Collections Management Toolkit

This toolkit contains the best practices, encoding templates, stylesheets, and procedures used by the Minnesota Historical Society for archival arrangement and description. The kit is designed as a resource for collections management staff as well as for use by other archivists and collection managers.

Last updated: April 27, 2020

Archival Arrangement and Description

  • Best Practices
    • Physical Processing (PDF)
    • Catalog Records: MARC Coding and Data Content Guidelines (PDF)
    • Finding Aids
      • Detailed Description Guidelines (PDF)
      • EAD Tagging Guidelines (PDF)
      • PDF Standards for Legacy Inventories (PDF)
      • Digitization Methods (HTML)
      • PDF/A Standards for Digital Reproductions (PDF)
    • Transcription of Handwritten Documents
      • Transcribing Manuscripts: Rules Worked Out by the Minnesota Historical Society / Adapted in 2004 by Lydia Lucas from the original pamphlet by Grace Lee Nute. St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 1935. (PDF)

  • EAD Encoding Templates
    • EAD XML Template (TXT)
    • Excel Templates
      • Detailed Description <dsc>
        • Instructions (PDF)
        • Data Entry Macro-enabled Template (XLTM)
        • EAD Tagging Macro-enabled Template (XLTM)
        • EAD Excel Clean (Visual Basic script for a Word macro) (TXT)
      • Chronology List <chronlist> (XLTX)
      • Digital Archival Object Groups <daogrp> (XLTX)
      • Sheet Music (XLTX)
    • Excel Tricks
      • Take Apart Date Formula (XLS)
      • Take Apart String Formula (XLS)

  • Transformation Stylesheets
    • Catalog Records
      • MARC2EAD Instructions (PDF)
      • MARC2EAD Transformation (TXT)
      • MARC2EAD Transformation, NHPRC version (TXT)
    • Finding Aids
      • EAD XML to HTML transformation stylesheet (TXT)

  • Checklists and Procedures
    • Processing Checklist (PDF)
    • EAD Proofreading Guide (PDF)
    • Scanning to PDF (PDF)
    • PDF/A Procedures (PDF)
    • Using Word Mail Merge for Labels (PDF)

  • Projects and Presentations
    • Eliminating Archival Backlogs, NHPRC Basic Project Grant
    • Hubert H. Humphrey Speeches, NHPRC Digitizing Historical Records Grant
      • Hubert H. Humphrey Digitization Project (HTML)
      • Into the Bright Sunshine of Civil Rights: Accessing the Legacy of Hubert H. Humphrey through Digitization (PDF)
      • Project Proposal (PDF)
      • 1st Interim Report (PDF)
      • 2nd Interim Report (PDF)
      • Final Report (PDF)

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