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New to the collections this month are the papers of Karen Jean Anderson.

A Chicago native, Anderson came to Minnetonka, Minnesota in 1964, where she served on the city council (1986-1993) and then as mayor (1994-2005). She was also president of the League of Minnesota Cities and of the National League of Cities.

The collection consists mostly of large, topically-indexed scrapbooks filled with correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and memorabilia documenting typical issues facing a suburban mayor: development, land use, road projects, the city's annual Summer festival, a new fire department logo, and a controversial deer management program.

Of greater interest are materials documenting Anderson's work on homeland security issues in concert with other local and state officials and with the United States Department of Homeland Security in the years following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Karen Jean Anderson

Homeland Security-related materials include agendas, meeting minutes, emails, and printed reports relating to homegrown terrorists and terrorism, the development of strategies for combatting terrorism, the encouragement of a national culture of preparedness, improved border control, the detection, importation, and transportation of nuclear devices or radiological material intended for illicit use, and the improvement of terrorism-related information sharing.

New and Updated Finding Aids - June 2019

Name/Abstract File No.
Administration Department: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr01603
Reports, newsletters, manuals, and miscellaneous print and near-print items of or about the Administration Department. The records cover all aspects of the department's duties and activities, including building codes, departmental organization and management, budget and procurement, employee classification and assistance, energy conservation, construction projects, human services, information policy and technologies, records management, and volunteer and emergency reporting (911) services.
Aerostat Society of America. Minnesota Balloon Division: An Inventory of Its Papers 01317
Records documenting the scientific and technical aspects of stratospheric balloon research, as conducted by General Mills, Inc., and Winzen Research Inc., a Minneapolis-based balloon manufacturer led by Otto Winzen, whom also developed the aeronautical laboratories and proposed upper atmospheric research at General Mills. The collection contains flight plans, reports, proposals, data sheets, and photographs (undated and 1947-1965). The project was begun by General Mills in 1940 to research the use of balloons for military systems, fire control, and industrial precision instruments and equipment. Research was conducted by the Mechanical Division and Electronics Group of General Mills. The collection also includes: unidentified photographic albums and folders of balloon research; papers of Otto Winzen; and bylaws for the Aerostat Society of America, Minnesota Balloon Division (June 10, 1969).
Karen Jean Anderson: An Inventory of Her Papers 01315
Karen Jean AndersonPapers of a Minnetonka, Minnesota city council member and mayor, including information about typical issues confronting municipal government, homeland security, and her involvement in organizations advocating for cities.
Beltrami County: Board of County Commissioners: An Inventory of Its Records gr00347
Records documenting the duties and activities of the board, including meeting packets (1989-2011), minutes (1894-1897, 1907, 1990-2011), resolutions (1930s-1996), treasurer's statements/list of orders issued (1896-1897), papers relating to redistricting of commissioner's districts (1920), agendas (1977-1979), and task force on jail facilities (1979).
Elizabeth Hermann Cowie: An Inventory of Her Papers 01148
Photo collage Correspondence, photograph collages, transcripts of letters, and related ephemera of Saint Paul college student Elizabeth (Betty) Herrmann while attending Smith College during World War II.

Includes digital content.
Fort Snelling State Park Association: An Inventory of Its Records P2396
Records documenting the activities of an organization established in 1961 to promote the development of a state park on the Fort Snelling Reservation (Minn.).
Donald MacKay Fraser: An Inventory of His Papers 00290
Photo collage Papers of a Minneapolis lawyer and politician who served as Minnesota state senator (1954-1962), as U.S. congressman from Minnesota's fifth district (1962-1978), and as mayor of Minneapolis (1979-1994). The collection is particularly strong in its documentation of international relations, Democratic party policy and reform, human rights issues, environmental conservation, and women's issues in the 1960s and 1970s.
Irene Gomez-Bethke: An Inventory of Her Papers 00039
American Indian literature course taken by Irene  Gomez-Bethke at Metropolitan State University, 1986Papers of a Minneapolis-born, Mexican-American woman who was a leader in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Hispanic communities. The papers document her work with and involvement in several Hispanic cultural, legal, and human service organizations in the Twin Cities, the Hispanic ministries of the local Roman Catholic archdiocese, and her service in state and local government.

Includes digital content.
Health Department: An Inventory of Its Death Registers gr01539
Atkin County, 1899Death registers containing information on deaths that occurred in Minnesota during the year 1899, compiled from certified copies of death registries sent to the State Board of Health and Vital Statistics (Health Department) by local registrars. The compiled registers are incomplete; they do not list all deaths that occurred in the state during the year. They are not considered official death records.

Includes digital content.
Hennepin County: Minneapolis: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports of Minneapolis City Agencies gr01592
Includes city charter, annual reports, treasurer's annual reports, controller's bond report, and publications of the public welfare board, health department, general hospital and school of nursing, park and recreation board, police department, buildings department, housing and redevelopment authority, public schools, public works department, fair employment practice commission, and civil rights department.
Hennepin County: Minneapolis: Park Board: An Inventory of Its Annual Reports gr01590
Annual reports of the Board of Park Commissioners (1898-1998, incomplete), of parks superintendent Theodore Wirth (1922-1926) and others (1999-2013), and of the board secretary and other officers (1923-1929).
Hennepin County: Minneapolis: Park Board: An Inventory of Its Published Records gr01591
Proceedings (1905-1980); mimeographed office manual (1925) and brief outline (1928), describing the board's operations and the organization and duties of its several staff positions; histories of the Minneapolis park system and park board, two written by parks superintendent Theodore Wirth; summer pageant programs (1937-1941); and boating and bicycling ordinances (undated).
C. J. Hibbard: An Inventory of His Russell M. Bennett Residence, Deephaven, Photograph Collection sv000305
Exterior views of the Bennett residence on Lake Minnetonka, including landscaped grounds, gardens and greenhouse.
C. J. Hibbard: An Inventory of His Thorp Fire Proof Door Co. Photograph Collection sv000304
Interior views of the Thorp Fire Proof Door Co. factory in Minneapolis, including views of employees, equipment, and products.
Human Services Department: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr01604
Reports, newsletters, and miscellaneous print and near-print items of or about the Human Services Department.
Human Services Department: Mental Health Division An Inventory of Its Welsch Consent Decree Compliance Files dhs011
Records relating to the Welsch Consent Decree, a landmark court case (1972-1989) which led to major changes in the treatment of Minnesota's institutionalized mentally retarded citizens.
Human Services Department: Minnesota Family Investment Program: An Inventory of Its Records gr01605
Records documenting both the trial phase (1987-1998) and statewide implementation (1998- ) of this welfare reform program designed to help families work their way out of poverty.
Legislature: House of Representatives: An Inventory of Its House Bills (Printed) gr01586
Master set of those bills that the house ordered to be printed by the state printer.
Legislature: House of Representatives: Judiciary Committee: An Inventory of Its Committee Books gr01589
The House's master set of minutes of meetings and record of bills acted upon by the Judiciary Committee.
Martin County: Fairmont: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Certificate Records gr01594
Birth and death records of the city of Fairmont in Martin County.
Martin County: Fairmont Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01595
Birth and death registers (1872-1907) and birth and death certificate records (1908-1953) of Fairmont Township in Martin County.
Martin County: Lake Fremont Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01596
Birth (1875-1908) and death (1875-1907) records, and birth and death certificate records (1906-1953).
Martin County: Nashville Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01597
Birth and death register (1870-1899) and birth and death certificate records (1899, 1915-1953).
Martin County: Pleasant Prairie Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01598
Birth and death registers (1874-1905) and birth and death certificate records (1906-1953).
Martin County: Rolling Green Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01599
Birth and death registers (1871-1907) and birth and death certificate records (1908-1931).
Planning Agency: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr00411
Print and near-print items created or collected by the Planning Agency.
Ramsey County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Indexes to Case Files gr01585
Two sets of indexes, one to probate estate files and one to ward and insanity case files.
Sherburne County: Santiago Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01601
Birth and death registers and reports, and burial permits (1908-1944).
Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies, Inc.: An Inventory of Its Ice Follies Film Collection sv000303
Films of the Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies, including performances, practice sessions, interviews, and history of the show.
Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies, Inc.: An Inventory of Its Ice Follies Photograph Collection sv000302
Eddie Shipstad and Oscar Johnson at 1975 Front Street, St. PaulViews of Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies' performances; events; and performers, including Eddie Shipstad, Roy Shipstad, Oscar Johnson, and the Shop Pond Gang.

Includes digital content.
Sibley County: Sibley Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01600
Birth and death registers (1871-1907), birth (1908-1950) and death (1908-1953) certificates, and burial removal permits (1907-1936).
St. Louis County: Herman Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01602
Birth and death registers (1884-1907) and certificate records of births (1908-1947) and deaths (1908-1953).
Harold E. Stassen: An Inventory of His Papers 00202
Harold StassenPapers documenting the life and career of a former Minnesota governor, presidential contender, naval officer, United Nations charter delegate, and Eisenhower cabinet member.

Includes digital content.
Todd County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Default Judgment Records gr01587
Todd County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Judgment Records gr01588
Martin O. Weddington: An Inventory of His Papers 00634
General information and vitas, 1975-2000Biographical, subject files, and photographs of Martin O. Weddington, an active member of the African American community in the Twin Cities for over 70 years. This collection documents his activities at Mechanic Arts High School, the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Pilgrim Baptist Church, the Sterling Club, the American Legion, and the Prince Hall Masons.

Includes digital content.
Otto C. Winzen: An Inventory of His Papers 01318
Articles by aeronautics engineer Otto Winzen and others on the development and construction of plastic stratosphere balloons, their use in upper atmosphere research projects, the manned balloon capsule as a prototype for the manned space cabin, and the role of Winzen Research Inc., Minneapolis, in balloon research.
Women in World Area Studies: An Inventory of Its Organizational Records 00735
Records, curriculum material, and publications of a project dedicated to the creation, promotion, and integration of women's history curriculum into regular high school classes in the St. Louis Park and Robbinsdale, Minnesota school districts that were eventually distributed across the United States as well as internationally.

New and Updated Catalog Records

HITCHKOK (Musical group). HITCHKOK band papers, 1973-2016 (bulk 1973-1974).
Records of a Minneapolis-based classic rock cover band active from 1972 to 1974 that performed in the Twin Cities, outstate Minnesota, and in other states, including Wisconsin and Colorado.
Otterman, Richard. Richard Otterman diary, 1887.
A fragment of a diary kept by Richard Otterman while searching for gold in northern Minnesota (July 3-August 3 1887). Otterman and his party were traveling by Lake Ada, near Pine River (MInn.). The last entry of the diary tells of the attack on his party by Ameican Indians and the decision of Jim Kake to bury the diary. There is a rough sketch of Lake Ada on the back of the second page. The diary was found in 1961.
Palmes, Edward E. Edward E. Palmes papers, 1865-1866.
Commission as corporal, 6th Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Army (February 24, 1865); discharge paper (August 19, 1865); and business college certificate (January 8, 1866).
Pearson, Trued Granville, 1827-. Minnen fran min ungdom, 1873-1905.
Reminiscences in Swedish titled "Minnen fran min ungdom," or "Memories from my youth," (March 22, 1873, but later entries added until 1905) which document his life in Illinois, his removal to the settlement of Vasa (Minn.) in Goodhue County (1855), and frontier and economic conditions in Vasa.
Pease, Edna S. Edna S. Pease papers, 1927-1946.
Clippings, correspondence, and reports related to the Minneapolis Council of Churches. This includes: a clipping and correspondence regarding donation of dolls to Japan by the organization; additional clippings regarding an interdenominational meeting at the Minneapolis Auditorium and resignation of the Council's secretary; and a report from the Juvenile Court Representative, outlining placement of Protestant youth in reform homes following their release from the juvenile court system.
Phillips, John Barnard, 1821-1877. John Barnard Phillips papers, 1859-1876.
Letters of a Saint Paul (Minn.) physician concerning his translations of German poetry, including a draft of a communication to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1870-1876); sonnets written on the deaths of Minnesota governors Willis A. Gorman and Henry A. Swift (undated and June 4. 1876); the appointment of Phillips as a pension surgeon (March 15, 1870); and a commentary on the preaching of Dr. Horace Bushnell at the House of Hope of Saint Paul (1859-1860).
Plageman, Ferdinand, 1826-1916. Ferdinand Plageman papers, 1867-1878.
A series of deeds, form letters, and land patents produced by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, the U.S. General Land Office, and the Blue Earth County Office of Register of Deeds, which are conveying land to Ferdinand Plagemen in the Winnebago Trust Lands in Blue Earth County (Minn.).
Polio vaccine, September 15, 1960.
Footage of administering a polio vaccine in Minnesota, including views of infants receiving the vaccine, lines at Highland Park Junior High School, and adults and children drinking the vaccine. Transcript of news story using footage is included.
Incldues digital content.
Propp, Theodore O., 1870-. Theodore O. Propp papers, 1948.
Articles by Theodore O. Propp titled "Life Story"; "Farm Machinery Development"; "Developing the Holstein Cow"; "Minnesota's Agriculture"; and "Transportation." The sketch of his life describes farming procedures, the grasshopper scourge and blizzard of 1873, and the pioneer school of St. Peter (Minn.) in the 1870s. The second article deals with the early development of farm machinery; the third is a short history of the holstein cow, milk and beef; the fourth is an editorial on the accomplishments of the federal and state departments of agriculture; and the fifth tells of changes in transportation and roads.
Quigley, Stephen T. Stephen T. Quigley papers, 1963-1964.
Transcripts of two speeches given by Stephen T. Quigley, Commissioner of Administration, State of Minnesota. Quigley was appointed commissioner in 1963. Speeches include: commencement address delivered at Mankato State College (December 20, 1963) and "Special Problems of a Non-industrial State," presented at the Auditorium of the Museum of History and Technology, Smithsonian Institute of Washington, D.C. (February 3-4, 1964).
Reed, Lathrop E. Lathrop E. Reed papers, 1857-1858.
Deeds and a legal agreement in connection with the transfer of property in St. Paul and Dakota County (Minn.).
Richardson, William H., 1824-1872. William H. Richardson papers, 1855-1877.
Includes miscellaneous correspondence, receipts, bills, and invoices of Winona (Minn.) shoemaker William Richardson. The papers also include a small account book (1855-1857), a lease agreement (April 10, 1871), shoe patent (September 20, 1877), and declaration of intent for naturalization records filed with the Fillmore County Clerk of the Minnesota Territory (June 24, 1856).
Rippeteau, Darrel Downing, 1917- . Papers relating to his military training at Fort Snelling, 1928-1937.
Notes, drawings, instructions, orders, and miscellany created or collected by Watertown, New York architect Darrel D. Rippeteau while as a young man taking field artillery training at Fort Snelling during 1936-1937 with the 351st Infantry. Includes a 1928 War Department map of the Fort Snelling area.
Rollins John, 1806-1883. John Rollins papers, 1848-1853.
Included in the papers is a small diary kept by Rollins on a trip from Maine to Minnesota (1848) by the way of the Great Lakes to Milwaukee, overland to Galena (Wis.), and northward along the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers. Other items include two land patent records (August 1, 1853) issued by the U.S. General Land Office in Ramsey County (Minn.).
Sedgwick, Charles S., 1856-1822. Charles S. Sedgwick papers, 1883-1922.
Correspondence, recommendation letters, and biographical sketch of Sedgwick as an architect on the East Coast and in Minneapolis (Minn.) after 1884.
Sibley, Billings D. Billings D. Sibley papers, 1861-1865.
Typed copies of letters of a member of the Second Minnesota Infantry Regiment during the Civil War, which were written to family members from Fort Snelling, Camp Anderson, Lebanon, Camp Cumberland, Nashville, Corinth (Miss.), Chattanooga, Atlanta, Savannah, and other points.
Simard, Donald. Donald Simard papers, 1886-1918.
A photograph of Simard (undated), receipts on his St. Paul (Minn.) brickyard (1901-1918), and real estate deeds (1886-1899).
Simmons, Frank A. Frank A. Simmons papers, 1901-1904.
Correspondence, billing statements, and invoices in connection with Simmons' shipment of hay from Hastings (Minn.).
Simonds, Charles S. Charles S. Simonds papers, 1832 -1870.
Letters from James A. Garfield and other congressmen from Ohio to Simonds, an attorney In Jefferson (Ohio). The papers also include a clipping (July 30, 1836) from a Galena (Ill.) newspaper describing a trip to St. Anthony Falls.
Simpson, David, approximately 1808-. David Simpson and family papers, 1827-1889.
Miscellaneous papers related to David Simpson and his son Charles. Regarding David Simpson, the papers include character references, marriage banns, and church certificates and transfers (1827-1845). Charles Simpson papers mainly include Minneapolis-based business firms bills and invoices (1884-1889), and were retained because of their letterheads. Invoices and bills from the following businesses are included: F.P. Lowell, Staple and Fancy Groceries; Folds & Griffiths, Carpets, Curtains, Upholstery; Hawes and Smith, Staple and Fancy Groceries; Hale, Thomas & Co. Dry Goods; R.S. Goodfellow, Dry Goods and Fancy Goods; Water Rent, City of Minneapolis; Smith and Munson, Staple and Fancy Groceries; Northwestern Telephone Exchange; Frisk and Howard, Carriage Shop; E.M. May and Son, Fashionable Caterers; Stryker Seminary; Harvey Ricker, Coffee, Teapots, Urns; Hennepin Steam Laundries; Calhoun & Long, Dry Goods; Werdick Bros., Meats and Fish; Warner Bros., Hardware, Stoves, Ranges; North Star Woolen Mill Company; Charles D. Whitall, Booksellers and Stationers; Lilliam M. Rowe; and Minneapolis Gas Light Company.
Swenson, Robert L., 1920-1944. World War II papers, 1942-2016 (bulk 1942-1944).
Letters and papers of a Kasota, Minnesota man who served as a co-pilot of a B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft during World War II who lost his life when the plane was shot down over Germany in 1944.

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