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Construction of the Farm Credit Banks building, 375 Jackson Street, St. Paul

New to the Minnesota Historical Society's collections this month is a collection of photographs documenting the construction of the Farm Credit Banks Building at 375 Jackson Street in downtown St. Paul from 1965 to 1967. Taken by Northern Pacific Railway employee John Nyquist from the 13th floor of the Northern Pacific Railway building over the duration of the project, the photographs show the razing of the Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Building at the site and the progression of construction of the new building. The collection also includes an informational brochure about the building as well as views of a fire at the Travelers Building on Jackson Street in 1920 and a view of the Mississippi River taken from the Northern Pacific Railway offices around 1961.

New and Updated Finding Aids - October 2015

Name/Abstract File No.
3M Company: An Inventory of Its Corporate Records 00281
3M Company LogoCorporate records and historical materials of this Minnesota-based international manufacturing company, founded in 1902 in Two Harbors, that has produced a wide variety of products for industrial and household applications, including abrasive, adhesive, reflective and medical products; magnetic media and data recording equipment, copying and office products and nonwoven fiber technologies.
Anoka County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Registers of Actions gr01059
Registers of actions for civil and criminal cases. The entry for each case gives the parties' names and a chronological list of documents filed, orders issued, costs adjudged, and other actions by the court or the disputing parties.
Brainerd State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Mental Retardation Director's Files gr01080
Correspondence (1968-1979) and subject files (1962-1984); the latter covering such topics as accelerated cooperative training, behavior modification, cost savings projects, regulations, accreditations, population statistics, community service, staffing, and patients' rights, including materials on the landmark Welsch Consent Decree court case. They also document relations with various local, state, and national organizations, including the Central Minnesota Health Planning Council, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, Northern Pines Coordinating Committee, and the Upper Mississippi Mental Retardation Advisory Committee.
Cambridge State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Annual and Biennial Reports gr01061
Cambridge State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Budget Requests gr01062
The biennial requests include directives, correspondence, copies of the State Board of Control's appropriation recommendations for the Department of Public Institutions (1930-1939), and estimates and information for the biennial budget (1940-1953). The latter were submitted to the Department of Administration by the Division of Public Institutions. The quarterly requests were submitted to the Budget Commissioner.
Cambridge State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Committee Files gr01063
Minutes, accompanied by correspondence, memos, reports, and background materials, of administrative, employee, professional specialty, and special-purpose committees, particularly the executive committee, administrative staff, and review board.
Cambridge State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr01064
Vouchers covering the purchase of land and building construction (1923-1924); a night report log noting patients' noisiness, restlessness, illness, or violent behavior, and treatment or drugs given (1927-1929); a daily record of activities and events in an unspecified cottage for female residents (September 1928-July 1929); and correspondence of the assistant administrator, physical plant (1984-1987).
Cambridge State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Policy and Procedures Manuals gr01065
Includes information manuals for hospital volunteers and friends and family, rules and procedures handbooks for employees and the officer of the day, and a nursing policy manual.
Cambridge State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr01066
Contains weekly typewritten compilations of hospital news (1928-1943), superintendent's Memoranda and Bulletin, both directives to the staff (1956-1960), Cambridge State News, the hospital newsletter (1971-1974), weekly administrative bulletins (1974-1990), a pamphlet, Cambridge State School and Hospital (1963), and a visitor's information booklet (1977).
Cambridge State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Research Files gr01067
Correspondence, reports, statistics, and related materials documenting several studies done using hospital patients, including use of buttermilk and ketogenic (high fat content) diets in treatment of mental illness and epilepsy, research into the levels of magnesium and potassium in epileptics' blood, observation of the hospital's child patients, and charting of epileptic patients' seizures. Also a record of influenza inoculations given on January 2, 1941.
Cambridge State Hospital: Business Manager: An Inventory of Its Subject Files gr01068
The files cover such topics as affirmative action and sexual harassment cases brought against the hospital; recycling; committee activities, including the Boy Scouts and camping committees; disciplinary action involving personnel; relations with the Lake Owasso Children's Home; planning activities; the annual campus carnival; consultants; building maintenance; the summer program; and reorganization.
Cambridge State Hospital: Superintendent: An Inventory of Its Correspondence With Other State Institutions gr01069
Correspondence with Anoka, Fergus Falls, Hastings, Moose Lake, Rochester, St. Peter, Sandstone, and Willmar State hospitals; Gillette State Hospital for Crippled Children; state schools for the blind and deaf; the Home School for Girls and Training School for Boys; and the state sanitorium, prison, and reformatories for men and women.
Governor: Freeman, Orville L.: An Inventory of Its Constituent Mail gr01073
Constituent mail requesting assistance of various sorts. State agency and departmental memos are found throughout with many of the responses written by agency commissioner or the governor's executive secretary.
H. M. Schawang Photo Company: An Inventory of Its Photographs sv000087
Views include fairgoers, the midway, grandstand, car races, and Machinery Hill.
Health Department: An Inventory of Its Official Hearings on Rules and Regulations gr01070
Record of official hearings (1961-1983) concerning state health issues such as professional licensure, state and local health programs, and health legislation. Included are hearing transcripts, testimony, and exhibits. A set of miscellaneous hearings (1976-1982) are also official hearing records. They are similar to but separate from the larger set.
Hennepin County: Saint Anthony: An Inventory of Its Records gr01083
Treasurer's cash record book (1855-1867) and ledgers (1867-1872); register of municipal bonds (1859-1870); samples of illustrated promissory note forms issued by the city treasurer (circa 1850s); license register (1865-1872); and an illustrated certificate for a lot in the City of the Falls of St. Anthony (1844), which actually predates the organization of the city.
Henry B. Hall: An Inventory of His Photographs sv000201
Scenic views, mainly in St. Paul and Minneapolis, include street scenes, the High Bridge, industrial scenes, general views of both cities. Many of the photographs were taken for the book Where we live: the residential districts of Minneapolis and Saint Paul by Judith A. Martin and David A. Lanegran. Also includes views of the lift bridge in Hastings, Minnesota and the Byllesby Dam near Cannon Falls, Minnesota and exhibition photos.
John Nyquist: An Inventory of His Farm Credit Banks Building Photograph Collection sv000210
Construction of the Farm Credit Banks building, 375 Jackson Street, St. PaulPhotographs of the construction of the Farm Credit Banks Building at 375 Jackson Street in downtown St. Paul from 1965-1967. An informational brochure about the building is included. Also contains views of a fire at the Travelers Building on Jackson Street in 1920 and a view of the Mississippi River taken from the Northern Pacific Railway offices around 1961.
Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Railway Company: An Inventory of Its Records 00308
Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Railway Company logoFinancial and regulatory reports, tax returns, aerial photographs, and some related correspondence of a Minneapolis-based short line railroad company that was incorporated in 1918 and operated between Minneapolis and Northfield (Minn.) until 1982, when it was purchased by the Soo Line Railroad Company. Some material concerns predecessor Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester and Dubuque Electric Traction Company, and related firms Electric Short Line Terminal Company and Glen Valley Realty, Inc.
Motorcycle Photographs: An Inventory of Photographs sv000193
Panoramic views of gypsy tours, motorcylists gathered in various Minnesota towns, and one view of Minnesota Highway Department officers on motorcycles.
Nimrod Barrick: An Inventory of His Family Papers 01230
Nimrod BarrickCorrespondence, photographs, and miscellaneous papers created by the family of Vincent P. Kennedy, surgeon in the 5th Minnesota Infantry and the family of his daughter and son-in-law, Julia and Nimrod Barrick. Includes fourteen diaries on microfilm kept by Nimrod Barrick while farming near Greenleaf, Meeker County (Minn.), that mention family affairs, social life, a grasshopper plague (1877), Barrick's activities as a member of town and school boards, prices, wages, weather, and trips to Dakota (1883) and Oregon (1893); some entries were made by Julia Barrick.
Pollution Control Agency: An Inventory of Its Helgen (Judy) Files gr01081
Files of Judy Helgen, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency [MPCA] biologist from 1989 through 2002. In 1993, there was a report of deformed frogs in Granite Falls, Minnesota and, in 1995, a group of charter school students on a field trip in Henderson, Minnesota discovered a high percentage of deformed frogs in Ney Pond. The Ney Pond discovery was widely publicized and the deformed frog issue grew to national prominence, viewed by some as an environmental health crisis. Helgen and other researchers explored a long list of potential causes and contributing factors but were never able to conclusively identify what led to the deformities. The records document investigations by Helgen, the MPCA and others into deformed/malformed frogs in Minnesota and elsewhere from 1993 through 2002, as well as, research done for her book, Peril in the Ponds: Deformed Frogs, Politics, and a Biologist's Quest.
Public Welfare Department: Deputy Commissioner: An Inventory of Its Restad (Wesley G.) Files gr01074
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and related files documenting the duties and activities of the department, particularly related to field services, regionalization, budget, education, personnel, and relationships with other state agencies.
Ramsey County: St. Paul: School Records: Saturn School: An Inventory of Its Records gr01082
Newspaper and magazine articles (1987-1993), photographs and slides (circa 1990-1993), and subject files (1988-1995). The bulk of the media coverage in this collection documents a visit by President George H. W. Bush in May 1991.
Robert C. Bruce Productions: An Inventory of Its Films sv000197
Industrial films and television commercials produced by Robert C. Bruce Productions, St. Paul. Bruce was a producer, writer and director. The collection includes two films not produced by his production company, but he probably was involved with the filmmaking.
St. David's Society of Minnesota: An Inventory of Its Records 01228
St. David's Society LogoArticles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, photograph albums, architectural drawings, digital images, and other records of a society of Welsh-born and Welsh-descended Minnesotans devoted to cultural and musical affairs.
Stanley James Harper: An Inventory of His Photograph Album Collection sv000191
Photograph albums of the family of Stanley James and Margaret L. Harper, Minneapolis. Mainly views of their children: Josephine, Helen, Elizabeth, Ruth, Kathryn and James, from 1920-1945. Includes portraits of the children and other family members, views of the children playing, family gatherings, Christmas scenes, school activities, trips to various locations in the Midwest, Florida, California and Idaho. Also views of the Harper homes at 2424 Colfax Avenue South, 1821 Dupont Avenue South, 2212 Oliver Avenue South, their summer home on Lake Minnetonka, and a farm in Wright County, Minnesota.
State University Board: An Inventory of Its Minutes and Agenda Packets gr01060
Indexes (1859-1969), minutes (1859-1914, 1921, 1938-1995), agenda packets (1956-1995), and board executive committee agenda packets (1999-1992) of the State University Board and its predecessors, the State Normal School Board and State Teachers College Board.
Supreme Court: An Inventory of Its Naturalization Records and Indexes gr01071
Personal name indexes, 1858-1905; declarations of intention (first papers), 1858-1905; final papers, 1898-1906; and miscellaneous supporting papers, 1866-1902, 1910. The records are mostly for residents of Ramsey County, but also pertain to residents of other counties.
U.S. Olympic Festival '90: An Inventory of Its Slide Collection sv000199
Views consist mainly of the sporting events, but includes the opening and closing ceremonies, the torch run, event guide (44 pages) and media guide (64 pages). The festival was held in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, July 6-15, 1990.
W.A. Fisher Company Postcard Collection: An Inventory of Its Postcards sv000208
Postcards published by the W.A. Fisher Company of Virginia, Minnesota. Views of resorts and scenic areas in northern Minnesota.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Brainerd State Hospital. Restraint-seclusion reports, 1960-1968.
Monthly summaries of the restraints used with patients at the hospital, listing the kinds of restraints used, the reasons for the restraints, and the total hours that each method was used. The reports were made to the hospital's medical director.
Cambridge State Hospital. Administration on-duty record books, 1973-1983.
Daily records maintained by person in charge (officer of the day) at any particular time, including information on patients, other staff on duty, and noteworthy events.
Cambridge State Hospital. Appraisal reports and summary listings, 1966-1984.
Appraisals of all property (land and buildings) on the hospital grounds. Done by The American Appraisal Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Cambridge State Hospital. Business Manager. Correspondence, 1955-1985.
Covers such topics as purchase and inventorying of supplies and equipment, building and grounds maintenance and repair, personnel issues, rules and procedures, cost improvement, telephone system, foster grandparent program, contracts and budgets, usage of state vehicles, and safety. Includes interoffice communications, minutes of various committees, correspondence with the Departments of Administration and Public Welfare, organizational charts, and financial statements and budgets.
Cambridge State Hospital. Daily diaries, 1928-1947.
Information includes visitors to the hospital, new admissions, patients on vacation or out visiting. Diaries also note events such as funerals and confessional times. One volume per year, unless otherwise
Cambridge State Hospital. Daily discipline record books, 1929-1955.
Information includes name of patient, disciplinary action taken and for what reason, how long enforced, and staff person in charge.
Cambridge State Hospital. Farm records, 1926-1961.
The reports include record of charges and credits, statement of products delivered to steward, statement of labor and repairs furnished institution by farm.
Cambridge State Hospital. Hospital register, 1931-1937.
Information includes patient name and number, diagnosis, and admission and discharge dates.
Cambridge State Hospital. Institution menus, 1927-1951.
Employee and patient menus (both 1927-1949) and institution menus (1949-1951).
Cambridge State Hospital. Inventories, 1927-1949.
Detailed annual itemized inventories of hospital property, including real estate, provisions, household supplies, clothing, fuel, medical supplies, office supplies, recreational equipment, library books, scientific apparatus, material for manufactures, farm supplies, livestock, machinery and tools, building materials, and miscellany. Incomplete.
Cambridge State Hospital. Men's Ward B order books, 1931-1939.
Daily record of physician's orders.
Cambridge State Hospital. Payroll abstracts, 1925-1933.
Cambridge State Hospital. School records, 1928-1942, 1944-1951.
Mainly annual schedules of classes and pupil listings. Also scattered holiday presentations programs, procedural notices for teachers, correspondence, school equipment inventories, and school grade reports (1930-1934; 1 volume).
Cambridge State Hospital. Store record, 1924-1925.
Ledger accounts for receipts and disbursements of food, clothing, and other supplies. Each entry gives date, voucher number, number and/or measure of the commodity involved, explanation (usually not filled in), price per unit, and total cost both for items received and for items disbursed.
Cambridge State Hospital. Superintendent. Correspondence with supervisory agencies, 1928-1953.
Correspondence between the hospital and two of its supervisory agencies, the State Board of Control (1928-1939) and the Division of Public Institutions (1940-1953).
Cambridge State Hospital. Superintendent. Correspondence with supervisory sub-agencies, 1925-1955.
Correspondence between the hospital and the State Board of Control's Children's Bureau (1925-1929), the Division of Public Institution's Bureau for Feebleminded and Epileptic (1940-1947), and the Department of Public Welfare's Section for the Mentally Deficient and Epileptic (1948-1955).
Cambridge State Hospital. Superintendent. Monthly reports, 1928-1954, 1956.
Typewritten reports (1928-May 1951) detailing hospital activities, including population, escapes, paroles or vacations, health and morality, work, farm and garden, construction, discipline, admissions and discharges, employees, and general comments. They are supported by monthly library and casualty reports. The library reports continue monthly until June 1954 (there is one 1956 report).
Cambridge State Hospital. Superintendent. Quarterly conference correspondence and minutes, |f 1928-1944, 1954-1955.
Attended initially by all state superintendents, wardens, and their wives (1928-1944); later by only the superintendents (1954-1955). Includes correspondence, agendas, meeting notices, and minutes.
Cambridge State Hospital. Women's ward D order books, 1931-1940.
Daily record of physician's orders.
Dos Tejedoras Fiber Arts Publications (Saint Paul, Minn.). Dos Tejedoras Fiber Arts Publications records, 1972-1996.
Records of a Saint Paul-based company registered by Karen Searle and Susan Baizerman in 1976. Dos Tejedoras published books related to the art of fine weaving.
Nisswa (Minn.). Justice of the Peace. Dockets, 1957-1958, 1968-1972.
Docket books detailing cases brought before the city justice.
Public Welfare Department. Field Services Division. Historical information files, 1938-1980.
Memoranda, reports, and circulars with historical data on the organization and functions of the field services division and on the duties of its staff. Includes a 1942 handbook for county welfare board members and 1942-1980 maps and lists of district representatives.
Revenue Department. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Special Taxes Division. Telephone company records, 1956-1975.
Records of gross earnings and taxes of telephone companies that ceased operation during these years, including information on the annual earnings, number of telephones serviced, and sale or disincorporation of the company. Also annual lists of telephone companies that closed or went out of business between 1968 and 1975.

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