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A Basic Project grant awarded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) is significantly supporting the cataloging of the Society's unprocessed acquisitions of government records and manuscripts collections.

Eugene McCarthy

In time for the 1968 exhibit, a new finding aid for Eugene McCarthy's papers is now available. McCarthy challenged President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968 on an anti-Vietnam war platform, causing Johnson to concede. McCarthy's papers contain executive files, general files, legislative files, personal papers, political and campaign files, public relations files, and speech files. It also includes numerous photographs and sound recordings.

Eugene McCarthy

Recent acquisitions totaling 8 cubic feet that included speeches, writings, photographs, and sound and video recordings were added to the collection. This addition gave us the opportunity to update the existing finding aid. That inventory contained more than 300 typescript pages. Making the finding aid web-accessible required converting the typescript to EAD, a process that spanned 4 months. At the same time, 45 cubic feet of duplicates, public relations requests, invitations, academy appointment files and rote correspondence were removed from the collection following appraisal decisions based on our Congressional Papers Appraisal Guidelines.

This collection provides wonderful insight into Eugene McCarthy's political, senatorial, and writing career and is an excellent resource for students and researchers wanting to learn more about the 1968 political campaign, Minnesota politics, American involvement in Vietnam, foreign relations, and other national issues.

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New and Revised Finding Aids - October 2011

Name/Abstract File No.
Adjutant General: An Inventory of Its World War I Bonus Files and Index gr00401
Index to and applications for military service bonus payments to Minnesota veterans of World War I. They include details on the applicant's military service, proof of residence, proof of honorable discharge, and related data.
Adjutant General: An Inventory of Its Spanish-American War Veterans Relief Payment Records gr00474
Records of this relief program administered by the Adjutant General as a member of the Spanish War Veterans' Relief Board.
HOWARD M. ATKINS AND FAMILY: An Inventory of Their Correspondence 00981
Correspondence between Minnesota lawyer Howard M. Atkins and his family, documenting their westward migrations to Minnesota and Illinois, as well as their life, work, and politics.
Civilian Defense Division: An Inventory of Its State and Federal Bulletins Orders and Other Issuances gr00439
Minnesota Defense Council Bulletin (later War services newsletter); Minnesota Office of Civilian Defense press releases, general orders, and circulars; governor's executive orders; presidential executive order no. 8757; federal Office of Civilian Defense regulations, administrative orders, regional directives, federal notices, circulars, operations letters, orders, and memos; air raid warning circulars; and blackout procedure directives.
Hibbert Mosse Hill and Rachel Hanna Hill: An Inventory of Their Family Papers 00635
Family and professional papers of Hibbert Mosse Hill, a noted civil engineer who spent most of his career with the Northern States Power Company, his wife, Rachel Hanna Hill; and his father, Hibbert Winslow Hill, a clinical researcher from Canada who practiced in Minnesota. Hibbert Mosse Hill's papers contain professional articles and speeches on civil engineering and aquatic biology; Rachel's papers contain her diaries (1980s) and poetry; Hibbert Winslow Hill's contain correspondence; photographs; and several publications, regarding medical and clinical research. The collection contains photographs of the Hill's three daughters; and extended Hill and Hannah family members, including James Johnston Hill.
JAZZ IN THE TWIN CITIES ORAL HISTORY PROJECT: An Inventory of Its Oral History Interviews oh129
The Jazz in the Twin Cities Oral History Project documents the lively jazz scene which has existed in Minneapolis and St. Paul since the early part of the twentieth century and seeks to describe the roles of some Minnesotans who have participated in this unique American art form. Subjects interviewed by Carl Warmington and Margaret A. Robertson.
FRANK B. KELLOGG: An Inventory of His Papers at the Minnesota Historical Society 00982
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, State Department duplicates, news clippings scrapbooks, awards, floor plans, honorary degrees, maps, memorials and memoranda of Frank B. Kellogg, Senator from Minnesota, Ambassador to Great Britain, Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.
Lake County: Assessor: An Inventory of Its Assessment Rolls gr00409
Assessment rolls for the civil subdivisions of Lake County, recording the value of taxable real and personal property for the years 1882/1884 and 1888-1889 and subsequent sample years 1950-1951, 1960-1961, and 1970. The latter cover personal property only.
Lake County: County Court: Family Division: An Inventory of Its Judgment Books at the Minnesota Historical Society gr00472
Primarily divorce decrees; may also include paternity, adoption, alimony or separate maintenance, and property rights cases, as well as miscellaneous money judgments.
Lake County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil Case File Transcripts gr00405
Transcripts and related papers covering four cases involving industrial accident, land dispute, car accident, and embezzlement.
Lake County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr00406
A record of documents filed, proceedings held, and actions taken at each day's session of the court.
Lake County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Naturalization Records and Index at the Minnesota Historical Society gr00404
Personal name index, undated, 1891-1952, declarations of intention (first papers), 1891-1952; final papers (second papers), 1893-1906; petition and record (final papers), 1907-1946; lists of citizenship petitions granted and denied, 1929-1946; applications to take oath of allegiance (naturalization by repatriation), 1940-1943 (filed in petition and record volumes 9-10; loose naturalization papers, A-Z, 1884-1906; and certificate of naturalization stubs, 1907-1946.
Lake County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Real Estate Tax Judgment Books at the Minnesota Historical Society gr00407
Record of real estate found to be tax delinquent.
Lake County: Juvenile Court: An Inventory of Its Juvenile Court Records gr00408
Records (1909-1959) and minutes (1959-1983) documenting the proceedings and judge's order issued in each delinquency, dependency, or neglect case.
LEAGUE OF MINNESOTA POETS: An Inventory of Its Records 00983
Minutes and treasurer's reports; historical materials; administrative materials; membership lists; and scrapbooks, containing chronologically arranged letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, and poems of an organization of Minnesota men and women interested in writing and promoting poetry.
Brewer Mattocks and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers 00912
Correspondence, diaries, transcripts, certificates, legal documents, military orders and reports, and photographs related to a Minnesota physician's Civil War service and family history.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Executive Files 00916
Correspondence between citizens and McCarthy and departments of the federal government. They are filed chronologically and then alphabetically by name of the cabinet agency and then alphabetically by the various sub-agencies under each cabinet department.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His General Files 00917
General files are a miscellaneous assortment of papers including correspondence, Executive Department files, news clippings, membership files, committee files, and speech schedules. They are arranged by Congress and chronologically by year.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Legislative Files 00918
The legislative files include bill files, bills introduced by McCarthy, congressional activity files, Congressional Record remarks, correspondence, Independent Agency files, miscellaneous files, Senate Committee files, Senate Foreign Relations Committee files, testimony by McCarthy made before committees, and voting records.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Papers 00909
Eugene J. McCarthy's files as U.S. Congress member (Democratic Farmer-Labor) from Minnesota's fourth district (1949-1958) and as U.S. senator from Minnesota (1959-1970). They include executive files, general files, legislative files, personal files, political and campaign (including senatorial, vice presidential, and presidential) files, public relations files, sound and visual materials (with photographs), and speeches.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Personal Files 00919
Personal papers focus on McCarthy's writing. Account statements and order books, certificates and awards, membership files, schedule and trip files, daily reminders, appointments are also available.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Political and Campaign Files 00920
Campaign files, election files, correspondence, issue and general files, County and District files, and voting records.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Public Relations Files 00921
Includes clippings and magazine articles, press releases and newsletters, publicity files, files regarding problems, requests, and miscellaneous files.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Sound and Visual Materials 00922
Photographs (family, publicity, campaign related, and miscellaneous) sound reel tapes, sound cassettes, and film reels of campaign spots, speeches, and debates. Also includes film and sound tapes of appearances by Eugene McCarthy on national and local television and radio. Sound and visual materials are arranged by type.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Speech Files 00923
Consists of general and senate speeches, including speech drafts and notes, interviews, and panels.
Minnesota Association of Cooperatives: An Inventory of Its Association Records at the Minnesota Historical Society 00200
Correspondence and subject files, organizational records, executive director's files, miscellaneous files, and printed material reflecting the organization, membership, and activities of a trade association established in 1946 to promote the interests of cooperative associations.
David Minge: An Inventory of His Congressional Files 00979
Correspondence, subject files, legislative files, campaign files, press office files, photographs and video and sound recordings of U.S. Representative David R. Minge, a Democrat affiliated with the Blue Dog Coalition, who represented Minnesota's second congressional district from 1993 to 2001. The district was comprised of Carver, Scott, LeSueur, Goodhue, Rice, and most of Dakota and south Washington counties. The bulk of the collection consists of files of staff assistants Christina Muedeking, Mark Rokala, Pat Buschette, Alana Christensen Petersen, Rob Vanasek, Robin Goracke, Jason Kelly and Toni Wehman. Minge served on the House Agriculture, Budget, and Science, Space and Technology committees.
Railroad and Warehouse Commission An Inventory of Its Railroad Records, Miscellaneous at the Minnesota Historical Society gr00354
Railroad Commissioner's record book (1864-1874), recording lands conveyed, leased, or contracted to be sold by railroad companies; indexes to railroad stations (undated), Railroad Commissioner's Map of Minnesota (1909); Chief Engineer analyses of construction history and gratuities received by original railroad construction entities (1917); map showing coal and grain rates (1899); list of incorporated railroads not built, 1853-1925 (compiled in 1941); and return of gross earnings of railroads (1882-1903).
Ramsey County: St. Paul: Housing and Redevelopment Authority An Inventory of Its Project Photographs gr00387
Photographs of residential and commercial buildings in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota.
PERCY ROSS: An Inventory of His Papers at the Minnesota Historical Society 00980
Subject files relating to Percy Ross, a Minneapolis businessman, and his private philanthropic endeavors, consisting mainly of original or photocopies of newspaper clippings, including Ross' column, "Thanks a Million," and other public relations materials.
Sibley County: Auditor An Inventory of Its Delinquent Tax Lists gr00459
Delinquent tax lists for Sibley County for 1863, 1865, and 1867-1875. Entries may include the owner's name; legal description, size, and assessed valuation of the property; amounts of various taxes levied; total amount owed; and date collected. Not all years include both real and personal property records.
Soldiers' Bonus Board: An Inventory of Its Bonus Application Records gr00402
Bonus application registers (November 1919-September 1924) covering application numbers 1-120355 and bonus application files for numbers 1-120335 and 200000-200047.
Soldiers' Bonus Board: An Inventory of Its World War I Bonus Disallowed/Rehearing Files at the Minnesota Historical Society gr00403
Applications for military service bonus payments to Minnesota veterans of World War I.
ST. PAUL POLICE WOMEN ORAL HISTORY PROJECT: An Inventory of Its Oral Histories at the Minnesota Historical Society oh127
This project documents the challenges and successes of female officers that served in the St. Paul Police Department between the 1960s and the 2000s. The project evolved out of the larger St. Paul Police Department Oral History Project when it became evident that the female officers' experiences were significantly different. The interviews trace the changing roles of female officers and record their stories of discrimination, public success, and private pain. Subjects were interviewed by Kate Cavett. To get information about two accompanying transcripts for Lucia Theresa Wroblewski and Beverly Hall, please contact the Minnesota Historical Society Oral History Office.
U. S. Selective Service System: Minnesota Headquarters: An Inventory of Its Circulars at the Minnesota Historical Society gr00438
Mimeographed memoranda, bulletins, reports, and other circular issuances sent from the office of the director of the Minnesota headquarters of the United States Selective Service System.
Willmar State Hospital An Inventory of Its Patient Records gr00304
Records documenting patients in the hospital, including statistical records and patient indexes, population movement reports, inmate property record, admission log books, autopsy and death records, tuberculosis reports, commitment papers, burial records, and surgical records.
Gilbert L. and Frederick N. Wilson: An Inventory of Their Papers 00535
Reports, notebooks, articles, drawings, photographs, and other materials relating largely to the Wilsons' work during 1908-1918 gathering data on the Hidatsa and Mandan Indian tribes of North Dakota for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
Gilbert L. Wilson: An Inventory of His Photography Collection sv000156
Views photographed by Gilbert L. Wilson of the Hidatsa and Mandan Indians at Fort Berthold Reservation, North Dakota when Wilson gathered data on Indian cultures for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Nearly all of these photographs appear in the photograph album, volume 44, of the Gilbert L. and Frederick N. Wilson papers. Images are printed from the original negatives.
Womans Christian Temperence Union of Minnesota: An Inventory of Their Papers 00106
Records related to a state-wide women’s organization focused primarily on raising public awareness of the personal and social problems brought about by the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and on the advocacy of individual abstinence and prohibition. Includes records of district and local unions (chapters).

New and Revised Catalog Records - October 2011

Adjutant General: World War I Veterans Relief Record, April 1931-May 1941
Covers application numbers 200101-200930; information includes application number, name of recipient and address, dollar amount, date approved, and warrant (check) number.
Berquist, Eber John. Eber John Berquist Papers, 1918-1919.
Induction notice, letters, discharge certificate and photographs of Eber John Berquist (1896-1971), World War I soldier from Parkers Prairie, Otter Tail County, Minnesota.
Lake County: District Court: Order and decree books
Orders for judgments, other orders, decrees, and conclusions of law issued by the judge of district court.
Lake County: Board of Equalization: Minutes
Minutes of meetings at which the board acted to equalize the assessments made by the county assessor.
Military and Naval Affairs Department: Issuances, 1941, 1946-1954, 1957-1960
Assorted circulars, newsletters, press releases, and other issuances concerning the activities and deployment of miltary personnel in Minnesota.
Minnesota Committee for Public Education. Minnesota Committee for Public Education records, 1998-2004.
Legal documents (1999-2003), minutes (1998-2003), board members (1998-2002), publicity (1999-2001), closure correspondence (2004) and correspondence and miscellaneous papers (1998-2002) of an organization formed in 1998 to educate the public about the effectiveness of Minnesota public schools; the organization disbanded in 2004.
Myers, J. Arthur (Jay Arthur), 1888-1978. Jay Arthur Myers papers, 1930-1978 (bulk 1930-1938).
Papers of Myers, a medical doctor and professor at the University of Minnesota specializing in the treatment of tuberculosis.
Nordberg, John, 1887-1984. John Nordberg and family papers, 1897-1983 (bulk 1912-1919).
Correspondence and papers of John Nordberg, including letters written from France detailing his service there in World War I, and his graduation program (1913) from the University of Minnesota College of Agriculture. Also contains items (1894-1918) relating to his father, John Nordberg (d.1918), and a letter (1914) from his sister Mabel to his brother Reuben detailing her work as a teacher in the Tintah (Minnesota) public school.
Swift, Lucian: Swift, Strong, and Atwood families papers, 1892-1983 (bulk 1939-1946).
Biographical data, photographs, clippings, and memorabilia of Lucian Swift and family; Albert W. and Grace (Swift) Strong; and Joseph F. Atwood.
Tanbara, Ruth Nomura, 1907-2008. Ruth Tanbara Papers, 1924-2008.
Correspondence, biographical materials, photographs, newspaper clippings, and printed material relating to the relocation of Japanese Americans from the West Coast during World War II, memoir correspondence and drafts for Reflections, an oral history transcript for the St. Paul-Nagasaki Sister City Project, and a manuscript copy of her cookbook, Ruth Tanbara’s Japanese Food Recipes. Included are official pamphlets regarding restrictions placed upon Japanese Americans and letters from friends in relocation and internment camps describing conditions in various camps.

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