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Commission of Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans Records

Lynette BoyerDeaf awareness week (also called International Week of the Deaf) is celebrated the last full week of September. International Day of the Deaf is the last Sunday of September. As we say goodbye to September this year we celebrate an addition to the records of the Commission of Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans. This accession includes a series of oral-visual history interview videos and accompanying transcripts that were created as part of several legacy grant projects. The interviews were conducted in sign language and document many of the unique, challenging, and rewarding aspects of deaf and deafblind culture.

Sound and Visual Media Reformatting

Magnetic Tape FormatsThe Digital Collections Services Department is currently in the process of identifying and preserving collections with self-deteriorating magnetic media. Magnetic recording carriers such as video tape and audiotape have limited lifespans. Not only do these formats become brittle with age, magnetic particles on the tape that store information eventually lose their signal or flake off entirely. Playback equipment has also become increasingly more obsolete so timely digitization is required to prevent the complete loss of this material. High-quality preservation reformattings in WAV or MOV formats are secured on the Society's digital storage servers while access copies in MP3 or MP4 formats are created for public use and are linked in a collection's finding aid as copyright allows.

One recently reformatted collection is that of politician Eugene J. McCarthy. Ninety-five sound and visual items on 16mm film, VHS videocassette, 1/4" audiotape reels, and audio cassettes were digitized for long-term preservation. Sixty-nine of these recordings are now available online via the collection's inventory, the other 26 are available in the library. Examples include radio and television spots for McCarthy's successful 1958 Senate campaign along with later speeches against the Vietnam War.

Other finding aids with reformatted and linked audiovisual components include politicians Wendell Anderson and Harold Stassen and writer Meridel LeSueur.

New and Updated Finding Aids - September 2018

Name/Abstract File No.
Commission of Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans: An Inventory of Its Records gr00098
Lynette BoyerRecords of this governor appointed commission that advocates for equal opportunity for Minnesotans who are deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing. The files contain minutes, meeting agendas, correspondence and memos, legislative reports, director reports, budgets and rosters of the full commission and its subcommittees, and oral-visual histories and supporting documentation made as part of several grant-funded projects through the Minnesota Commission for the Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing. The records also include materials created under the commission's two earlier names, the Minnesota Council for the Hearing Impaired and the Minnesota Commission Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing People.

Includes digital content.
Mark S. Garrigan: An Inventory of His Art Gallery Papers 01283
Julie O'Baoighill (JAO) setting up her showPostcards, information about gallery shows, local arts organizations' event postcards, invitations, and flyers, two calendars and accompanying digital audio recordings, and other materials reflecting a Minnesota artist's involvement with the Rifle Sport Alternative Art Gallery in Minneapolis. The collection includes some material relating to the Speedboat Gallery, Saint Paul, and photographs taken at the gallery by Garrigan depicting art installations, participating artists, and exhibition openings.

Includes digital content.
George Gerritz: An Inventory of His Glass Plate Negatives Collection sv000277
George GerritzGlass plate negatives created between 1905 and 1927 in Morrison County, particularly in Darling and Little Falls. Images include family members, houses, churches, barns, flooding in Little Falls, children playing and activities popular at the time. Most of the persons pictured are identified. Collection also includes photograph book, George Gerritz: His Photographs, made by Kathleen Gerritz on March 1, 2016, with select prints of glass plate negatives and identification.

Includes digital content.
Graco Inc.: An Inventory of Its Records 00559
Records of a Minneapolis-based manufacturer of fluid handling equipment and systems. Much of the material focuses on Graco's automotive lubrication product lines.

Includes digital content.
Kanabec County: Welfare Board: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr01501
The minutes document administrative, policy, case work, and financial decisions; personnel matters; and miscellaneous administrative matters or information of general interest to the board. Minutes for 1929-1932 are missing.
Eugene J. McCarthy: An Inventory of His Sound and Visual Materials 00922
Eugene McCarthy, Hubert Humphrey with TWA stewardessesPhotographs (family, publicity, campaign related, and miscellaneous) sound reel tapes, sound cassettes, and film reels of campaign spots, speeches, and debates. Also includes film and sound tapes of appearances by Eugene McCarthy on national and local television and radio. Sound and visual materials are arranged by type.

Includes digital content.
Thomas Montgomery and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers 01062
A sketch of the life of Thomas MontgomeryContains diaries, biographical data, soldier letters, reminiscences and other data relating to Thomas Montgomery, and family members Sarah Ann Purcell Montgomery, Edmund Alexander Montgomery, Louise Easton Montgomery, Edmund Thomas Montgomery, and Harriet Arndt Montgomery.

Includes digital content.
Olmsted County: Welfare Board: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr01502
Minutes of the Child Welfare Board (1924-1937) and its successor, the Welfare Board (1939-1979).
Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities: An Inventory of Its Records gr01494
Annual and biennial reports, correspondence, newsletters, news clippings, and reports of this health oversight agency.
Pine County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Classification Reports gr01497
Reports submitted annually by teachers. Information includes pupil's name, age, sex, grade, total days attendance, course grades, and grade promoted to.
Pine County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Consolidation Files gr01498
Consolidation files (1951-1970) for Pine County school districts, plus joint school districts in Kanabec and Aitkin counties. The files include correspondence, petitions, maps, and election data documenting proposed district reorganizations and consolidations. Also includes reorganization records (1949-1966).
Pine County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School Census gr01496
Ed Rapp: An Inventory of His Papers 01282
Papers of a Columbia Heights, Minnesota school teacher and union negotiator. Includes historical materials, secretary's books, master agreements, negotiation files, and other records relating to American Federation of Teachers Local 710 (Columbia Heights); Columbia Heights School District-related materials, including school board minutes and Teachers Council minutes; Minnesota Federation of Teachers materials relating to the Circus Caucus, Educational Policies Committee, and history; and Rapp's teaching contracts, photographs, files on his service on the Minnesota Teachers Standards and Certification Board, and some of his files as a negotiator for the St. Francis American Federation of Teachers Local 1977.
Stillwater State Prison: An Inventory of Its Convict Record gr01495
Admission (registration) data and details on the inmates' time in prison, including a record of solitary confinement, good time lost, and parole and discharge. Also included is some of the information already listed in the convict register, such as occupation, physical description, place of birth, crime committed, and register (inmate) number.
United States General Accounting Office: An Inventory of Its Selected Reports and Accounts Relating to Fort Snelling 01277
Microfilmed reports and accounts of the Second Auditor's and Third Auditor's offices, submitted by personnel stationed at Fort Snelling.
Veterans Affairs Department: An Inventory of Its Vietnam War Bonus Beneficiary Records gr01500
Applications for military service bonus payments to beneficiaries (members of the immediate family) of deceased Minnesota veterans of the Vietnam War. Minnesota Statutes (1975 and ff.) sections 197.971-972 defined who was eligible for compensation as a beneficiary.
Veterans Affairs Department: An Inventory of Its Vietnam War Bonus Records gr01499
Applications for military service bonus payments to Minnesota veterans of the Vietnam War.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Chippewa Indian Clinic, Red Lake Agency, Beltrami County, September 1 to 13, 1930.
Film of the Chippewa Indian Clinic of Red Lake Agency in Beltrami County. Scenes include various transportation methods to the clinic; registration; dental and physical exams; as well as staff, patients, and the State Board of Health and Governor's Council on Indian Affairs. Specific persons listed are the Superintendent of the Red Lake Reservation and family, medical staff, nursing staff, x-ray staff from Lake Julia Sanatorium, as well as teachers and students of the Government School in Ponemah and the Mission School in Red Lake.

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