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New and Updated Finding Aids - June 2014

Name/Abstract File No.
Administration Department: InterTechnologies Group: An Inventory of Its InterTech Records gr00825
Records of the InterTechnologies Group (InterTech), the core computer operations organization for State of Minnesota agencies.
Edward R. Brandt: An Inventory of His Legislative Files 01156
Legislative files and some constituent correspondence of a member of the conservative caucus of the Minnesota House of Representatives, who represented District 41 (Minneapolis) from 1969 to 1973.
George Street Biscoe and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers 01157
Correspondence, obituaries, household budgets, genealogical information, sermons, and miscellaneous papers of a Cottage Grove, Minnesota Congregational minister and his family.
Geri M. Joseph: An Inventory of Her Papers 00460
Correspondence, citations and awards, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and photographs documenting a Minnesota woman's careers as an award-winning journalist, Democratic Party activist, diplomat, public policy analyst, and board member of numerous business and civic organizations.
Lawrence R. Yetka: An Inventory of His Papers 00180
Correspondence, minutes, speeches and radio addresses, legislative files, political campaign materials, newspaper clippings, and photographs of a lawyer and Democratic-Farmer-Labor politician from Cloquet, Minnesota, who represented the 54th district in the state legislature (1951-1961) and who served as a Minnesota Supreme Court justice (1973-1993).
Rice County: Assessor: An Inventory of Its Assessment Rolls gr00823
Assessment rolls for the civil subdivisions of Rice County, recording the value of taxable real and personal property for the years 1858-1901 and subsequent sample years 1910-1911, 1920-1921, 1930-1931, 1940-1941, 1950-1951, 1960-1961, and 1990-1991. The assessment rolls for 1858-1859 also include information on taxes levied and paid, and some volumes include delinquent tax data. The records for the 1860s are incomplete; and there are no records for the cities of Faribault and Northfield for 1920-1921.
Rice County: Auditor,: An Inventory of Its Tax Lists gr00824
Tax lists for the civil subdivisions of Rice County, recording the taxes assessed and paid on real and personal property for the years 1860-1901 and subsequent sample years 1910-1911, 1920-1921, 1930-1931, 1940-1941, 1950-1951, 1960-1961, 1980-1981, and 1990-1991. Real property tax data were recorded on a combined form with real property assessment data in even-numbered years, 1870-1950.
THEODORE F. KOCH: An Inventory of His Reminiscences and Family Papers 01158
Reminiscences (1930) by a Minnesota land developer and businessman engaged in many land development enterprises, colonization projects, cattle buying, and other activities in both Minnesota and Texas. The collection includes genealogical materials, correspondence and papers of other family members, some family financial information, blueprint drawings, and snapshot photographs. Materials are in English, German, Dutch, and Danish.

New and Updated Catalog Records

John Fuhrmann and family papers, 1864-1933.
Correspondence, blueprints, patents and miscellaneous papers of John Fuhrmann, a German immigrant who settled in St. Paul and worked for the Great Northern. Most of the collection consists of correspondence, predominately in German, from Fuhrmann’s relatives in Germany and family across the United States. Correspondence in German was translated into English by Lisa Gumpel. Includes digital copies of the translated correspondence.
Lynch, E. P. Deere & Webber Company records, 1906-1910.
Correspondence, instructional and special bulletins, equipment information, photographs of agricultural machinery, and other records received by E.P. Lynch, Faribault, Minnesota, as a traveling agent for Deere & Webber Company, a Minneapolis-based supplier of John Deere and other agricultural equipment.

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