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In the break between snow seasons there is always plenty of weather for Minnesotans to talk about. Nothing is more pertinent in the summer than rain storms and floods except the humidity, of course.

On July 6th, 1978, after significant heavy rainfall, the South Fork of the Zumbro River crested at almost 30 feet at the Rochester Beltline near Apache Mall (24 feet being flood stage according to the National Weather Service website). The Post Bulletin stated the flood led to the destruction of many homes, the death of five people, and $75,000,000 in property losses. Flooding that summer was so severe that President Jimmy Carter declared a federal disaster area that covered not only Olmsted county, but 12 other counties including Wabasha, Winona, Dodge, Fillmore, Goodhue, Mower, Houston, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Benton, and Washington.

The Rochester Area Flood and Flood Control Photograph Collection provides a look at this disastrous flood. Images were taken by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District showing aerial views of the flooding and street views of various businesses and people after the river and its tributaries crested. Many of the photographs have been identified with exact times and places and photocopies made by the Corps of Engineers that identify more streets and businesses are also included. Additionally, this collection contains aerial views and images of drawings, models, and maps related to the Corps of Engineers plans for flood control, both in response to the 1978 flood as well as earlier floods that occurred in the 1960s.

Selected images from the collection have been digitized and are available for viewing online, the rest of the collection can be seen with a visit to the Gale Family Library at the Minnesota History Center. This is just one of many floods that can be recalled in the state's recent and not so recent past. Other resources on floods in Minnesota can be found in the library, a good place to start is the research guide on Disaster Relief in Minnesota.

Apache Mall Flooding Apache Mall flooding (I.549.65)

Rochester Flood Control Rochester flood control (I.549.199)

Rochester Flooding Rochester flooding (I.549.104)

New and Updated Finding Aids - July 2019

Name/Abstract File No.
Agriculture Department: An Inventory of Its Biennial Reports gr01616
Biennial reports of the Agriculture Department (1919-1929, 1961- ) and the Agriculture, Dairy and Food Department (1929-1961). Also scattered reports (1889-1924) of the State Dairy and Food Commission, which existed in parallel with the Agricultural Department until 1929.
Agriculture Department: Plant Industry Division: State Entomologist: An Inventory of Its Annual and Biennial Reports gr01615
Reports for 1895-1922 (1st-19th); and the 1946/1948, 1948-1950, and 1952/1954 (36th) reports of the Division of Plant Industry and Office of State Entomologist. Supplemented by typescript reports (incomplete) for 1904-1920.
Agriculture Department: Plant Industry Division: State Entomologist: An Inventory of Its Records gr01617
Correspondence, reports, circulars, and miscellany regarding the activities of the State Entomologist in nursery inspection and regulation, plant pest and disease control, grasshopper control, crop reports, and fruit culture.
American Fur Company: An Inventory of Its Records 01319
Resolution signed by John Jacob Astor and American Fur Company Board of Directors regarding agents giving credit for goods, New York, April 22, 1823Photostatic copies, typed copies, microfilm, and original documents of the American Fur Company, many of them selected from the following libraries and archives: the New York Historical Society; the John Jacob Astor House; the Edward E. Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library; the Library of Congress; the Burton Historical Collection; and the Public Archives of Canada.

Includes digital content.
Julian Baird: An Inventory of His Family Papers 00815
Headphones Correspondence, speeches, congressional committee minutes, photographs, clippings, recorded reminiscences, and other material largely documenting Baird's tenure as U.S. treasury undersecretary, 1957-1961. Also included are the papers of Julian's sons, Duncan H. Baird and John B. Baird.

Includes digital content.
Council on Black Minnesotans: An Inventory of the Council on Black Minnesotans Moving Image Collection sv000306
Video iconRecordings of speech and discussions with Commissioner Barbara Burke-Tatum of Massachussetts and seven episodes of Focus On, a cable access show designed to be a public forum with an Afrocentric perspective and point of view. Speech and discussions were hosted by the Council on Black Minnesotans (now the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage) in March 1985. Focus On (broadcast in 1987) was produced in the Twin Cities by Victor L. Propes, executive director of the Council on Black Minnesotans, in conjunction with Cable Access-St. Paul, Inc.; Continental Cablevision, Inc.; and Creative Focus.

Includes digital content.
Brian J. Coyle: An Inventory of His Papers 00020
Video iconPersonal, political, and official papers documenting the life and career of a gay activist and Minneapolis (Minn.) city council member.

Includes digital content.
Education and Housing Equity Project (Minneapolis, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Records 00857
Articles of incorporation, bylaws, certificate of incorporation, 1995-1996Minutes, financial statements, correspondence, discussion guides, news clippings, sound and visual materials and other records of an organization formed in 1995 to advance public understanding of the growing economic disparities and racial segregation in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and to develop constructive community responses to these challenges.

Includes digital content.
Arvonne S. Fraser: An Inventory of Her Papers 00034
Arvonne S. FraserCorrespondence, schedules, speech files, draft and published writings, extensive background and conference files, audio and video recordings, and administrative and programmatic files related to Arvonne Fraser's involvement with women's organizations, Democratic party politics, government agencies, and educational institutions, both in Minnesota and nationally.

Includes digital content.
Health Department: An Inventory of Its Death Registers gr01539
Constitution and related amendments, February 17, 1891-September 2, 1971Death registers containing information on deaths that occurred in Minnesota during the year 1899, compiled from certified copies of death registries sent to the State Board of Health and Vital Statistics (Health Department) by local registrars. The compiled registers are incomplete; they do not list all deaths that occurred in the state during the year. They are not considered official death records.

Includes digital content.
Hennepin County, Minnesota : An Inventory of Telephone Directories lb00086
A collection of telephone directories for cities in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Telephone directories are published by telephone companies and include alphabetical listings of residential and business phone numbers and street addresses in the white pages, and a listing of businesses arranged by subject in the yellow pages. Each entry on the inventory lists the city name, year of coverage, and the shelf number of the printed volume or microfiche set which includes that city.
Hennepin County: Minneapolis: Minneapolis Public Schools: Board of Education: An Inventory of Its Desegregation/Integration Files gr00722
Video iconDocuments recording the desegregation/integration of the Minneapolis public schools during the 1960s-2000s, including various legal proceeding involving the district.

Includes digital content.
Horticultural Society: An Inventory of Records gr01593
Constitution and related amendments, February 17, 1891-September 2, 1971Records of a society created to promote the development of fruits and vegetables that could withstand the Minnesota winters.

Includes digital content.
Mediation Services Bureau An Inventory of Its Transcripts of Representation and Fair Share Hearings gr00142
Transcripts of hearings held by the Bureau of Mediation Services to investigate and certify collective bargaining units and representatives, determine fair share fee assessments, and mediate disputes between labor unions and employers connected with these matters.
Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission: An Inventory of Its Subject Files gr01606
Humphrey, Hubert H.: Letter to the chair of the commission, December 23, 1977Correspondence, clippings, reports, press releases, studies, financial documents, and related materials mainly documenting special events occurring at the Metrodome, including the roof inflation (1981) and dedication (1982) ceremonies; the 1985 All Star Game; the 1986 Bob Dylan/Grateful Dead concert, the first in the Metrodome; the NCAA Basketball Tournament (1982-1994), particularly the 1992 Final Four; the 1992 Super Bowl (1980-1992); the Metrodome's tenth anniversary (1992); and the World Series (1987, 1991).

Includes digital content.
Midland Cooperatives, Inc.: An Inventory of Its Records 00219
Articles of incorporation, minutes, resolutions, financial information, programs, meeting files, academic theses regarding cooperation, audiotapes, printed material, and photographs relating to a Minneapolis-based farmers' oil and merchandise consumer cooperative organized in 1926 as the Minnesota Co-op Oil Company. The cooperative specialized in marketing light oil products, then added tires, auto accessories, paint and hardware, farm supplies, household appliances, groceries, fertilizer, feed and seed, and farm machinery to its merchandise stocks. The cooperative was merged into Land O'Lakes in 1982.
Minneapolis-Moline Company: An Inventory of Its Records 00063
Video iconRecords related to a Minneapolis-based manufacturer of farm tractors and implements and to several predecessor, related, and successor companies, including the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company, the Minneapolis Steel and Machinery Company, B.F. Avery & Sons Co., the Moline Plow Company, and the White Motor Corporation.

Includes digital content.
Minnesota State Band: An Inventory of Its Records gr00166
Video iconMainly records compiled by Joseph G. Komro, an accountant with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and conductor and director of the band for most of the years from its formal 1963 organization through 1998. The majority of the files document the band's activities, including several European tours and the band's 100th anniversary concert.

Includes digital content.
Morrison County: Bellevue Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01609
Birth and death registers (1872-1915) and certificate record books (1915-1953).
Morrison County: Little Falls: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01611
Birth (1908-1953) and death (1908-1942) certificates and death register (1950-1953).
Morrison County: Motley Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01612
Birth and death register (1905-1942), birth (1941-1949) and death (1945-1951) certificates, and burial/removal permits (1908-1939).
Morrison County: Parker Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01613
Birth (1880-1945) and death (1881-1953) registers, certificates and records.
Northwest Airlines, Inc.: An Inventory of Its Corporate Records 00110
Amelia Earhart and related correspondenceFinancial records, photographs, and subject files of a St. Paul-based commercial airline with global operations stretching from the Far East to Western Europe.

Includes digital content.
Pardon Board: An Inventory of Its Pardon Calendars gr01250
Minutes (titled "calendars" by the board) of the Board of Pardons, largely comprising a record of actions on individual pardon applications, although other actions of the board are also mentioned. The pardon applications are often discussed in some detail.
Ramsey County, Minnesota : An Inventory of Telephone Directories lb00108
A collection of telephone directories for cities in Ramsey County, Minnesota. Telephone directories are published by telephone companies and include alphabetical listings of residential and business phone numbers and street addresses in the white pages, and a listing of businesses arranged by subject in the yellow pages. Each entry on the inventory lists the city name, year of coverage, and the shelf number of the printed volume or microfiche set which includes that city.
Ramsey County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Abstracts of Votes gr00394
Abstracts of votes for primary (September, 1902-2009/August, 2009-) and general (November) elections for national, state, and county officers for St. Paul and Ramsey County, and for primary (March) and general (April) elections for St. Paul city officers and city charter amendments. Also special primary elections and the April 2008 U.S. Senate recount results (Franken and Coleman).
Red Lake County: Lambert Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr01607
Clerk's books, treasurer's books, birth and death records, poll lists and election registers, a road record book, federal census worksheets (1909-1910), and miscellany.
St. Peter State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Casebooks gr00077
Males, A to Z, 1867-1904 Personal and medical histories of each patient admitted to the hospital. Information recorded may include patient's name and case file number, county of residence, date admitted, gender, age, nativity, marital status, occupation, education, religion, medical history and condition (with periodic updates) and date discharged. For some patients there is correspondence from genealogists requesting family history information and the replies from the hospital, clinical charts and legal documents.

Includes digital content.
Sauk Centre Home School for Girls: An Inventory of Its Birth Records gr01608
Several compilations of information on babies born to residents of the home school.
Scott County: Eagle Creek Township: Justice of the Peace: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Dockets gr01619
Civil and criminal docket, 1944-1946 (1 volume); and criminal dockets, May 1959-September 1967, from Justice of the Peace Verne W. Mabee (3 volumes and 1 partial volume).
Scott County: Savage: Justice of the Peace: An Inventory of Its Criminal Dockets gr01620
Criminal docket books of Justices of the Peace Ben H. Morlock and Verne W. Mabee.
Ruth Nomura Tanbara: An Inventory of Her Papers 01314
Printed material, undated and 1940s, 1980-1981Papers of Japanese American activist, organizer, and longtime YWCA Adult Education and International Program Director Ruth Tanbara. Includes correspondence, biographical materials, photographs, newspaper clippings, speeches, diaries, and printed material related to the relocation of Japanese Americans from the West Coast during World War II and her family's eventual relocation to Minnesota. Also included are memoir correspondence and drafts for "Reflections", an oral history transcript for the St. Paul-Nagasaki Sister City Project, travel files, and a manuscript copy of her cookbook, Ruth Tanbara's Japanese Food Recipes. The papers also consist of official pamphlets regarding restrictions placed upon Japanese Americans and letters from friends in relocation and internment camps describing conditions in various camps.

Includes digital content.
Traverse County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Case Files gr01272
Files numbered 1-9,408. Also includes civil case file exhibits (1916-1970), unnumbered case file transcripts (1913-1916), and transcripts and records of testimony (1921-1941).
Traverse County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Registration and Certificate Records gr01618
Records or registers for optometrists, chiropractors, veterinarians, ministers, Medical Examiners Board certificates, and basic science certificates; and license record for stallions certified by the Stallion Registration Board (1907-1918).
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. St. Paul District: An Inventory of Its Rochester Flood and Flood Control Planning Photograph Collection sv000307
View for flood control planningColor photographs by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Saint Paul District, document 1975 flood control planning, 1978 flooding, and 1980-1982 flood control planning in Rochester and the surrounding area. Views show the course of the Zumbro River and other creeks, namely Cascade Creek and Bear Creek, with aerial and street-level images of roads, businesses, neighborhoods, and parks affected by flooding and flood control planning. Photographs are mostly identified and have United States Army Corps of Engineers number identifiers. Flood control planning includes photographs of drawings and maps as well as photocopies of images with identification of streets and businesses.

Includes digital content.
Lydia Vinton: An Inventory of Her Family Diaries 01313
March 13, 1879-December 31, 1881Diaries (1879-1899) kept by Lydia Vinton describing her life on a farm she and her husband Austin Vinton owned in Waseca County, Minnesota, as well as diaries kept by a son (1858, 1867-1870) and grandson (1888-1889).

Includes digital content.
Water and Soil Resources Board An Inventory of Its Minutes gr00038
Minutes of board meetings, accompanied by agendas, meeting notices, correspondence, reports, annual plans, and related materials.
Wright County: Delano: An Inventory of Its Records gr01574
Ordinaces, 1885-1970: Nos. 1-84, 1885-1921Records of the Village/City of Delano in Wright County.

Includes digital content.
Wright County: Delano: Justice of the Peace: An Inventory of Its Docket Books gr01572
June 1872-March 1882Justices include Frank Matchett, L.H. Rawson, T.J. Catlin, A.R. Holston, W.H. Frazee, Reynold Bohn, F.H. Lindsley, F.W. Harper, William Ziebarth, Isabel Kerr, Ernest Otto, William G. Wiegert, J.L. Johnson, and Clifford E. Olson.

Includes digital content.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Canada. Governor General. Records relating to the fur trade, 1768-1807, 1867.
Typewritten and/or photostatic copies of about 500 abstracts of licenses to trade with the Indians that were granted at Montreal and Quebec by the British government to fur traders in the Great Lakes area (1768-1776); an index of the licenses; consolidated returns, giving lists of licenses (1777-1790); a brief historical sketch of the license system written by Wayne E. Stevens; selected items of official correspondence between the United States and Great Britain relating to the fur trade in the upper Mississippi Valley, the Louisiana Purchase, and the North West Company; and letters enclosing a memorandum on the Red River settlement (1867).
Erickson, Fred. Fred and Augusta E. Erickson papers, 1904, 1942-1946.
Leaving certificate from the folk school in Åmål, Sweden (1904) and naturalization certificate (1944) for Fred Erickson (in Sweden Fridolf Noaksson Skallebyn). The papers also include: an adult education completion certificate (1942) for citizenship course in the Minneapolis Public Schools; a naturalization certificate (1945) for his wife, Augusta Emilia Erickson; and a letter (1946) from Hubert H. Humphrey, mayor of Minneapolis, congratulating Augusta upon becoming a citizen.
Hall, Shadrach Azariah. Shadrach Azariah Hall and family papers, 1858-1911 (bulk 1858-1865).
Family histories (undated and 1911) and correspondence (1858-1884) principally of Shadrach A. Hall and his brothers and sisters. The histories include a typed reminiscence by Frank W. Hall (undated) and a printed history of the Hall-Knapp families, co-edited by Leona Hall. The correspondence concerns family matters, especially in the area of Medina (Wis.), and later in Yellow Medicine County (Minn.). The correspondents include: Shadrach A. Hall's classmates and colleagues at Wesleyan Seminary (Eau Claire, Wis.); a letter (November 14, 1863) describing economic conditions in Virginia City, Idaho Territory; and other letters (1864) to Benjamin Green Hall describing life as a school teacher near Petersburg (Va.).
Hedin, Oscar Emil. Hedin family papers, 1903-1993.
Photocopies of articles (1901-1903) written by Oscar Emil Hedin (1877-1917) for the Svenska Amerikanska Posten concerning Swedish emigration, Swedish-American news, and promotion of the newspaper. Also included are translations of the articles by Marlin L. Heise (undated), a biography of Hedin, and a newspaper clipping (1940) regarding the newspaper's cessation of publication. The papers also consist of news clippings, photographs, correspondence, speeches, and biographies of doctors involved with the Interstate Clinic of Red Wing, founded by Dr. Raymond Freeman Hedin and his wife Elizabeth Anderson Hedin and Dr. Edward H. Juers in 1940. The clinic became Interstate Medical Clinic in 1970 and the Red Wing Medical Center Fairview - University of Minnesota in 1992. In 2012 it became part of the Mayo Clinic Health System.
Johnson, Anna Ahlstrom. Anna Ahlstrom Johnson diary, 1934.
Diary (January 1-August 20, 1934) of Anna Ahlstrom Johnson, a south Minneapolis (Minn.) housewife, detailing daily activities, family events, and her battles with illness. She ends each entry with a prayer. The diary is accompanied by an unattributed family history (after 1975).
Mesabi Iron Company (New York City, N.Y.). Company records, 1914-1953.
Reports, correspondence, circulars, and articles (bulk 1920-1925) detailing efforts to develop a process for producing high-grade iron concentrate from taconite by this company incorporated in 1919 for that purpose.
National Typographical Union (U.S.). Local No. 42 (Saint Anthony and Minneapolis, Minn.). Charter, 1859.
Charter of the National Typographical Union (1859).
Stiefel, Ernest Julius. Ernest Julius Stiefel and family papers, 1924-1996.
Correspondence (1924-1939) of Emest Julius Stiefel, a St. Paul hardware dealer; papers of his son, Harvey Clark Stiefel (1942-1949); and a clipping (1974) relating to Ernest's daughter, Juliet Stiefel Taube. Ernest J. Stiefel's correspondence provide information on his activities in the St. Paul Community Chest drives and the University of Minnesota Dad's Association. The bulk of the papers consist of World War II related clippings, letters written to parents, photographs, and miscellaneous items of Harvey Stiefel, a sergeant in the 286th Refrigeration Company, 1st Platoon. Harvey's letters detail Army life at the following military training camps and posts: Fort Francis E. Warren (Cheyenne, Wyo); Camp Barkeley (Texas); and camps in San Bernardino and Los Angeles (Calif.) (August 1942-November 1943). The letters also describe his service experiences in Australia (December 1943- January 1944), New Guinea (February 1944-January 1945), the Philippine Islands (January-November 1945), and a post-War letter written from the Veterans Hospital of Minneapolis (1949).
Strickon, Beryl Josephine. Beryl Josephine Strickon and family papers, 1941-1952 (bulk 1941-1945).
Letters and cards (1941-1945) received by Beryl Josephine Zimmerman (later Strickon) from soldiers serving in various locations; letters and cards (1941-1945, 1952) received by Frank Karl Strickon while in the U.S. Army Air Forces; photographs and promotional items (1945) from New York City restaurants; minutes (1941-1942) and miscellaneous papers (1941-1942) of the Fort Snelling Jewish Soldiers' Group; and certificates (1949) of Beryl's father, Abraham Zimmerman as a 32nd degree master of the Duluth Consistory of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and as a Noble of the Mystic Shrine of the Imperial Council of the Ancient Arabic Order and a photograph of Imperial Council's Diamond Jubilee Celebration parade in Chicago (1949).

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