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We are proud to announce the completion of the finding aid to the congressional papers of James L. Oberstar, who represented northeastern Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District from 1974 through 2010.

The papers, photographs, sound and video recordings, correspondence, legislative materials, campaign and political activities, committee work, and a large series of legislative staff topical files emphasize Oberstar's involvement in various House Committees, particularly as Senior Democrat and later Chairman, of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Oberstar's expertise and influence is demonstrated in a wide range of issues, projects, and legislation related to aviation, highways and bridges, railways, waterways, and bikeways. Additional significant content is focused on economic development in the Iron Range and environmental protection of Minnesota's land and water resources.

The Minnesota Historical Society was awarded a Basic Project grant by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) that is significantly supporting public access to its backlogged acquisitions of government records and manuscripts collections.

Finding Aid Statistics

This month we also completed an addition to the records of the American Refugee Committee, a non-governmental organization headquartered in Minneapolis that provides world-wide relief aid and helps refugees begin new lives in Minnesota and the United States. This addition focuses on ARC's international programs and provides invaluable information about how these programs were run and the issues they faced. Correspondence, reports, proposals, background information, maps, training manuals, and guidelines show how the lives of people were impacted by the relief programs, how relief operations were managed, and who was involved.

One item that helps reveal the massive scope of international operations conducted by the ARC is shown here, a list of medical staff (1987-1993) from a refugee camp in the Cambodian border region that includes a photograph of each staff member.

List of Medical Staff

New and Revised Finding Aids - March 2012

Name/Abstract File No.
Administration Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Hiniker (James J.) and Hale (Sandra J.) Files gr00546
Files of Commissioners James J. Hiniker (1979-1983) and Sandra J. Hale (1983-1991).
Agriculture Department: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports agricpub
Reports, newsletters, and miscellaneous print and near-print items of or about the Agriculture Department.
Agriculture Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Correspondence gr00550
Correspondence created during the terms of commissioners Robert Carlson (1969-1970), Jon Wefald (1971-1977), Elton Redalen (1991-1995), and Gene Hugoson (1995- ).
Agriculture Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Press Releases gr00552
Press releases documenting the activities and events of the terms of commissioners Jon Wefald (1971-1977), William Walker (1978), Mark W. Seetin (1979-1982), Jim Nichols (1983-1990), Elton Redalen (1991-1995), and Gene Hugoson (1995- ). Chronological summary listings are filed at the front of the 1978-1985 folders.
Agriculture Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Subject Files gr00551
Mainly created during the terms of office of Elton Redalen (1991-1995) and Gene Hugoson (1995- ), the files deal with such diverse topics as finances, aquaculture, litigation, disasters, legislation, federal milk marketing orders, feedlots, and the state's dairy industry.
Agriculture Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Speeches agric016
Speeches and talking points/notes of commissioners Elton Redalen, 1991-1995, and Gene Hugoson, 1995-2001, and deputy commissioner Sharon Clark, 1996-2001, covering various aspects of the office's duties and activities.
Agriculture Department: Family Farm Security Program: An Inventory of Its Corporate Farm Reports, Dissolved, Sold, or Inactive gr00553
Files documenting farm corporations that have either been dissolved, sold, or gone inactive.
American Refugee Committee: An Inventory of Its Records 01042
List of medical staffDomestic and international program records, organizational files, correspondence, subject files, publications, printed material, and newspaper clippings from the American Refugee Committee (ARC), a humantiarian relief non-governmental organization (NGO), with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ARC conducts activities across the world in many regions including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, and the Balkans. ARC was founded in 1978 by Neal Ball initially to handle the resettlement of refugees, mainly Cambodians, following the Vietnam War.
Attorney General: Natural Resources Division An Inventory of Its Reserve Mining Company Case Files ag0014
Legal and court documents relating to permits and litigation over Reserve Mining Company's waste control procedures, particularly its disposal of taconite tailings.
Auditor: An Inventory of Its U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 Refugee Claims and Related Records gr00548
Correspondence, receipts, claims vouchers, and related records documenting claims to the state from both refugees and the private persons and organizations who provided relief to the refugees immediately following the war.
Auditor: An Inventory of Its Warrants: U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 Military Claims and Related Records gr00549
Records documenting claims of payment for either service in or supplies provided to the military during the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862.
John A. Blatnik: An Inventory of His Congressuional Papers 00366
Papers documenting John A. Blatnik's service as a United States Representative from Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District. The majority of the collection pertains to the final eleven years (1963-1974) of his career. A portion of the collection documents his early career (1946-1962) and a limited number of files span back to Blatnik's election to the Minnesota state senate (1940).
Brainerd State Hospital An Inventory of Its Admission and Discharge Records Historical gr00367
Records of patient admission and discharge at the hospital; information provided may include patient's name, whole number (case file number), previous number, admission date, residence, sex, age, nativity, parents' nativity, occupation, education, habits, previous hospital residence, form of insanity, discharge date, condition on discharge, and remarks. Included are records of the chemical dependency and disability programs, Minnesota Learning Center, Woodhaven Senior Community, and Lakeside Center. Also, infirmary, anesthesia, and emergency room registers.
Brainerd State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Committee, Board, and Special Program Files gr00368
Minutes, accompanied by correspondence, memos, reports, and background materials, of administrative, employee, professional specialty, and special-purpose committees, particularly the governing board, medical staff, review board, and performance management and utilization review committees. Includes materials pertaining to developmental disabilities, dietary, medical records, pharmacy and therapeutics, relocation, and the Minnesota Neurorehabilitation Services.
Brainerd State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Correspondence and Subject Files gr00369
Correspondence, memos, reports, newsletters, minutes, and other material regarding the hospital staff and patients, professional associations, legislation, government programs, other state institutions, hospital population statistics, budgets, and other matters relating to the operation of the hospital. They also include files of various hospital committees, boards, and task forces.
Citizens League: An Inventory of Its Records 00164
Minutes (1971-1981), correspondence, reports (1958-1984), subject files, notebooks, financial information, and printed materials relating to this nonpartisan citizens, public affairs research, and educational organization based in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The group is organized into committees that research current affairs issues affecting various aspects of community life.
Electricity Board: An Inventory of Its Records gr00554
Records of this board endowed with the statutory authority to adopt the electrical code, including any amendments; adopt rules that regulated the licensure or registration of the electrical industry; and issue final interpretation of the electrical code.
Donald M. Fraser: An Inventory of His Papers 00290
Papers of a Minneapolis lawyer and politician who served as Minnesota state senator (1954-1962), as U.S. congressman from Minnesota's fifth district (1962-1978), and as mayor of Minneapolis (1979-1994).
Miron L. Hinselman: An Inventory of His Papers Relating to the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness 01043
Files and papers of Miron (Bud) Heinselman of St. Paul, a U.S. Forest Service ecologist who was active in the environmental movement and was an expert on the ecology of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northern Minnesota. The collection consists primarily of Heinselman’s records of the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and includes newspaper clippings, research files, teaching materials, correspondence, news releases, studies and reports, legal files, articles, speeches, newsletters, fact sheets, maps, legislative files, drafts of bills, photographs, and scrapbooks. The collection also includes biographical and genealogical data, professional files, and information about Heinselman’s post-1978 activities.
Hennepin County: Minneapolis: City Clerk: An Inventory of Its Registers of Electors gr00547
Record of registered voters in the city of Minneapolis, prepared in even-numbered years for the entire time period and also for 1921 and 1923.
Human Services Department: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports dhspub
Reports, newsletters, and miscellaneous print and near-print items of or about the Human Services Department.
Human Services Department: State Operated Services: An Inventory of Its Records gr00556
Records documenting the activities and organization of State Operated Services [SOS], the area of the Human Services Department that provides direct services to people with disabilities.
Karen Community Oral History Project: An Inventory of Its Oral History Interviews oh138
The Karen are an ethnic minority group in Burma and Thailand. In southern Burma, in Kawthoolei state, the Karen have been involved in a struggle for independence since the end of World War II. The Karen villages continue to suffer frequent attacks and persecution from Burma's ruling military junta. Many Karen fled to safety across the eastern border into Thailand. Since 2000, Karen have been arriving in Minnesota. At the time of these interviews over six thousand Karen live in Minnesota. Interviewed by David Zander.
Minnesota Artists Oral History Project.: An Inventory of Its Records oh1
The Minnesota Artists Oral History Project documents the work of selected artists, some of whose work is represented in the Art Collection of the Minnesota Historical Society. Interviews focus on the factors that have influenced the artists' careers, their work and its evolution, and include comments on contemporaries, their training, and directions they expect to explore in the future. Individual interviews may also explore the events that have influenced the creation of specific pieces of art in each artist's portfolio. Interviewed by Thomas O'Sullivan, Nina Archabal, Susan Meehan, Elizabeth Knight, George Reid, Mary Harvey, Pat and Bob Crump, and Brian Szott.
Moose Lake State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr00321
Files documenting a wide variety of activities and functions at the hospital, including general and programmatic brochures, menus, clothing issue books, library accession books, photographs, executive summaries, employee registration and hiring book, staff probation book, scale drawings, procedures book, volunteer manuals, accident summaries, Catholic patient anointed book, fire plan, goods received and disbursed, hospital policies, and historical data, especially of the chemical dependency unit.
Moose Lake State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Patient Records gr00532
Daily (1938-1939, 1944-1951, and 1961-1975) population reports/records containing data on admission, discharge, and population statistics. Also statistical monthly (1950-1970) and daily (1973-1976) population reports; a physician's daily report (1950-1952), that details patients restrained, medical therapies, accidents, and ward tours; patient cards (1930s-2000); admission record (1995-2009); and patient register (1995-2007).
Moose Lake State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Superintendent's Subject Files gr00557
Correspondence, memos, reports, minutes, and other material regarding the hospital staff and patients, government programs, legislation, budgets and finance, and other matters relating to the operation of the hospital.
James L. Oberstar: An Inventory of His Congressional Papers 01006
List of medical staffPhotographs, sound and video recordings, legislative materials, campaign and political activities, committee work, and legislative staff topical files documenting Oberstar's service as a U.S. Representative from Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District (1975-2011). The collection emphasizes Oberstar's activities on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, demonstrated by a large series of staff office topical files, which address a wide range of issues, projects, and legislation related to aviation, highways and bridges, railways, waterways, and bike ways. Additional significant content focuses on economic development in the Iron Range, travel and tourism, trade, and environmental protection of Minnesota's land and water resources.
St. Paul Trades and Labor Assembly (Saint Paul, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Organization Records 01041
Minutes (1882-1959), dues ledgers (1941-1962), cash receipts and disbursements records (1947-1962), attendance records (1950-1963), and a few items of correspondence (1897-1919, 1957) documenting the activities of this organization of St. Paul area union locals. The records contain information on its routine business affairs and finances, as well as on boycotts, strikes, and negotiations with employers of member locals.
St. Peter State Hospital An Inventory of Its Blueprints and Drawings gr00078
Plot plans, elevations, floor plans, and architectural details of a physician's residence (1949), designed by architect Ernest H. Schmidt; a superintendent's residence (1956), designed by architect Brooks Cavin; and a chief engineer's cottage (1914?), men's cottage (1927), detention hospital (Liberty Hall) (1920), men's dormitory (1918), male employee dormitory (1919), and old nurses home (1910), all designed by architect Clarence H. Johnston. Also an undated plot plan and 1963 plot and floor plan of continuous treatment building by Walter Butler Company, Architects and Engineers, and a 1915 Morell and Nichols plot plan.
St. Peter State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Admission and Discharge Books gr00076
Documenting the admission and discharge of patients, the records include series divided by female and male patients (1866-1904), entries kept by admission number (1866-1902) with readmissions and discharges/deaths (1918-1920), and registers kept by patient's county of residence (1860s-1968). There are also an 1893 record of patient's personnel possessions when admitted and population record books for the Intensive Treatment Program for Sexual Aggressives (1973-1993).
St. Peter State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Case Books gr00077
Personal and medical histories of each patient admitted to the hospital. Information recorded may include patient's name and case file number, county of residence, date admitted, gender, age, nativity, marital status, occupation, education, religion, medical history and condition (with periodic updates) and date discharged. For some patients there is correspondence from genealogists requesting family history information and the replies from the hospital, clinical charts and legal documents.
St. Peter State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Subject Files and Miscellaneous Records gr00085
Cemetery records (1896-1985), daily ward record (1891-1892), land records (1855-1925), nurse employment record books (1880s-1950s), doctors time book (1964-1975), outdated procedures manual sections (circa 1895-2010), and subject files. Topics covered in the latter include chaplaincy, Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals, medical staff, Minnesota Security Hospital, nursing policies, the 125th anniversary celebration, photographs of dormitory and building interiors, Recruitment Assessment Committee, St. Peter weather statistics, strategic planning, and visitors.
Sound of India Radio Program Oral History Project: An Inventory of Its Radio Programs oh139
These are recordings from the "Sound of India" radio program that aired on KUXL (Golden Valley, Minnesota) from September 1975 to May 1976. The episodes of the "Sound of India" program focus on popular Indian music and community affairs. Hosted by Raj Chaudhary and Suraksha Gulathi, the episodes discuss topics such as Hindu, Muslim, and Christian festivals; national holidays and major events of India; the American Bicentennial; and the immigration of Indian citizens to the United States. In addition, the episodes include interviews with community leaders such as the President of the Indo-American Club, the head of the Islamic Center of Minnesota, and popular Indian historians.
State Capitol Commissioners Board: An Inventory of Its Records sccb
Biennial reports, minutes, correspondence, financial records, bids and contracts, printed materials, and miscellany relating to construction of the Minnesota State Capitol Building.
Bruce F. Vento: An Inventory of His Papers 00265
Congressional papers of Bruce F. Vento (DFL-Minn.), a St. Paul, Minnesota high school science teacher who served three terms in the state legislature (1971-1976) and 12 terms in the U.S. House of Representatives (1977-2000). The collection is particularly strong in its documentation of energy, financial, environmental, and humanitarian issues, legislation, and policy in the 1980s and 1990s.
Tax Court: An Inventory of Its Closed [Completed] Decision Files gr00473
Case files for appeals from orders of the Commissioner of Revenue regarding tax disputes, or from property valuations or classifications, that resulted in a Tax Court decision. The court's decisions interpret the law and have precedent value.
Wisconsin Miscellaneous Newspapers Collection: An Inventory of Titles on the Wisconsin Miscellaneous Newspaper Microfilm lb00137
Miscellaneous titles and issues of newspapers published in Wisconsin between 1845 and 1958. Titles are arranged on the reels by city of publication and then by title, save for the issue of Annals of the Fortieth, which is at the end of Reel 4.

New and Revised Catalog Records - March 2012

Allen, Myron R. Oral history interview of Myron R. Allen.
Subjects discussed during the interview include the development of the electric utilities industry in rural Minnesota; the rise of the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) and rural electric cooperatives; the growth and later dismantling of electric power holding companies; the work of the Environmental Protection Agency; and the growth and complexity of federal and state regulation of electric utilities in Minnesota and in the United States.
Bloomquist, Aldrich C. Oral history interview of Aldrich C. Bloomquist.
Aldrich C. Bloomquist discusses his early life and education; working as a newspaper reporter and his transition to the beet sugar industry; his role in the purchase of American Crystal Sugar Company and its transformation into a farmer-owned cooperative and one of the largest sugar producers in the United States; the political realities of the sugar business; international factors in determining sugar prices; competition with other sweeteners; and the similarities and differences between beet and cane production and marketing.
Joint School District No. 10 of Carver County (Chanhassen Township) and No. 59 of Hennepin County (Excelsior Township, Minn.). Clerk's book.
Clerk's book, 1869-1875.
Dakota County (Minn.). School District No. 88 (Greenvale : Township). Photographs.
Photographs of students and teachers (1924-1925, 1933-1934). Individuals are identified.
Heaney, Gerald W., (Gerald William). Oral history interview of Gerald W. Heaney.
Includes brief comments on his early life in Goodhue, Minnesota, and his services in World War II. The majority of the interview highlights Heaney's political and judicial activities, and his work with various national political figures including Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, and Eugene McCarthy.
Rowberg, Brynhild. Oral history interview of Brynhild Rowberg.
Brynhild Rowberg discusses her arrival in Europe as World War II ended, service in Vienna, and interaction with colleagues throughout eastern Europe as the Soviet bloc came into existence. She also discusses a subsequent assignment in Saigon during the Vietnam War era.

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