What's New -- March 2020

We learned how to work from home this month along with much of the world! Getting adjusted to our home offices, getting set-up to work remotely (for those of us who can), finding ways to communicate and coordinate our work in new and creative ways, and finding a new rhythm to the work day are all quite challenging. But we are doing it! It's nice to have more time with family and pets, and see the sunshine during the day!! It's also nice to have a refrigerator not so far away.

Working from Home in 2020 Working from Home in 2020

But we miss the collections, we miss our routines, we miss the fast bandwidth, and all our huge screens! But what we miss more than anything are all of our co-workers! Hope you are well out there in your respective homes and we hope that the end of this virus soon comes!

New and Updated Finding Aids - March 2020

Name/Abstract File No.
Harry E. Atwood and family: An Inventory of Their Papers 01361
Papers from insurance executive Harry Atwood and family. Collection includes records related to Atwood's employment with the Northwestern National Life Insurance Company, records of his philanthropic work in healthcare industry, and materials documenting his high school and college education. The collection also includes some materials related to Atwood's wife, Margaret White, and White's father, Chester S. White.
India Association of Minnesota: An Inventory of Its Records 00776
India Club history, 1997, 2003Records of the India Association of Minnesota, which was first known as the India Club of Minnesota and was formed to support the community of Asian Indians in Minnesota and to promote the national values and culture of India.

Includes digital content.
Media Ventures, Inc.: An Inventory of Its Company Records sv000589
Materials documenting the Minnesota-based film production company of the 1980s and 1990s from formation to dissolution including business files, partnerships, contracts, distribution, marketing, miscelleanous, project files, and video recordings. Project files contain screenplays, promotional materials, and correspondence, including materials for the feature film That was then... this is now. Video recordings included are mostly promotional clips of projects.
Nobles County: Bigelow Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01691
Birth (1908-1913) and death (1908-1913, 1950-1953) certificates, and a birth (1914-1942) and death (1916-1950) certificate record that is indexed.
Nobles County: Dewald Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01692
Birth (1872-1907) and death (1874-1907) register, birth (1891-1908) and death (1896-1900) reports, birth (1907-1914) and death (1907-1913) certificates, and burial/removal permits (1907-1919).
Nobles County: Westside Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01693
Birth and death register (1878-1918); birth and death certificate records (1908-1918); birth and death certificate records (1918-1946); and death certificates (1951, 1953).
Nobles County: Worthington: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01694
Birth (1873-1906) and death (1873-1907) registers, including possible entries for Worthington Township and registers of removal permits (1873-1875, 1902-1904). One volume (1879-1905) contains records from the practice of Dr. A. H. Clark. Also birth and death certificate records (1908-1940).
Olmsted County: Byron: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01695
Birth and death register (1873-1928) and birth and death certificate registers (1907-1953).
Olmsted County: Cascade Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01696
Birth and death register (1887-1907) and birth and death certificate registers (1908-1953).
Olmsted County: Farmington Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01697
Birth and death registers (1871-1913) and certificate records (1914-1952), and permits for burials in Farm Hill Cemetery.
Penumbra Theatre: An Inventory of Its Records 01360
Background historyMinutes, financial statements, and other records from the board of the Penumbra Theatre Company, a professional African American theater company based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Includes digital content.
Peter Seitz: An Inventory of His Papers 01358
Papers of graphic designer, author, teacher, and business owner Peter Seitz. Materials include work created while a student in Germany and at Yale; Seitz's work with the Walker Art Center and Guthrie Theater in the 1960s; records created while teaching at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design; his publications; and projects completed as an independent consultant, including projects with the Minnesota Zoo and Miracle Ear, among many others.
Leo Treadway: An Inventory of His Papers 00338
Leo TreadwayCorrespondence, agendas, bylaws, minutes, financial reports, notes, newsletters, brochures, miscellaneous printed matter, and newspaper clippings collected by a leading Minnesota gay rights activist.

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