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Oscar F. Hawkins With the addition of new material to the Oscar F. Hawkins and Family Papers a new electronic finding aid to the collection has been created and is now available.

Hawkins (1872-1964) taught high school in several Minnesota communities and was active in progressive politics and in Minnesota's Farmer-Labor Party. He joined the Socialist Party in 1933, but became less active in it after 1936 when control fell into the hands of supporters of Soviet revolutionary Leon Trotsky.

The collection is especially interesting in its documentation of Oscar's political interests and activities from the 1930s through the Cold War. It includes correspondence, Hawkins' letters to newspaper editors, campaign literature, pamphlets and leaflets, newsletters, and other printed materials from the Farmer-Labor, Democratic-Farmer-Labor, and Progressive parties, and from labor, communist, and socialist organizations, as well as printed materials from temperance, pacifist, and civil liberties groups.

Of particular interest are such items as the Communist Party Minnesota District platform (1934); Republican National Committee campaign papers describing the communist menace (1944); the Minnesota election program of the Communist Party (1974); a speech entitled Toward Unity against World Imperialism delivered by Gus Hall at the World Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties, (Moscow, June 1969); booklets entitled Leninism and the National Liberation Movement and The Communist Party & How it Works: A Handbook on its Organization & Functioning; a Farmer-Labor booklet entitled Lifting the Fog on Fake Republican Liberalism; and a variety of socialist and communist booklets and literature.

Correspondents include Marxist historian Herbert Aptheker; communist leader Eugene Dennis; historian and civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois; labor leader, communist, and activist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn; socialist Norman Thomas; and Progressive Party founder Henry A. Wallace, as well as a variety of more mainstream political figures.

New and Updated Finding Aids - January 2018

Name/Abstract File No.
Richard Chute: An Inventory of His Papers 00105
St. Anthony Falls watercolor with narrativeCorrespondence and papers of a pioneer Minneapolis businessman and his family. Includes information about Chute's involvement in the fur trade and his association with the Ewing and Chouteau fur trade interests; real estate deals in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota; the construction of the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad line; the promotion and development of Princeton, Minnesota with associate John S. Prince; the activities of the St. Anthony Falls Water Power Company, including the development of water power at Saint Anthony Falls; and the family's involvement in Twin Cities real estate through its Chute Brothers and Chute Brothers Company.

Includes digital content.
Conservation Department: An Inventory of Its Photographs of State Parks, Monuments, Recreational Areas, and Staff gr01426
Assorted sized black and white photographs mainly documenting buildings, scenery, personnel, special events and developments, particularly pool and road construction, in the state parks and related recreational and historical areas.
Ruth Cutler: An Inventory of Her Family Papers 00665
Correspondence and papers, diaries and journals, photographs, and other materials of a daughter of Saint Paul pharmaceutical wholesaler Edward Hutchins Cutler, who served in France with the American Red Cross at the end of World War I. Includes newspaper clippings about the 1912 presidential election, and some correspondence and papers of her parents and other relatives. Some of the material is in French.
Fifteenth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, Company I: An Inventory of Its Glass Plate Negative Collection sv000252
Fifteenth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, Company ICollection includes 98 images documenting Company I of the 15th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry during the Spanish-American War. Company I enrolled in Minneapolis on July 15, 1898 and trained in various camps: Camp Ramsey; Fort Snelling; Camp Meade, Middletown, Pennsylvania; and Camp McKenzie, near Augusta, Georgia, where the regiment mustered out on March 27, 1899. Views are unidentified but thought to be taken during group training in Georgia and mustering at the fairgrounds.

Includes digital content.
Oscar F. Hawkins: An Inventory of His Family Papers 01260
Correspondence, printed items, clippings, minutes, and notes documenting the interests and activities of Hawkins, a Minnesota teacher and political activist, and his wife, Madge.
Health Department: Health Policy Division: An Inventory of Its Administrative Uniformity Committee Minutes and Meeting Files gr01427
Minutes and meeting files documenting various operations and interests of this committee.
Houston County: Independent School District No. 296, Money Creek Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr01425
Attendance registers, class record, clerk's books, and school censuses.
O. E. Larson: An Inventory of His Family Papers 01259
O. E. LarsonCorrespondence, photographs, genealogical data, and other papers of Minneapolis mortuary owner, city alderman, and Baptist layman O.E. Larson, his wife Anna, and their daughters Edith, Myrtle, and Lillie. Includes papers relating to the family of Peter Daniel and Carolina Anderson, who farmed in Carver County, Minnesota, and to their children, one of whom, Anna, married Larson. Includes Peter Daniel Anderson's letters to his wife while serving with the 4th Minnesota Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Sound and Visual Materials 00922
Eugene J. McCarthyPhotographs (family, publicity, campaign related, and miscellaneous) sound reel tapes, sound cassettes, and film reels of campaign spots, speeches, and debates. Also includes film and sound tapes of appearances by Eugene McCarthy on national and local television and radio. Sound and visual materials are arranged by type.
Methven-Taylor Funeral Homes: An Inventory of Its Records 01200
Records of two Northeast Minneapolis funeral homes, Rainville Bros. Funeral Chapel and O.E. Larson Mortuary, both later part of Methven-Taylor, and a few files pertaining to the Minnesota Funeral Directors Association. Funeral record books, record sheets, and funeral arrangement sheets in the collection contain extensive biographical data on the deceased.
Minneapolis Municipal Hiking Club (Minneapolis, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Records 01258
Minutes, corporate and membership materials, historian's files, trip files, records of awards and memorials, photographs, and miscellany of this hiking and social club founded in 1920 under the auspices of the Minneapolis Park Board. With its membership dwindling, it dissolved in 2010 and transferred its remaining funds to the Park Board.
Walter F. Mondale: An Inventory of His Political Papers and Campaign Files 00697_Political
Mondale/FerraroPolitical papers and campaign files (1934-2004) include materials from Mondale's 1962 Attorney General campaign, 1962 and 1966 Senate campaigns, the 1976 and 1980 Presidential campaigns where Mondale ran as Jimmy Carter's Vice President, and extensive files from the 1984 Presidential campaign in which Mondale ran for President against Ronald Reagan.

Includes digital content.
Walter F. Mondale: An Inventory of His Senatorial Papers 00697_Senatorial
Picture on Capitol HillMaterials from Mondale's U.S. Senate career include schedules and appointments, meeting files, bill and committee files, outgoing correspondence, sampled constituent correspondence and constituent service records, press releases, speeches, radio broadcasts, and news clippings. A large set of wide-ranging issue files kept for each year by Mondale's Senate office concern federal departments, international affairs, domestic matters, and state issues.

Includes digital content.
Northwest Airlines, Inc.: An Inventory of Its Corporate Records 00110
Amelia Earhart and related correspondenceFinancial records, photographs, and subject files of a St. Paul-based commercial airline with global operations stretching from the Far East to Western Europe.

Includes digital content.
Henry M. Rice: An Inventory of His Papers 01262
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal papers, genealogical materials, diaries, recipe books, and other papers pertaining to a fur trader, Minnesota territorial delegate to Congress, United States senator, and state public official and entrepreneur, his wife Matilda, and members of their extended family. Includes information about federal land surveying, Fort Snelling, Indian affairs, Rice's business affairs, the American Fur Company and individual fur traders, railroad construction, and a court-martial of a member of the 59th New York Volunteers. Papers for 1901-1966 are chiefly those of the Robert (Auerbach) Rice family and include information about their business affairs and the change of the family name from Auerbach to Rice.
Saint Paul Dispatch/Pioneer Press: An Inventory of Its Portrait Collection sv000150a
Portrait of WomanContains portraits of individuals and some groups that appeared in the St. Paul papers. These include individuals from Minnesota, the United States, and elsewhere in the world. Portraits are arranged alphabetically in two sets: small portraits and large portraits.
Southeast Minneapolis Planning and Coordinating Committee: An Inventory of Its Records 01261
Bylaws, articles of incorporation, minutes, annual reports, financial records, committee files, membership lists, copies of its Newsletter-bulletin, printed reports, newspaper clippings, and correspondence of an organization established in 1960 to work for the betterment and improvement of Southeast Minneapolis. Materials document activities of neighborhood groups, the University of Minnesota, land use and zoning, libraries, Mississippi riverfront development, and schools.
Supreme Court An Inventory of Its Case Files, General Index, and Briefs of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals gr00088
Materials relating to the proceedings of the trial (lower) courts, filed by the lawyers of parties involved in actions or proceedings in preparation for a hearing with the Supreme Court or (beginning in 1983) the Court of Appeals. They also include the opinions, orders, and judgments generated by these two higher courts.
Transportation Department: An Inventory of Its Audio Visual Materials gr00100
Trunk Highway 35WPhotograph prints and negatives and movie reels depicting highway construction and repair projects; road-building equipment and technology; road crews and field camps; dedication ceremonies for completed transportation projects; project sites prior to road construction, showing neighborhoods, commercial buildings, residences, and bridges; historic site markers; and miscellaneous Transportation Department activities.

Includes digital content.
U.S. Government peace commission with the Indians: An Inventory of Its Photographs sv000194
Commission members posed with young Arapaho woman: General Alfred Howe Terry, General William S. Harney, General William 
                                                Tecumseh Sherman, Arapaho woman, John B. Sanborn, Colonel Samuel F. Tappan, General Christopher C. AugerPhotographs documenting the U.S. Government Peace Commission's trip to Fort Laramie, Wyoming to investigate the conditions of Native American tribes. Images include portraits of commission members, the Native Americans who traveled with them and views of Fort Laramie and the surrounding area. Also includes several Native American portraits and two views of houses in Washington, D.C.

Includes digital content.
Rosalie Wahl: An Inventory of Her Papers 00430
Justice Rosalie E. WahlPersonal papers from the judicial chambers of Rosalie Wahl, first woman appointed (1977) and successively elected (1978, 1984, 1990) to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Includes digital content.
Winona County: Independent School District No. 861, Winona: An Inventory of Its Records gr01423
School board minutes (1862-1968, 1970-1973); superintendent's monthly reports (1890-1901), with enrollment statistics (1896-1909); superintendent of public schools records (1867-1879) and annual reports (1950-1958); monthly reports (1873-1923); manuals (1888-1910); study courses (circa 1925); teacher's certificate books (1926-1961) and certificate and pension record cards (1920s); journal (1861-1885); and financial statements (1887-1940).
Winona County: School District No. 91, Elba Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr01424
Attendance registers (1924-1947), clerk's books (1913-1936), and school censuses (1931-1937, 1947).

New and Updated Catalog Records

Butler, Benjamin Jason, 1850-1938. Benjamin J. Butler and family papers, 1848-1977.
Correspondence, genealogical information, photographs, a diary, and other papers of a Renville County, Minnesota farmer, his wife, and of other family members.
Houston County (Minn.). School District No. 6 (Money Creek : Township). Clerk's book, 1914-1917.
Established in 1863. Probably consolidated with Independent School District No. 294 (Houston) prior to 1957.
Kenny, John L., 1834-1917. John L. Kenny Civil War papers, 1863-1865, 1883 (bulk 1863-1865).
Appointment, discharge, and other official documents, and a diary/memoranda book of John L. Kenny, who served as a wagoner, quartermaster sergeant, and first lieutenant quartermaster in the Second Minnesota Regiment during the Civil War.
Nathorst, Charles E., photographer, compiler. Charles E. Nathorst photograph album of the Philippines.
Collection of more than 200 photographs sent to Brigadier General Charles M. C. Reeve from Corporal Charles E. Nathorst, members of the 13th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. Nathorst remained in the Philippines after the Spanish-American War. Views include landscapes, native people of the islands, his wife, and his work as part of the Philippine Constabulary. Also included are postcards of the Philippines and a series of prints.
Southdale construction film collection, approximately 1954-1956.
Films document the construction, interior finishing, and completed views of the Southdale Center in Edina. Views also include aerial shots of the construction site and some of the surrounding area.
Wyman, Samuel F., 1832-1922. Samuel F. Wyman letters.
Six letters of Wyman, Company I, 3rd Minnesota Regiment, to his cousin Susan Maria Wyman (Mrs. Elisha Peirce, 1840-1892) of Massachusetts and two unrelated envelopes. The letters discuss life in Steele and Rice counties (1857-1858), family matters, and Wyman's enlistment (1861), service guarding the Louisville and Nashville Railroad (1862) and guarding prisoners in Little Rock, Arkansas (1863).

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