames, Alfred E., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,
Ames, Douglas, Rescued child in fire, Stillwater, March 1, 1962.
Ames, John D., Northwestern National Life Insurance Co. Director, Minneapolis, January 31, 1956.
Ames, Morgan, RKO Theatres, Division manager, Minneapolis, May 28, 1938.
Ames, Phyllis (Mrs.), Artist, Minneapolis, December 20, 1966.
Ames, Reginald, Ramsey Co. Bar, President elect, St. Paul, April 28, 1964.
Amick, Harry G., Attorney, Minneapolis,
Amidon, Paul C., Paul C. Amidon & Assoc., Minneapolis, February 8, 1966.
Amidon, T.S., Cream of Wheat, Minneapolis, July 26, 1938.
Amis, Lucille (Mrs. Robert W.), Friends Benefit, Minneapolis Art Institute, Minneapolis, September 17, 1981.
Amland, Harold J., Investors Diversified Services, Inc., St. Paul, July 15, 1952.
Amluxen, George E., Fabric store, Minneapolis, October 14, 1952.
Ammerman, Thomas, Milk drivers union, Minneapolis, November 6, 1940.
Amos, Robert F. (Maj.), Logistics officer, Minneapolis, July 8, 1957.
Amsel, Myrna, Daughter of cantor, Minneapolis, April 10, 1956.
Amstrup, Carl R., F.H. Peavey & Company, Director of Youth Activities, Minneapolis, January 17, 1955.
Amundsen, Ben, Painter, Rochester, February 11, 1951.
Amundson, Dennis, Forgery, Minneapolis, October 3, 1957.
Amundson, F.A., Midway National Bank; Minnesota Bank Commissioner, St. Paul, December 16, 1948.
Amundson, Neal R., University of Minnesota, Head of Chem. Eng., Minneapolis, April 21, 1961.
Amundson, Tobias, Sheriff, Grant Co., Elbow Lake, January 1, 1957.
Anawausk, William (Chief), Gah-ba-bi-nance', White Earth,
Anbuhl, Theodore, Handwriting expert, Minneapolis, January 7, 1951.
Anderegg, Alfred F. (Dr.), Prudential Insurance Co., Minneapolis, March 4, 1958.
Anderegg, Gene, E. Leitz Co., Minneapolis, October 21, 1955.
Box 92 Anderegg, Marlene, Blue Notes Trio, St. Paul, June 5, 1956.
Filed with Hiegel, Gretchen
Box 59 Andersch, Louis, Liggett murder case, February 8, 1936.
Andersch, Wesley, Saw Liggett slain, December 20, 1935.
Andersen, Anders Kristian Axel, Mpls. Public Schools Health, Physical Ed and Rec. Dept., Minneapolis, June 10, 1954.
Andersen, Ann, Writer, Minneapolis, May 27, 1959.
Andersen, Axel H., Midwest Scandinavian publisher, Minneapolis, April 22, 1957.
Box 66 Andersen, Elmer (Gov.), Society, Wayzata, February 4, 1962.
Filed with Carter, George M. (Mrs.)
Box 108 Andersen, Gov., Presented award, April 9, 1962.
Filed with LeBlanc, Elden
Box 59 Andersen, H.E., National Association of Oil Equipment Jobbers, Minneapolis, September 18, 1958.
Andersen, Jack D., Northwest Airlines, Minneapolis, March 11, 1959.
Box 85 Andersen, Jay A., Golfer, Kauai, HI, February 22, 1962.
Filed with Guslander, Lyle
Box 60 Andersen, Joan, Miss East Minneapolis, Minneapolis, July 23, 1963.
Box 59 Andersen, Leonall (Andy), Secretary of State candidate, August 13, 1958.
Andersen, Nina (Mrs. Wilbur F.), Commercial pilot, Wayzata, November 26, 1957.
Filed with Andersen, Wilbur F. (Mrs.) (Nina)
Andersen, O.J., Soo Line, Minneapolis, September 12, 1956.
Andersen, Paul, University of Minnesota Professor of Civil Engineering, St. Paul, January 8, 1958.
Box 92 Andersen, Phyliss, MN Ceramics Assoc., Minneapolis, March 10, 1968.
Filed with Homer, Kathy
Box 59 Andersland, Louise, Army Medical Specialist Corps, Emmons, October 4, 1956.
Box 70 Anderson, A. Donald, Hendricks Pioneer, Farmington, May 11, 1962.
Filed with Clay, Eugene
Box 59 Anderson, A.H., Four-generation photographer, Hallock, October 26, 1957.
Anderson, A.J., Minnesota Association of Commercial Secretaries, Winona, November 1, 1946.
Box 113 Anderson, A.P., Majorette, Minneapolis, March 13, 1942.
Filed with Manning, Joanne (Mary)
Box 59 Anderson, Abel, Red Lake County Agent, Red Lake Co., April 24, 1955.
Anderson, Adrian I., Convict, St. Cloud, January 11, 1950.
Anderson, Albert O., Atlantic Press, Minneapolis, June 26, 1957.
Anderson, Alice, Minneapolis activist, W.I.S.E., Minneapolis, September 5, 1974.
Box 66 Anderson, Allan, Voter registration deputy commissioner, Minneapolis, June 2, 1951.
Filed with Callan, Chester
Box 59 Anderson, Andrea Ann, Laidlaw Toreadors Drum Corp, Minneapolis, February 6, 1959.
Box 124 Anderson, Anna, Surgical nurse, Lake City, May 4, 1951.
Filed with Phillips, Florence
Box 59 Anderson, Anny A., State Senator, Luverne, January 3, 1957.
Anderson, Ansel B., Northwestern National Bank of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, October 17, 1966.
Box 122 Anderson, Anthony, Goodwill Industries, Minneapolis, February 10, 1936.
Filed with Palm, R.N.
Box 59 Anderson, Arvid J. (Andy), Candidate, Minneapolis,
Box 136 Anderson, Austin, Military, Minneapolis, July 17, 1954.
Filed with Tweeten, Lyla
Box 59 Anderson, Axel, 5th District judge, Minneapolis, August 11, 1947.
Box 128 Anderson, Axel, Schiek's Cafe, Minneapolis, April 15, 1952.
Filed with Schiek, Louis (Mrs.)
Box 59 Anderson, B.G., Great Northern Railway, Duluth, August 31, 1959.
Anderson, Barbara, Miss St. Cloud, St. Cloud, July 20, 1965.
Box 60 Anderson, Barbara (Mrs. Glenn), Interior designer, Minneapolis, August 5, 1964.
Filed with Anderson, Glenn (Mrs.)
Box 59 Anderson, Barney, County Commissioner, Minneapolis, March 24, 1936.
Box 109 Anderson, Bergit, Military, Manchester, NH, October 13, 1944.
Filed with Linder, Winifred (WAC Pvt.)
Box 125 Anderson, Bernice, Ears in Bloom, St. Paul, May 11, 1953.
Filed with Reissner, Diane
Box 59 Anderson, Betty Gillespie, Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, Minneapolis, November 29, 1953.
Box 105 Anderson, Bill, Trophy, San Antonio, TX, November 10, 1954.
Filed with Kuchera, Earl A.
Box 59 Anderson, Billy, Evangelist, Minneapolis, June 27, 1936.
Box 60 Anderson, Bonnie, Fire destroyed home, Minneapolis, December 23, 1957.
Filed with Anderson, Janet (Mrs.)
Box 65 Anderson, Bonnie Jo, U.S. Senate Youth Program, North Oaks, December 24, 1963.
Filed with Bruce, Judith
Box 59 Anderson, Byron E., KSTP radio-television, Minneapolis, August 7, 1963.
Anderson, C. Elmer, Governor, Fort Snelling, October 29, 1951.
Filed with Acheson, George (Maj. Gen.)
Box 84 Anderson, C. Elmer, Military, St. Paul, December 17, 1953.
Filed with Gleason, Charles C. (Lt. Col.)
Box 104 Anderson, C. Elmer, Governor, Middle River, November 18, 1951.
Filed with Kolden, Myron
Box 130 Anderson, C. Elmer, Governor, Floodwood, August 6, 1955.
Filed with Shipley, Lyle B. (Sgt.)
Box 71 Anderson, C. Elmer (Gov.), Clan Gordon, St. Paul, January 28, 1952.
Filed with Cochrane, Joshua
Box 80 Anderson, C. Elmer (Gov.), YMCA, St. Paul, October 25, 1954.
Filed with Erlandson, Carl
Box 120 Anderson, C. Elmer (Gov.), Northwest Sports, Tavel & Boat Show, Minneapolis, March 25, 1956.
Filed with Olson, Ethelyn
Box 96 Anderson, C. Elmer (Gov.), Safety award, Minneapolis, August 23, 1952.
Filed with Johnson, Ronald B.
Box 97 Anderson, C. Elmer (Gov.), Secretary of the Year, St. Paul, July 18, 1953.
Filed with Johnson, Joy
Box 119 Anderson, C. Elmer (Gov.), Christmas Seals promotion, November 22, 1954.
Filed with Nasi, Kristen
Box 59 Anderson, C. Herbert, Automobile Dealers Assoc., Minneapolis, September 20, 1955.
Anderson, C. Philip (Jr.; Rev.), Evangelical Covenant Church, Coon Rapids, September 6, 1962.
Anderson, C. Wilson, Minneapolis Family and Children's Service, Minneapolis, October 20, 1952.
Box 113 Anderson, Carl, WRight County Deputy Sheriff, Delano, April 15, 1942.
Filed with Marketon, Frank
Box 59 Anderson, Carl L., Minnesota Tractor Program Winner, Ruthton, December 1, 1959.
Anderson, Carlyle E., University of Minnesota alumnus, Evanston, IL, August 11, 1969.
Anderson, Carroll R., Munsingwear, Minneapolis, December 20, 1956.
Box 118 Anderson, Cathein, Command performance, Minneapolis, January 12, 1951.
Filed with Neuberger, Mary
Box 59 Anderson, Charles McG., Seabee vets of Minnesota, Minneapolis, April 15, 1950.
Box 95 Anderson, Clara, Celebrating 60th wedding anniversary, Tyler, September 20, 1954.
Filed with Jerpbak, Peter
Box 59 Anderson, Clem, Clerk of Municipal Court Violations Bureau, Minneapolis, June 23, 1954.
Anderson, Clifford (Lt.), Police Department, Minneapolis, June 6, 1979.
Anderson, Clyde, Capital Airlines, Minneapolis, August 5, 1967.
Anderson, Connie-Paul, Child, Minneapolis, July 12, 1957.
Anderson, Curtis, Account Exec. of Office of Erwin Wasey, Minneapolis, June 11, 1958.
Anderson, Curtis J., Anderson Machine Tool and Air Power Equipment Corp., Minneapolis, April 10, 1959.
Box 60 Anderson, D.B., Wood Conversion Co., St. Paul, April 1, 1964.
Anderson, Dagmar (Mrs.), Hennepin Co. GOP Chairwoman, Minneapolis, April 11, 1967.
Anderson, Dale R., 13th Ward Candidate, Minneapolis, May 11, 1963.
Anderson, Dan, WLOL, Minneapolis, December 4, 1956.
Anderson, Darrell, Aquatennial music contest winner, Cambridge, August 23, 1954.
Box 87 Anderson, David, Fulton School student, St. Paul, November 3, 1965.
Filed with Handford, Mae (Mrs.)
Box 60 Anderson, David (Dr.), American Cancer Society President, Austin, October 17, 1953.
Anderson, David B., Canning Crops contest winner, Hector, May 27, 1963.
Anderson, David E., Foley Brothers, Inc., St. Paul, June 13, 1963.
Anderson, Delphin, Mayor, Lafayette, January 11, 1965.
Anderson, Dennis (Capt.), Vietnam, Crookston, July 28, 1967.
Anderson, Dennis (Mr. and Mrs.), Adopted Korean girl, Maple Plain, February 10, 1965.
Box 115 Anderson, Dewayne, Acrobatic dancing, Minneapolis, March 23, 1953.
Filed with McKowen, Judy
Box 60 Anderson, DeWayne E., Escaped from jail, Minneapolis, May 5, 1959.
Anderson, Diane, Fire destroyed home, Minneapolis, December 23, 1957.
Filed with Anderson, Janet (Mrs.)
Box 129 Anderson, Dick, Jailer, Minneapolis, June 4, 1957.
Filed with Seviola, Chester
Box 60 Anderson, Dixon, Oriskany survivor, Minneapolis, December 16, 1966.
Anderson, Don, Bingo game attendant, St. Paul, March 9, 1957.
Anderson, Donald, Escaped Sandstone prison, Sandstone, June 5, 1963.
Anderson, Donald G., Lehn & Fink Products Corp., Minneapolis, August 5, 1958.
Anderson, Donald H., Metropolitan Planning Commission, Minneapolis, February 15, 1961.
Anderson, Donald J., Minnesota Highway Departmnet, St. Paul,
Anderson, Donald M., NW National Bank of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, July 29, 1963.
Anderson, Doreen, Minnesota School of Business, Robbinsdale, October 3, 1962.
Anderson, Doris (Mrs.), Deputy registrat, Minneapolis, August 4, 1956.
Anderson, Dorothy, Tip Toppers Club, Minneapolis, May 30, 1950.
Anderson, Dorothy L.I., Minnesota Nurses Association, Minneapolis, April 14, 1954.
Box 94 Anderson, Doug, Singing Group, Minneapolis, December 26, 1965.
Filed with Intolerables
Box 60 Anderson, Duane, McKesson & Robbins, Minneapolis, July 8, 1957.
Anderson, E.E., County Agent, St. Croix County, May 25, 1954.
Anderson, E.L., Willys Motors, Inc., Minneapolis, April 26, 1957.
Anderson, Earl, Minnesota Council on Alcohol Problems, Minneapolis, June 5, 1963.
Anderson, Earl D., Vern Donnay Builders, Inc., Minneapolis, July 9, 1959.
Anderson, Earl R., Minnesota State Bar Assoc., St. Paul, June 20, 1952.
Box 87 Anderson, Earle, Detective, August 16, 1961.
Filed with Hanson, Chris (Patrolman)
Box 60 Anderson, Earle T., Collect and deal in pressed glass, Minneapolis, November 18, 1964.
Box 59 Anderson, Edna (Mrs. Clarence A.), Greeley School principal, Minneapolis, December 17, 1959.
Filed with Anderson, Clarence A. (Mrs.)
Box 60 Anderson, Edna A. (Mrs.), Principal, Harrison School, Minneapolis, April 6, 1967.
Anderson, Edwin O., Crestliner, Inc., Little Falls, September 10, 1959.
Anderson, Einar A., Candidate for Minneapolis mayor, Minneapolis, March 23, 1937.
Anderson, Elaine L., Miss Willmar, Willmar, June 14, 1957.
Anderson, Elenore, Artist, Minneapolis, July 5, 1951.
Anderson, Elias L, Crown Iron Works, Minneapolis, June 30, 1944.
Anderson, Elizabeth Ann, Doctors Memorial Hospital, Minneapolis, July 9, 1959.
Anderson, Ellen, NWA Cabin Service Attendant, Minneapolis, June 21, 1952.
Anderson, Ellen June, Singer, Minneapolis,
Anderson, Elmer, Minnesota Aviation Council, St. James, June 14, 1966.
Anderson, Enoch, Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway, Minneapolis, February 16, 1955.
Box 98 Anderson, Erling A., Clerk, Hennepin Co. morgue, Minneapolis, October 19, 1955.
Filed with Joss, Goodwin
Box 60 Anderson, Ernest, Justice, Tonka Bay, October 7, 1961.
Anderson, Ernest, Magician; arrest and trial suit, Minneapolis, October 11, 1963.
Anderson, Erv, Bar Harbor owner, Gull Lake, July 26, 1963.
Anderson, Eskild, Chef, Minneapolis, October 15, 1942.
Anderson, Esther, Polio, Minneapolis, December 23, 1965.
Box 135 Anderson, Esther, Missionary to China, August 8, 1960.
Filed with Tack, Minnie
Box 60 Anderson, Esther (Mrs. Elmer), Queen of Minnesota Flying Farmers, St. James, June 14, 1966.
Filed with Anderson, Elmer (Mrs.)
Anderson, Eugene C. (Rev.), St. Olaf Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, October 11, 1958.
Anderson, Eugene R., National City Bank, Minneapolis, July 21, 1964.
Anderson, Eugenie (Honorable), Ambassador, Red Wing, July 4, 1976.
Anderson, Eunice (Dr.), General Hospital intern, Minneapolis, February 7, 1955.
Anderson, F.A., Social Service Director, Minneapolis,
Anderson, Floyd R., Minnesota Legislature, Duluth Heights, November 19, 1954.
Anderson, France O., Aqua-Lectric, Inc., Minneapolis, February 15, 1962.
Anderson, Frances (Mrs.), Teacher, Marshall High School, Minneapolis, March 22, 1957.
Anderson, Frances (Mrs.), Soprano, Minneapolis, August 1, 1952.
Anderson, Frances E., Audobon Society, Minneapolis, October 7, 1955.
Anderson, Frank M. (Prof. and wife), U of M Class 1894-1895, Minneapolis, April 27, 1961.
Anderson, G.A., State legislature, Donnelly, December 24, 1952.
Anderson, Gail, Women's log cutting contest, Minneapolis, February 9, 1957.
Anderson, Galen, Robbery suspect, St. Paul, May 26, 1964.
Anderson, Gary, Injured by deputy, St. Paul, May 5, 1952.
Box 71 Anderson, Gary, Teaching Career proclamation, St. Paul, March 27, 1964.
Filed with Cragg, Inga (Mrs.)
Box 60 Anderson, Genevieve, Veterans Administration, Minneapolis, October 21, 1957.
Anderson, George, Mayor, Montevideo, September 19, 1967.
Anderson, George, President, Drivers Union Local 958, Minneapolis, October 27, 1959.
Anderson, George C., Fruen Milling Co., Minneapolis, February 24, 1955.
Anderson, George L., Sheriff, Kanabec Co., January 19, 1959.
Anderson, Georgie (Mrs.), Charles W. Stone Co., Minneapolis, October 22, 1958.
Box 105 Anderson, Gertrude (Mrs.), Polio victim's nurse, Minneapolis, November 6, 1952.
Filed with Krier, James
Box 60 Anderson, Gilbert, Arsenic in drink, Minneapolis, October 3, 1959.
Anderson, Glenn, Synder Drug Store, Hopkins, February 2, 1975.
Anderson, Glenn M., Group Health organization, Winona, July 7, 1958.
Anderson, Gordon, State Senate - 28th District, Minneapolis, September 20, 1966.
Anderson, Gordon, Knox Reeves Advertising, Minneapolis, September 23, 1954.
Box 127 Anderson, Gordon, U of MN School of Business Administration student group, Minneapolis, February 22, 1953.
Filed with Roth, Frank L.
Box 60 Anderson, Gordon J., E.W. Sann & Associates, Minneapolis, January 9, 1953.
Anderson, Gordon R., Air Force, Minneapolis,
Box 105 Anderson, Gov., Safe Navy driver award, St. Peter (sic), November 18, 1953.
Filed with Krekelberg, Clayton
Box 60 Anderson, Grant W., Northwestern National Bank, Minneapolis, January 12, 1961.
Anderson, Gunhild, Hosted royalty, Minneapolis, November 13, 1982.
Filed with Anderson, Hilding
Anderson, Gylfe H., Hand painted quilt, Argyle, July 31, 1955.
Anderson, H. Carl, Congressman, 7th District, Tyler, March 24, 1959.
Anderson, H.A., Prizeword puzzle, Boyd, August 28, 1960.
Anderson, H.I. (Red), W.R. Stephens Co., Minneapolis, February 24, 1956.
Box 65 Anderson, H.R., Hamline University, St. Paul, April 23, 1952.
Filed with Buehler, Reginald (Dr.)
Box 60 Anderson, Harold E., Northwest Service, Minneapolis, September 24, 1959.
Anderson, Harold J., State Representative, Minneapolis, October 23, 1952.
Anderson, Harold V., Tax commissioner, Minneapolis, November 4, 1953.
Anderson, Harry A., American Hoist and Derrick, St. Paul, September 29, 1956.
Anderson, Harry C., NWA Director of Schedules, Minneapolis, May 6, 1960.
Anderson, Harry E. (Maj.), 96th troop carrier squad, St. Paul, February 20, 1961.
Anderson, Helen, World Travel Service, Minneapolis, October 1, 1957.
Anderson, henrietta, Northland Insurance Co., St. Paul, August 25, 1957.
Box 95 Anderson, Henry, Celebrating 60th wedding anniversary, Tyler, September 20, 1954.
Filed with Jerpbak, Peter
Box 60 Anderson, Hilding, Hosted royalty, Minneapolis, November 13, 1982.
Anderson, Hildur E., Miller Publishing Co., Minneapolis, August 11, 1955.
Anderson, Holger E., Watson Bros. Transportation Co., Minneapolis, September 20, 1955.
Anderson, Howard, Mayor, Waterville, July 6, 1969.
Box 91 Anderson, Howard, State Republican Convention, Minneapolis, September 1, 1938.
Filed with Herskind, Sylvia
Box 60 Anderson, I.V. (Bud), Insurance Company executive, Minneapolis, August 26, 1961.
Anderson, J. Alfred, Rock digger, Ortonville, May 13, 1951.
Anderson, J. Paul, Principal, Golden Valley High School, Golden Valley, February 7, 1958.
Box 126 Anderson, J.J., Thorpe Bros., Inc. hotel division,
Filed with Robinson, Guy V.
Box 60 Anderson, J.N., Gamble-Skogmo, Minneapolis, August 8, 1962.
Anderson, Jack H. (Rev.), Minnesota Methodist Information, Minneapolis, February 1, 1964.
Anderson, Jackie, Elks queen, Minneapolis, June 30, 1959.
Anderson, James, Direcotr, Lutheran Broadcasting Center, Northfield, January 17, 1955.
Anderson, James, Candidate, city council, Bloomington, October 29, 1969.
Anderson, James, Star & Tribune, Minneapolis, July 8, 1969.
Box 95 Anderson, James, Celebrating 60th wedding anniversary, Tyler, September 20, 1954.
Filed with Jerpbak, Peter
Box 60 Anderson, James C. (Lt.), 5943 Sunrise Drive, Minneapolis, October 18, 1958.
Anderson, James E., SAC Commander, October 5, 1958.
Anderson, James E., G.H. Tennant Co.; candidate for council, Excelsior, November 17, 1952.
Anderson, James H., International Milling Co., Minneapolis, December 19, 1958.
Anderson, James L., First National Bank, Minneapolis, December 31, 1959.
Anderson, James P., Candidate, school board, Edina, May 8, 1964.
Anderson, James R., Candidate, 6th District, Marshall, February 17, 1976.
Anderson, James R., Research, Inc., Minneapolis, December 14, 1959.
Anderson, James R. (Rev.), Minnesota Legislature Chaplain, St. Paul, January 6, 1965.
Box 88 Anderson, James V., Evangelical Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, December 30, 1956.
Filed with Haskell, Herald T.
Box 60 Anderson, Jan, Bloomington Civic Theatre, Bloomington, April 12, 1958.
Anderson, Janet (Mrs.), Fire destroyed home, Minneapolis, December 23, 1957.
Anderson, Janet Nelson (Mrs. Curtis), Augsburg College, Minneapolis, January 17, 1957.
Anderson, Jay, St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, St. Paul, March 9, 1960.
Anderson, Jay H., Guthrie Theatre, P.R. Director, St. Paul, August 26, 1969.
Anderson, Jean Hackett (Mrs.), Research assistant discovered comet, Minneapolis, May 24, 1967.
Box 108 Anderson, Jeannie, Gustavus Adolphus Women's Club of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, September 6, 1958.
Filed with Leadholm, Carlton (Mrs.)
Box 122 Anderson, Jerry, National Barrow Show, Austin, December 20, 1954.
Filed with Anderson, Rolland
Box 136 Anderson, Jerry, At police station, St. Paul, December 21, 1955.
Filed with Tyler, Frank (Sgt.)
Box 60 Anderson, Jill, Mom's helper, Minnetonka, January 11, 1967.
Filed with Anderson, Mrs. Donald E.
Anderson, Joan (Mrs.), Knox Reeves Ad., Inc., Minneapolis, October 13, 1959.
Anderson, Joan Arline, Bobbie Brooks Nt'l Fashion Board Scholarship, Golden Valley, April 16, 1967.
Anderson, Joan Murphy, Lyrics, Minneapolis, December 15, 1965.
Anderson, John, Soprano, Minneapolis, August 1, 1952.
Filed with Anderson, Frances (soprano)
Anderson, John, Star & Tribune Carrier, Minneapolis, November 1, 1968.
Anderson, John, Artist, Minneapolis, June 24, 1951.
Box 125 Anderson, John A. (Dr.), Fellowship, Philadelphia, PA, July 18, 1958.
Filed with Rallison, Marvin L. (Dr.)
Box 60 Anderson, John C., Northwestern National Life Insurance Co., Minneapolis, December 2, 1954.
Anderson, John C., Construction Specificiations Institute, Minneapolis, July 11, 1967.
Anderson, John D., Space Structures Inc., Productional manager, Edina, February 9, 1961.
Anderson, John E., Building contractor, Minneapolis, March 4, 1958.
Anderson, John Tracy, State Senate, St. Paul,
Box 132 Anderson, John W., Hennepin County Historical Society meeting, Eden Prairie, September 25, 1946.
Filed with Steenson, James (Rev.)
Box 60 Anderson, Jonathan, Musical director, Minneapolis, September 17, 1965.
Anderson, Julia Putnam, Singer, Minneapolis, January 9, 1936.
Anderson, Julie, Fire destroyed home, Minneapolis, December 23, 1957.
Filed with Anderson, Janet (Mrs.)
Anderson, Julie, Singer Sewing Machine Contest finalist, Minneapolis, October 10, 1968.
Anderson, Julius, Artist, Minneapolis, March 11, 1951.
Anderson, Juls J., Candidate for Lt. Governor, St. Paul, August 2, 1942.
Anderson, K.G. (Ken), Aviation engineer, Minneapolis, November 1, 1951.
Anderson, Karl W. (Dr.), Northwestern National Life Insurance Co., Minneapolis, February 7, 1957.
Anderson, Kathryn, Candidate 5th District, Minneapolis,
Anderson, Kathy, Fire destroyed home, Minneapolis, December 23, 1957.
Filed with Anderson, Janet (Mrs.)
Anderson, Kenneth, Aqua Jester, Minneapolis, December 24, 1954.
Anderson, Kenneth, Turkey Growers Assoc., Perham, February 5, 1957.
Anderson, Kenneth W. (Prof.), Tax attorney, Minneapolis, April 2, 1959.
Anderson, Kristene Joy, Adopted Korean girl, Maple Plain, February 10, 1965.
Filed with Anderson, Dennis (Mr. and Mrs.)
Box 61 Anderson, L.A., Minneapolis Society for Blind Dance, Minneapolis,
Filed with Barnett, Walter F.
Box 60 Anderson, Laird, Twin Cities Ford Motor Co., St. Paul,
Anderson, Larry, Minneapolis Youth for Christ, Minneapolis, July 23, 1966.
Anderson, Larry, Albinson, Inc., Minneapolis, December 10, 1958.
Anderson, Laverne, Cullen & Crother, Inc., Minneapolis, December 10, 1956.
Anderson, Lavinia (Mrs.), St. Olaf College, Northfield, April 30, 1958.
Anderson, Lawrence A., Argus Printing Co., Minneapolis, May 7, 1958.
Anderson, Leon, Shoe repairing, Minneapolis, January 21, 1953.
Filed with Anderson, Richard (Mrs.)
Box 95 Anderson, Leonard, Celebrating 60th wedding anniversary, Tyler, September 20, 1954.
Filed with Jerpbak, Peter
Box 116 Anderson, Leslie, Son, Monterey, August 27, 1950.
Filed with Meidl, Tony
Box 60 Anderson, Leslie L., Minnesota Paints, In., Minneapolis, December 25, 1950.
Anderson, Leslie L., Hennepin County judge, Hopkins, October 31, 1952.
Box 88 Anderson, Leslie L., District Judge, Minneapolis, October 14, 1963.
Filed with Griffith, Harold T.
Box 60 Anderson, Lester A., Candidate, 2nd District, Mankato, September 23, 1974.
Anderson, Lewis L., Attorney, St. Paul, March 14, 1957.
Anderson, Lloyd, Alderman, 1st ward, Minneapolis, May 27, 1969.
Anderson, Louie, Comedian, Minneapolis, August 12, 1983.
Anderson, Louis C., Walker Advertising Agency, Minneapolis, February 15, 1957.
Anderson, Louise Ann, Premature baby, Minneapolis, November 19, 1956.
Anderson, M.A., Banker, Madison, November 9, 1952.
Box 119 Anderson, M.A., Swearing in ceremony, Minneapolis, March 20, 1942.
Filed with Nau, Nina E. (Mrs.)
Box 60 Anderson, M.L. (Rev.), Hazel Park Alliance Church, St. Paul, August 18, 1956.
Anderson, Mark, Shoe repairing, Minneapolis, January 21, 1953.
Filed with Anderson, Richard (Mrs.)
Box 76 Anderson, Marlow L. (Dr.), Northwestern National Bank, Minneapolis, April 2, 1959.
Filed with Downing, Harry
Box 60 Anderson, Marshall D., St. Paul Housing Authority, St. Paul, March 30, 1959.
Anderson, Martin (Rev. Dr.), 5329 28th Ave S, Minneapolis, February 16, 1963.
Anderson, Marvin H., State Senator, 32nd District, 19510207, January 3, 1951.
Box 85 Anderson, Mary, Swedish Day Celebration, Ely, June 23, 1944.
Filed with Hammerstrom, C.V.
Box 60 Anderson, Mike, Fire destroyed home, Minneapolis, December 23, 1957.
Filed with Anderson, Janet (Mrs.)
Box 140 Anderson, Miriam, Northwest Marble Runner-up, Austin, May 2, 1943.
Filed with Wangen, Bob
Box 59 Anderson, Mrs. Carl H., State champ cookie baker, Kerkoven, March 26, 1959.
Anderson, Mrs. Clayton L., Congressional Candidate, Minnesota 5th District, Minneapolis,
Filed with Anderson, Clayton L. (Mrs.)
Box 60 Anderson, Mrs. Donald, Home efficiency course teacher, Minneapolis, February 10, 1964.
Anderson, Mrs. Donald E., Executive secretary, Minnesota Home Economics Assn., Minnetonka, January 11, 1967.
Anderson, Mrs. Donald G., Orchid grower, Robbinsdale, May 29, 1956.
Anderson, Mrs. Elmer W., Mothers Club of St. Thomas College, St. Paul, April 27, 1959.
Anderson, Mrs. Gilbert, Arsenic in drink, Minneapolis, October 3, 1959.
Filed with Anderson, Gilbert
Anderson, Mrs. Harold G., Multiple sclerosis victim, Minneapolis, April 23, 1959.
Anderson, Mrs. Karl W., Hennepin Co. Medical Auxiliary, Minneapolis, May 20, 1958.
Anderson, Mrs. M.A., Banker, Madison, November 9, 1952.
Filed with Anderson, M.A.
Anderson, Mrs. O.H., League of Women Voters of Minnesota, Minneapolis, October 16, 1959.
Anderson, Mrs. Paul L., Salvation Army Auxiliary, Minneapolis, May 21, 1959.
Anderson, Mrs. Richard, Shoe repairing, Minneapolis, January 21, 1953.
Box 89 Anderson, Mrs. W.S., Milwaukee Road, Minneapolis, April 28, 1936.
Filed with Haynes, George B.
Box 60 Anderson, Neena, Ice Follies, Minneapolis, December 24, 1940.
Anderson, O.J., Olsen Fish Company, Minneapolis, December 18, 1959.
Anderson, O.M., Great Northern Railway, St. Paul, May 2, 1956.
Anderson, O.W., Minneapolis-Moline Co., Minneapolis, July 20, 1959.
Anderson, Obert J., Juhl Brokerage, Inc., Minneapolis, October 26, 1959.
Anderson, Ole, Police Chief, Albert Lea, February 14, 1953.
Box 109 Anderson, Ole, Retirement party, Albert Lea, January 14, 1949.
Filed with Lifeson, Theodore
Box 60 Anderson, Oliver, Parkway Motor Co., Minneapolis, September 6, 1957.
Box 71 Anderson, Oliver, City Conptroller's Office, Minneapolis, October 25, 1946.
Filed with Cragg, Arthur
Box 60 Anderson, Oliver A. (Rev.), State representative, Montevideo, January 19, 1951.
Anderson, Oliver J., Soo Line Railroad, Minneapolis, June 3, 1954.
Anderson, Orville C., Industrial Chemical & Equipment Co., Minneapolis, July 10, 1959.
Anderson, Oscar, Augsburg College President, Minneapolis, November 6, 1979.
Box 122 Anderson, Oscar, National Barrow Show, Austin, December 20, 1954.
Filed with Anderson, Rolland
Box 60 Anderson, O'Vidia (Mrs. Carl H.), Boulevard Frocks; dress designer, Minneapolis, May 28, 1952.
Anderson, P.A., University farm, Falcon Heights, August 28, 1959.
Box 116 Anderson, Palma (Mrs.), Uptown Business Women's Association, Minneapolis, May 28, 1942.
Filed with Menzies, Paul
Box 60 Anderson, Palmer, Connecticut General Life Insurance Co., Minneapolis, March 8, 1958.
Anderson, Patricia, Daughter of Minnesota state rep. Moppy Anderson, April 5, 1957.
Anderson, Paul A., Editor, Daily Journal, International Falls, March 2, 1943.
Anderson, Paul A., Miller Publishing Co., Minneapolis, November 26, 1957.
Anderson, Paul F., Roman Catholic Diocese of Duluth, Duluth, October 23, 1968.
Anderson, Paul G., Soo Line, Minneapolis, August 2, 1957.
Anderson, Paul H., Candidate, Minneapolis, September 5, 1959.
Anderson, Paul L., Crown Siewalk and Block Co., Minneapolis, December 20, 1958.
Box 131 Anderson, Paul L., Kiddie Karnival, July 8, 1958.
Filed with Smith, R.J. (Bob)
Box 60 Anderson, Philip, E.B. Crabtree Co., Bloomington, October 17, 1962.
Anderson, Phyllis, Singer, Minneapolis, August 3, 1952.
Box 119 Anderson, R.K., Spider Web Bra Co. demonstration, Hopkins,
Filed with Norris, Ed.
Box 60 Anderson, Ray, Policeman, Minneapolis, August 3, 1960.
Anderson, Ray (Dr.), U of Minn - Animal husbandry, St. Paul, July 14, 1953.
Anderson, Raymond C., NWA - Eastern Region Operations, Minneapolis, June 19, 1952.
Anderson, Raymond C., Midland National Bank, Minneapolis, January 23, 1953.
Anderson, Rayna L. (Maj.), WAC Majors, FOrt McClellan, Ala., September 8, 1956.
Anderson, Reuben C., Salem Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, December 22, 1953.
Anderson, Reuben E., Customs office, Minneapolis, June 28, 1957.
Anderson, Reuben L., Reuben L. Anderson-Cherne Inc., Minneapolis, December 19, 1961.
Filed with Anderson, Reuben L. (Jr.)
Anderson, Reuben L. (Jr.), Major, Huntsville, Ala, December 27, 1957.
Anderson, Reynold, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, July 24, 1963.
Box 113 Anderson, Robert, At farm, October 21, 1955.
Filed with Maring, Arnold (& family)
Box 136 Anderson, Robert, Military, Minneapolis, July 17, 1954.
Filed with Tweeten, Lyla
Box 60 Anderson, Robert A., Escapee from Stillwater Prison, Stillwater, May 15, 1971.
Anderson, Robert E., Control Data Corp, Minneapolis, December 17, 1959.
Anderson, Robert J., Candidate, District 28 Senate, Minneapolis, September 29, 1970.
Anderson, Robert J., First National Bank, Minneapolis, May 3, 1976.
Anderson, Robert R. (Mrs.), Mpls. Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, April 19, 1953.
Filed with Noonan, F. Robert (Mrs.)
Anderson, Robert V., Scherr-Tumico, Inc., St. James, August 10, 1961.
Anderson, Robert W., Northwestern Life Insurance Co., St. James, November 22, 1961.
Box 122 Anderson, Rolland, National Barrow Show winner, Austin, December 20, 1954.
Box 60 Anderson, Ron, Student at Ramsey Junior High, Minneapolis, June 21, 1959.
Box 116 Anderson, Ronald, Farmer, Monterey, August 27, 1950.
Filed with Meidl, Tony
Box 60 Anderson, Ronald L., Public Service Commissioner, St. Paul, September 30, 1970.
Box 95 Anderson, Roy, Celebrating 60th wedding anniversary, Tyler, September 20, 1954.
Filed with Jerpbak, Peter
Box 60 Anderson, Roy W., McGarvey Atwood Coffee Co., Minneapolis, July 20, 1956.
Box 110 Anderson, Sally, West High School, Minneapolis,
Filed with Lockwood, Malva C. (Mrs.)
Box 63 Anderson, Sandra, Teacher, Bloomington, September 27, 1960.
Filed with Blanz, Helen (Mrs.)
Box 60 Anderson, Scott David, 2257 Overlook Circle, Bloomington, October 11, 1958.
Anderson, Scott R., North Memorial Medical Center, Robbinsdale, October 15, 1981.
Anderson, Sharon, Twin Cities Today, Minneapolis, January 30, 1976.
Box 141 Anderson, Sidney, Navy Recruiting Office, Minneapolis, January 3, 1943.
Filed with Wells, Fred J. (Lt.)
Box 60 Anderson, Stafford (Rev.), Missionary, evangelist, Minneapolis, January 10, 1953.
Box 59 Anderson, Steve C., Caption:, Minneapolis, June 10, 1958.
Box 60 Anderson, T.A., Sheep and Wool Dept. at Fair, Falcon Heirghts, August 29, 1959.
Anderson, T.R., Red Owl Stores, Inc., Edina, July 24, 1964.
Anderson, Ted, Lake Street Pontiac, Inc., Minneapolis, May 14, 1955.
Box 119 Anderson, Theodore W. (Rev.), Evangelical Conference, Minneapolis, February 19, 1941.
Filed with Nyvall, David
Box 129 Anderson, Tommy, Raven visitor, Minneapolis, December 12, 1951.
Filed with Schreiber, William (family)
Box 60 Anderson, Truman E., Apache Realty Corp., Minneapolis, June 23, 1959.
Anderson, Vern, Alderman, 10th Ward, Minneapolis, November 1, 1973.
Filed with Anderson, T.R.
Anderson, Verne, Son of Chas. E. Anderson, Great Lakes IL, April 1, 1942.
Anderson, Vernon E. (Rev.), St. Timothy ELC, St. Paul, March 28, 1959.
Anderson, Victor E., Grain Terminal Manager, Duluth, March 16, 1956.
Anderson, Vincent (Rev.), St. Patrick's Episcopal Mission, Bloomington, July 6, 1959.
Anderson, W.O., Minnesota Association of School Administrators, Aurora-Hoyt Lakes,
Anderson, Walter, Fire destroyed home, Minneapolis, December 23, 1957.
Filed with Anderson, Janet (Mrs.)
Anderson, Walter G., Walter G. Anderson and Associates, Minneapolis, August 14, 1963.
Anderson, Warren E., Brown Photo Co., Edina, October 6, 1956.
Anderson, Wiliam Howard, Hennepin Co. Republican Club, Minneapolis, June 5, 1945.
Anderson, William, Editor for a Day, Minneapolis, September 30, 1955.
Anderson, William A. (Judge), Hennepin Co. District Court (Retired), Minneapolis, December 31, 1951.
Anderson, William B., State senator, minneapolis, June 10, 1936.
Box 129 Anderson, William E. (M/Sgt), Military, Minneapolis, August 30, 1954.
Filed with Schuiling, John (Lt. Col.)
Box 60 Anderson, Wyman M., American Electric Co., Minneapolis, August 17, 1959.