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Processing and cataloging of the campaign files of U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone is underway by Collections Management staff. Although access to most files in the collection will require written permission, the collection is expected to be ready for research use in early March.

Paul Wellstone, a Carleton College political science professor, was elected to the United States Senate in 1990, defeating incumbent Republican Senator Rudy Boschwitz. He was re-elected in 1996 in a rematch against Boschwitz. Wellstone and seven others, including his wife Sheila and their daughter Marcia, died in an airplane crash near Eveleth, Minnesota just days before the 2002 election, in which he was running for a third Senate term against Republican challenger Norm Coleman.

Wellstone's campaign files are approximately 98 cubic feet in size and consist of issue files, newspaper clippings, videocassettes, news releases, FEC reports, polling data, schedules, and other campaign-related materials. The collection contains considerable information about Rudy Boschwitz as well as other election opponents; Wellstone"s voting record in the Senate; his legislative activities and positions on the issues of the day; and his advocacy for and involvement in progressive causes.

Paul and Sheila Wellstone campaigning on the green bus

Known for his unwavering liberal stand on issues related to peace, economic justice, labor, veterans, immigration, domestic violence, and mental health, Wellstone campaigned across the state in a green school bus and exuded an energetic belief that the world could truly be remade each day.

New and Updated Finding Aids - January 2014

In our continuing mission to provide pubic access to collections, new and improved inventories for the papers of American Fur Company agent Alexis Bailly and the autograph collection of businessman William H. Amerland were completed this month.

Name/Abstract File No.
Alexis Bailly: An Inventory of His Papers 01136
Original, copied and microfilmed correspondence and financial records (1821-1868) of Bailly, an American Fur Company agent at St. Peter's (Mendota), 1820-1835, and later at Wabasha, giving details of trade with the Dakota Indians and of the lives of traders and early white settlers. Includes references to Bailly's cattle drive (1821) from Fort Snelling to the Selkirk Colony on the Red River, and to Minnesota politics when Bailly was a member of the first territorial legislature (1849).
Andrew J. Volstead and Family: An Inventory of His Papers P0012
Largely legislative and political materials of Volstead, a Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine County, Minn.) lawyer and Republican congressman (1903-1922), with some family and personal items. Most materials concern the National Prohibition Act (1919) and its consequences.
Brenda Ueland: An Inventory of Her Family Papers 00099
Brenda UelandPapers documenting the life (1891-1985) and career of a Minneapolis feminist and author and her family.

Includes digital content.
Citizens League (Minneapolis, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Records 00164
Minutes (1971-1981), correspondence, reports (1958-1984), subject files, notebooks, financial information, and printed materials relating to this nonpartisan citizens, public affairs research, and educational organization based in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The group is organized into committees that research current affairs issues affecting various aspects of community life.
Cottonwood County: Windom: Justice of the Peace: An Inventory of Its Dockets gr00787
Civil (1903-1909, 1922-1957) and criminal (1928-1972) docket books of the justice courts of the village and city of Windom, particularly of justices W. W. Barlow, Ole O. Salum, Vernon S. Tegland, Donald A. Yager, Lyder Larson, Lloyd S. Johnson, L. C. Churchill, N. J. Bell, and Donald E. Wiese. Also includes a register of persons charged (arrest books, 1963).
Douglas County: Assessor: An Inventory of Its Assessment Rolls gr00789
Assessment rolls for the civil subdivisions of Douglas County, recording the value of taxable real and personal property for the years 1867-1901 and the sample years 1910-1911, 1920-1921, 1930-1931, 1940-1941, 1950-1951, 1960-1961, and 1990-1991.
J. J. (John Johnson) Enmegahbowh: An Inventory of His Letters 01135
Letter to Samuel Hollingsworth, August 23, 1870Letters from an Ottawa Indian Episcopal Priest, a missionary to the Ojibwe Indians on the White Earth Reservation, Minnesota, to Reverend Samuel Hollingsworth at Greenfield, Massachusetts and Port Chester, New York. Includes 13 letters with envelopes, 2 letter fragments, and an undated tear sheet removed from a publication entitled The Church Record that includes a printed portrait of Enmegahbowh.

Includes digital content.
Ramsey County. St. Paul. Comptroller: An Inventory of It's Miscellaneous Records. SPaul005
Registers of miscellaneous documents and records of the Ramsey County St. Paul Comptroller's Office.
Ramsey County: Sheriff: An Inventory of the Jail Construction Records ramsy008
Correspondence, contracts, specifications, blueprints, and extracts from minutes of the board of county commissioners regarding site acquisition, construction, upkeep, and remodeling of the former Ramsey County jail in St. Paul.
Ramsey County: St. Paul: School Records: Longfellow School: An Inventory of Its School Records gr00786
Records documenting the history and administration of this St. Paul elementary school.
Ramsey County: St. Paul: Sinking Fund Committee: An Inventory of Its Records gr00788
Records of bonds and certificates of indebtedness issued and redeemed by the city Commissioners of Interest and Sinking Fund, for city improvements (1865-1883); and minutes of the Sinking Fund Committee (1900-1970) focusing on the issuance of bonds and the purchase and sale of securities for the general and water department sinking funds; and minutes of the Sinking Fund Investment Committee (1916-1943), which appears to have been the Sinking Fund Committee in its capacity as manager of the Participating Certificate Fund/Bureau/Division, commonly known as the "City Bank."
Revenue Department: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr00783
Reports, newsletters, and miscellaneous print and near-print items of or about the Revenue Department.
Revenue Department: An Inventory of Its Stedman (Steve) Subject Files gr00780
Subject files documenting the duties of Stedman, Chief Information Officer.
Revenue Department: Assistant Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Correspondence gr00784
Correspondence and related papers kept by assistant or deputy commissioners/directors Dennis Erno, Paul M. Krenik, Jr., Dennis M. Louis, Louis Plutzer, Donald R. Rose, Don Trimble, Robert Turnquist, Dwight Lahti, and Jennifer Engh, relating to the various interests and operations of the Revenue Department.
Revenue Department: Assistant Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Subject Files gr00782
Subject files kept by assistant or deputy commissioners/directors Dwight Lahti, Raymond Krause, Jack Mansun, and Jennifer Engh, relating to the various interests and operations of the Revenue Department.
Revenue Department: Commissioner's Office An Inventory of Its Smith (Matthew G.) Files gr00388
Correspondence and related papers documenting various operations and interests of the Revenue Department. Topics covered include budget, education, and taxation, particularly health care, income, property, and sales taxes and tax reform.
Revenue Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Salomone (Daniel) Files gr00781
Correspondence and subject files documenting the daily administration of the Revenue Department during Salomone's years as commissioner. Topics covered include relations with other state agencies, legislation, budget, and taxation.
Revenue Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Subject Files gr00785
Subject files documenting the administration and operation of the commissioner's office, particularly its relationship with other state agencies and departments, with numerous state legislators, and with the department's divisions of appeals and legal services, management services, local government aids and analysis, local government services, petroleum, property tax, quality assurance, and research.
Water & Soil Resources Board An Inventory of Its Soil and Water Conservation District Background Files gr00790
The files include annual reports (1970 and later), correspondence, audit reports, petitions for and certificates of organization, work plans and programs, district maps, minutes of district supervisors (beginning circa 1996), and occasionally other materials such as conservation needs inventory, hearings transcripts, and various appraisal and program reports.
William H. Amerland: An Inventory of His Autograph Collection 01139
Eighteen volumes of autographs, chiefly signatures, with sketches, lines of poetry, bars of music, and quotations; photographs, news clippings, and correspondence relating to the autographs; and two scrapbooks, one a poetry collection compiled by Amerland and the other containing information supplementing the autograph albums. Among the 1,500 signatures are autographs of most of the presidents of the United States, and notables of other countries. A few of the autographs are facsimiles.

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