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The Minnesota Historical Society recently acquired the Heather Munro Interstate 35W Bridge Collapse Photographs. These vivid photographs captured by Heather Munro document the immediate aftermath of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis on August 1, 2007 as well as recovery efforts and memorial items near the site a few days later. Most views from this particular set were published worldwide, including in Newsweek and Time magazine.

Unpublished 3, August 1, 2007

New and Updated Finding Aids - July 2018

Name/Abstract File No.
Agricultural Society: An Inventory of Its Century Farm Applications gr00094
Application forms for residents who wished to have their farms declared century farms, signifying that the farm had been in the same family for 100 years or more.
Ralph O. Aljets: An Inventory of His Papers 01278
Ralph O. Aljets Correspondence, photographs, genealogical information, obituaries, and other papers of and related to Ralph O. Aljets of Hugo, Minnesota, including to his death in World War II on Omaha Beach on D-Day, and members of his extended family. Includes letters written by Aljet's brother Lawrence while serving in the military during the Korean War.
Almanac Collection of the Minnesota Historical Society: An Inventory of American Almanacs lb00174
Scattered American almanacs, published mainly in the 1800s.
Dakota County: Independent School District No. 196, Rosemount: An Inventory of Its Records gr01475
Serial reports and newsletters, brochures, and miscellaneous reports.
Dakota County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Pupil Record Cards gr01476
Several sets of pupil record cards, some arranged chronologically by year of graduation and others (for pupils who did not graduate in Dakota County) arranged alphabetically by surname.
Dakota County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Teacher Personnel Record Cards gr01477
Records of teachers' service, training and qualifications; and records of contributions to the teachers retirement fund.
Great Northern Railway Company. Comptroller: An Inventory of Its Records 00943
Great Northern Comptroller Correspondence and subject files, annual reports to regulatory agencies, accounting records, operating statistical data, construction records, and miscellaneous records created or compiled by the Great Northern administrative department responsible for the accounting, auditing, and statistical analysis functions of the railway company, and which also served as the corporation's principal record keeper.
Health Department: Environmental Health Division: An Inventory of Its Asbestos and Lead Compliance Unit Records gr01479
Policies, publications, and reports of the unit.
Legislative Auditor: An Inventory of Its Investigation Reports and Reviews gr01343
Reports of investigations of misuse (usually theft) of public funds or other state resources by state agency employees, undertaken by the Legislative Auditor's Office at the request of agency administrators or staff members. From 1987 to some time after 2003, the reports are labelled "special reviews" and were conducted by the Financial Audit Division. If evidence of misuse of state resources was found, it was reported to the Attorney General, the appropriate county attorney, and the Legislative Audit Commission. Also includes preliminary reviews or assessments on state funded agencies or programs.
Legislative Auditor: Financial Audits Division: An Inventory of Its Audit Reports gr00705
Audit reports conducted annually by the Financial Audit Division to assess the state's major financial operations and determine whether the state's financial statements comply with generally accepted accounting principles.
Legislative Auditor, Program Evaluation Division: An Inventory of Its Program Evaluation Reports gr00239
Published reports that describe state programs or the operations of state agencies, analyze
management problems, evaluate outcomes, and recommend alternative means of reaching
program goals.
Lenont-McNeil Family: An Inventory of Its Film Collection sv000264
video iconHome movies by Charles B. Lenont and Lenont's son-in-law, Emerson Duncan McNeil Jr., document family activities and life in northern Minnesota at Lenont's home in Virginia, the Eshquaguma Country Club in Gilbert, a cabin on Sand Lake, the McNeil home in Duluth, and other locations. Footage includes scenes of hunting, canoeing, skiing, swimming, annual trips to Florida, weddings, and children playing. Some films also include images of radio and TV personality, Cedric Adams, another of Lenont's son-in-law. Film logs by Matthew McNeil are included that identify many locations and people.

Includes digital content.
Metropolitan Waste Control Commission: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr00273
Agendas and minutes of meetings of the commission and its predecessor, the Metropolitan
Sewer Board of the Twin Cities Area.
Metropolitan Waste Control Commission: An Inventory of Its Project Photographs gr01309
Photographs documenting the construction of the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant near Pig's Eye Lake in St. Paul. Included are general views of the plant, and photographs depicting the construction of its additions and improvements, as well as aerial photographs of it and other plants in the vicinity.
Heather Munro: An Inventory of Her Interstate 35W Bridge Collapse Photograph Collection sv000263
Bridge collapse 1 Collection includes images captured by Heather Munro in passing the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis on August 1, 2007 as well as the recovery efforts and memorial items near the site a few days later. Most views from this particular set were published worldwide, including in Newsweek and Time magazines.

Includes digital content.
Natural Resources Department, Parks and Recreation Division: An Inventory of Its State Parks Files gr00642
Files regarding development projects and usage provisions and regulations in state parks.
Secretary of State: Bonds and Oaths: An Inventory of Its Notarial Bonds and Miscellaneous Records gr01467
Notarial bonds, weighers bonds, oaths of office and appointments to office, various reports submitted to the secretary of state, and other records documenting various operations and interests of the Secretary of State.
Sherburne County: Board of County Commissioners: An Inventory of Its Minutes, Agendas, and Resolutions gr01478
Minutes, agendas, and board resolutions which include some rough drafts of meeting minutes.
Stevens County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil Case Files gr01480
Case files nos. 3-8,740; files through 1878 may include criminal cases.
Stevens County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Probate Case Files (Selected) gr01481
Case files concerning a person's estate, the commitment of children to the State Public School, and dependent children.
Stillwater State Prison: An Inventory of Its Convict Registers gr00008
Alphabetical indexRegistration (admission) data on inmates upon entering the prison (1854-1902).

Includes digital content.
Wabasha County: Greenfield Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01468
Birth and death registers (1871-1908) and birth and death certificate registers (1908-1953).
Wabasha County: Highland Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01469
Birth and death register (1871-1877) and birth and death certificate registers (1908-1950).
Wabasha County: Plainview Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01470
Birth register (1901-1908) and birth (1907-1953) and death (1915-1953) certificate registers.
Wright County: French Lake Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr01405
Town record books/clerk's books, clerk's receipt and disbursement registers, road records, treasurer's records, and other records of the township.
Wright County: Marysville Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01471
Birth and death registers and certificate records, and permits for burial or removal (1907-1930).
Wright County: Monticello Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01472
Birth and death registers (1872-1907) and birth and death certificate records (1908-1953).
Wright County: Rockford: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01473
Birth and death register, 1904-1931 (1 volume) and birth and death certificate records, 1931-1953 (2 folders).
Wright County: Silver Creek Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01474
Birth and death registers, 1871-1910 (2 volumes), birth and death certificate records, 1909-1953 (3 volumes and 2 folders), and burial permits, 1907-1916.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Bingham, Marjorie Wall, 1936- . Minnesota women in the Civil/Dakota wars, 2016.
Annotated, unpublished manuscript concerned with Minnesota women's involvement in the Civil War, the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862, and the hardships of frontier life, including the perspectives of white women, African American women, and Native American women.
French Lake (Minn. : Township). Birth and death records, 1908-1913.
Includes births, 1910-1913, and deaths, 1908-1913.
Kellogg (Minn.). Birth and death records, 1887-1940.
Birth and death register, 1887-1899 (1 volume) and birth and death certificate record, 1915-1940 (indexed, RESTRICTED). A back page in the 1887-1899 volume includes a narrative about a 1900 smallpox outbreak at the residence of Andrew Miller, and the steps taken to enforce a quarantine of the family.
Manypenny, George Washington, 1808-1892. Letter to the commissioner of the United States General Land Office, April 21, 1856.
Autographed letter signed by Manypenny, commissioner of the Office of Indian Affairs, to Thomas A. Hendricks, commissioner of the United States General Land Office, discussing who should survey the reservations established by the treaty of September 30, 1854 with the Chippewa of Lake Superior and the treaty of February 22, 1855 with the Chippewa of the Mississippi, and how those surveys would be paid for.
Martin, J. Kenneth (Jira Kenneth), 1871-1943. Ken Martin letters to Lottie Lee Tanner, 1898.
Two letters, the first written May 2, 1898 at Lake Lindeman, Alaska and the second written June 13, 1898 at Lake LeBarge, Northwest Territories from Ken Martin to his future wife, Lottie Lee Tanner detailing his preparations to enter the Klondike gold fields.
Minnesota Lynx (Basketball team). Minnesota Lynx 2015 championship papers, 2015.
Papers relating to the October 14, 2015 Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) championship game between the Minnesota Lynx and the Indiana Fever, a game won by the Lynx. Includes two copies of an illustrated poster depicting the team, a schedule, and a ticket to the game, as well as flyers announcing an October 16, 2015 parade and fan celebration in downtown Minneapolis.
Minnesota. Common School District No. 98 (Minnetonka). Records, 1929-1942.
Includes clerk's books (1929-1932, 1935-1942).
Minnesota. District Court (Stevens County). Torrens case files, 1909-1970.
File nos. 1-24 (20 envelopes and 4 folders).
Northern Natural Gas pipeline photograph collection, approximately 1949-1951.
Collection of black and white snapshots and corresponding negatives provide 14 images of pipeline being laid for Northern Natural Gas Company near Owatonna. Charles Bakken of Emmons compiled the photographs as a surveyor for Northern Natural Gas Company, he is not identified in the collection and it is not clear if he was the photographer.
Porter, Raymond S. Ray Porter correspondence, 1933-1934.
Correspondence of Raymond S. Porter of Belden-Porter Company (Minneapolis) concerning design and pricing of oil burners, Porter's leadership of the Twin City Oil Heating Association, and his work with the National Recovery Administration on the Oil Burner Code Authority for the Twin Cities.
Sally Lazarus Krishef family and friends photograph collection, approximately 1912-1936.
18 images of Lazarus family members and other related family and friends. Compiled by Sally Lazarus Krishef the collection documents members of the Jewish community in Minneapolis, most images are identified.
Wisconsin, Minnesota & Pacific Railroad Company. Letters promoting land for sale in Red Lake County, Minnesota, 1897.
Letters of L. B. Arnold, land commissioner of the Wisconsin, Minnesota & Pacific Railroad Company, to Julius A. Groebli of Logan, Utah, promoting land it offered for sale in its stockland settlement located east of Saint Hilaire and Red Lake Falls, and west of the Red Lake Indian Reservation, in Red Lake County, Minnesota.

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