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/Belvo and son Mesaba Happy New Year!! This month we are highlighting the papers of renowned Minnesota-based painter, educator, and mentor Hazel Belvo. Her painting career spans over five decades and includes extensive exhibition of her artwork. Her art focuses on themes of nature, myth, spirituality, and feminism. Most notable among her works is her series on the Witch Tree of northern Minnesota. As an educator, Belvo taught at the St. Paul Academy and Summit School, the Grand Marais Art Colony, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Additionally, Belvo advocated for women in art, helping to cofound the feminist art collective the Women's Art Resources of Minnesota (WARM) in 1976, where she mentored and held membership for a number of years.

Her papers include subject files containing her exhibitions, artist collaborations, and public engagement materials, both nationally and internationally; teaching files regarding her research interests, philosophies, and mentorship of students; her press coverage and publications; and files regarding the career and life of her former spouse and artist George Morrison. The papers also include biographical information regarding Belvo's education, personal life, and professional credentials.

Pictures from the collection: Belvo and son Briand Mesaba, undated; Belvo Teaching, undated; and Witch Tree XVII, approximately 1985.

Belvo Teaching, undated Belvo approximately 1985

New and Updated Finding Aids - December 2020

Name/Abstract File No.
Anoka County: Blaine: An Inventory of Its Records gr01815
Clerk's books (1907-1977), city council resolutions (1970-1987) and ordinances (1954-1987); road records (1892-1947); minutes of the city charter commission (1967-1987), utility rate commission (1980), and cable television commission (1980-1982); committee files (1978-1985); and related miscellany.
Auditor: An Inventory of Its County Highway Department Annual Reports gr01812
The state auditor's copies of annual reports of county highway engineers to the boards of county commissioners. They summarize financial transactions, inventories, fixed assets, maintenance costs, and construction costs, and give general comments and recommendations on recent and prospective highway work.
Hazel Belvo: An Inventory of Her Papers 01365
Personal papers of painter and educator Hazel Belvo. Belvo's papers include her subject files, biographical data such as resumes/vitas, Belvo's undergraduate thesis, and press mentions; and select catalogs from exhibitions. Subject files document Belvo's public engagements, such as teaching and exhibitions, as well as her personal research and interests, and select exhibition and personal files regarding colleagues, mentors, students, and former spouse George Morrison and partner Marcia Cushmore.
Brown County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Case File Transcripts gr01816
Transcripts of trial testimony for a scattering of case files between numbers 5653 and 13009.
Carlton County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr01819
Clerk's (1895-1896, 1949, 1951) and county superintendent's (1891-1897) annual reports, lists of rural teachers (1933-1967) and school officers (1935-1967), school officers minutes (1959-1966), tax levy rates (1952-1953, 1955-1958, 1962), teachers' institutes (1935-1937) and term reports (1892-1896), and a history file containing a chronological record of school organization and district history notes (approximately 1890-1955).
Carlton County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School Census gr01817
Contains both countywide census (1931-1970) and census of just District No. 22 (1910-1930, scattered).
Carlton County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School District Consolidation and Reorganization Files gr01820
School survey committee minutes, correspondence, and report (1947-1952, 1960-1966), set-off order (1954), and reorganization/consolidation files (1918-1967). The latter include correspondence (1923-1963), a scrapbook/general information file (1948-1952), Pine County data (1948-1950), proposed district materials (1948-1952), reorganization (1949-1951) and school board (1949-1951) election results, and proposed plats (1918-1931). Included are lists of District No. 21 school board members (1902-1943) and Unorganized District No. 15, Wrenshall, attendance registers (1938-1940).
Carlton County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Superintendent's Reports to County Superintendent gr01818
Reports of school superintendents or principals. They provide attendance information and some teachers' annual reports.
Carver County: Hancock Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01850
Birth and death registers (1871-1907), birth (1915-1946) and death (1915-1949) records, birth (1951) and death (1950-1952) certificates, and burial permits (1921-1944).
Carver County: Hancock Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr01849
Clerk's (1925-2012) and treasurer's (1902-1981) books, road records and papers (1907-1954), Belle Plaine Ambulance Advisory Board meeting minutes (1997-2004), flood damage photographs (2014), cigarette licenses (1973-1984), zoning ordinance (1961), audit board annual reports (1921-1939), poll lists (1916-1987) and election records (1934-1988).
Carver County: School District No. 25 (Hancock Township): An Inventory of Its Records gr01851
Classification register (1932-1936), library record (1905-1943), and attendance registers (1952-1953).
Conservation Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its Blackduck Office Files gr01837
Files of the Forestry Division's Blackduck office. They contain correspondence, memoranda, reports and plans, statistics, and related material documenting all aspects of forestry programs and forest land management in the area.
Conservation Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its Hibbing District Office Maps and Plans gr01838
Maps, site plans, and building plans, mainly of Civilian Conservation Corps camps and projects.
Conservation Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its Itasca Ranger Station Files gr01839
Administrative files of the Itasca Ranger Station (part of Forestry District 10, Arago, Hubbard County). They consist of scattered files of correspondence, memoranda, reports, statistics, and related materials documenting forestry and forest land management in north central Minnesota, as well as local participation in forestry-related activities.
Conservation Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its Joseph Mockford Files gr01843
Daily diaries and study course papers/examinations kept by Mockford, a fire patrolman, assistant supervisor and ranger in northern Minnesota (Deer River, Littlefork, Big Falls, Tofte, Baudette, and Blackduck).
Conservation Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its Man-Day and Job Accomplishment Reports gr01841
Reports on work accomplished and time spent for Civilian Conservation Corps projects carried out by the Conservation Department in northern Minnesota. The reports consist of time figures and brief narrative notes, and the projects include fire fighting and prevention, tree planting, building, road, and trail construction, water conservation, surveying, and recreational developments.
Conservation Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its Site and Improvement Records gr01842
Card files and record books documenting Forestry Division sites, buildings, and other facilities, and the public lease and permit uses of Conservation Department lands.
Conservation Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its Waskish Office Files gr01840
Files of the Forestry Division's Waskish office (District 11). They contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, statistics, and related material documenting all aspects of forestry programs and forest land management in the area.
Dakota County: West Saint Paul: Municipal Court: An Inventory of Its Docket Books gr01848
Civil (1959-1964) and criminal (1955-1963) docket books.
Economic Development Department: An Inventory of Its Training for Industry (TFI) Project Files gr01855
Correspondence (1975), Governor's Manpower Office records (1974-1977), area vocational technical institute files (1974-1976), and subject files (1974-1976). The latter include budget materials, proposals, surveys, and reports and cover such topics as area vocational technical institute training, Rural Minnesota CEP, hiring, and requirements.
Economic Development Department: Area Redevelopment Administration: An Inventory of Its Records gr01856
Reading file of outgoing letters of ARA staff members; community development corporations grant files, including grant applications, annual reports, plans, correspondence, and financial records; subject and correspondence files; technical assistance project files; and background files on counties, municipalities, and Indian reservations.
Fairview Hospital (Minneapolis, Minn.): School of Nursing Alumni Association: An Inventory of Its Records 01367
Minutes (1938-1965, 1968-1996), Student Council minutes and records (1932-1974), graduating class photographs (1932-1976), scrapbooks (1919-1976), and miscellaneous subject files, including a guest book (1958-1965) and handbook (1949-1953) of Fairview Cottage on Lake Minnetonka and a scrapbook (1930-1976) of the Fairview Chorus.
Governor: An Inventory of Its Execution Records gr01844
Certified copies of minutes of conviction and sentence, and sometimes copies of other trial documents, relating to convicts sentenced to death. Usually also includes notations of date set for execution and date the execution warrant was issued.
Governor: Freeman, Orville L.: An Inventory of Its Assistance and Friendly Correspondence gr01811
Sampled correspondence that was labelled and filed as either "assistance" or "friendly" by the governor's office.
Governor's Task Force On Lesbian And Gay Minnesotans: An Inventory of Its Records gr00872
Video iconFiles of Geraldine Sell, chair of the Governor's Task Force on Lesbian and Gay Minnesotans, appointed to conduct hearings and gather information about violence and discrimination against Minnesota's lesbian and gay population.

Includes digital content.
Joan Growe: An Inventory of Her Papers 00043
Video iconPersonal papers, primarily consisting of campaign files, speeches, and subject files, of a former DFL state legislator from the Minnetonka and Eden Prairie area who later served as Minnesota Secretary of State for 24 years.

Includes digital content.
Hennepin County: An Inventory of Its Selective Service Record Cards gr01813
Record of service cards, approximately 1941-approximately 1947, for men in Hennepin County who were commissioned, enlisted, or inducted into the armed services during World War II. Information includes name and address, address at time of entering service, local board number, date and place of birth, race ("White" or "Negro"), branch of the armed services entered, dates of entry into and separation from the armed services.
Charles A. Lindbergh and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers P1675
Correspondence (1871-1979); genealogical records (1808-1905); legal and financial papers (1836-1927); reminiscences, interviews, familiy histories, and speeches (1911-1981); newspaper clippings (1861-1987); diaries (1913-1921); and other papers documenting the career of progressive Minnesota politician, Charles August Lindbergh and other members of the Lindbergh family of Little Falls, Minnesota. The papers of Charles Augustus Lindbergh document his high school, university, and aeronautical education; his early career in aviation (1925-1927); the 1927 transatlantic solo flight; his advocacy of neutrality in the years preceding United States' entry into World War II; his recollections (1969) of his childhood; and remarks (1968-1969) about his biographies.
Polly Mann: An Inventory of Her Papers 01359
Headphones iconPapers of anti-war and social activist Polly Mann. The papers include: letters to editors and politicians; writings in response to the 1968 Democratic Convention and the Vietnam War; an unpublished novel manuscript; a self-published creative-nonfiction memoir; plays, essays, and columns written by Mann; select press clippings and photographs; subject files; Senate campaign information; and audiovisual recordings.

Includes digital content.
Natural Resources Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Reading Files gr01821
Pink reading file (copies of letters sent) of Robert L. Herbst (commissioner), William B. Nye (commissioner), Michael C. O'Donnell (acting commissioner), and Clarence B. Buckman (deputy commissioner), 1976-1977; William B. Nye (commissioner), 1978; and Joseph N. Alexander (acting commissioner and commissioner), 1978-1990.
Natural Resources Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its Bemidji Regional Office Files gr01854
Files of the Forestry Division's Bemidji regional office, which is responsible for forestry operations in northwestern and north central Minnesota. The files contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, statistics, and background materials documenting all aspects of forestry and forest land management in the region.
Norman County: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01822
Birth, 1878-1882, 1886, 1903-1904, and death, 1876-1882, 1886, 1900, 1903-1904, registers, and returns for various Norman County townships and villages and several areas presently in Mahnomen County.
Norman County: Ada: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01823
Birth, 1915-1940, and death, 1916-1940, certificate records.
Norman County: Bear Park Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01824
Birth, 1883-1900, and death, 1884-1900, register; birth and death certificate records, 1914-1940, with index; birth, 1941-1951, and death, 1941-1953, certificates; and burial permit, 1935.
Norman County: Halstad: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01825
Birth and death certificate records, 1913-1940; birth certificates, 1941-1946; and death certificates, 1941-1951.
Norman County: Halstad Township: An Inventory of Its Birth Records gr01826
Birth register transcriptions, 1879-1880, 1886, and birth certificate records, 1908-1950.
Norman County: Hendrum: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01827
Birth, 1901-1940, and death, 1902-1907, 1910-1940, registers, and birth, 1941-1944, 1953, and death, 1941-1952, certificates.
Norman County: Hendrum Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01828
Birth, 1879-1911, 1915-1943, 1952, and death, 1879-1953, records, and burial permits, 1934-1940, 1943-1953.
Norman County: Home Lake Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01829
Birth, 1881-1908, and death, 1882-1908, registers; birth, 1913-1941, and death, 1914-1939, certificate record; birth, 1941-1951, and death, 1941-1952, certificates; and burial permits, 1929-1951.
Norman County: Mary Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01830
Birth, 1881-1912, 1942-1944, and death, 1881-1912, 1919-1941, 1945-1952, records, and burial permits, 1935-1939.
Norman County: McDonaldsville Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01831
Birth register, 1900-1948; death register, 1900-1951; and burial permit, 1946.
Norman County: Pleasant View Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01832
Birth, 1881-1900, and death, 1882-1899, register; birth, 1913-1940, and death, 1914-1939, certificate record, with index; birth certificates, 1941-1943; and death certificates, 1941-1953.
Norman County: Spring Creek Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01833
Birth, 1882-1907, 1914-1915, and death, 1882-1898, 1900-1907, registers, and birth, 1914-1945, and death, 1915-1951, certificate record.
Norman County: Strand Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01834
Birth, 1880-May 1899, and death, 1881-1899, register; birth, December 1899-1913, and death, 1900-1913, register; and birth, 1912-1949, and death, 1914-1949, certificate record.
Norman County: Sundal [Sundahl] Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01835
Birth, 1881-1901, and death, 1882-1900, register, and birth, 1914-1946, and death, 1914-1952, certificate record, with index.
Norman County: Waukon Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr01836
Birth and death registers, 1879-1942, and certificate records, 1908-1915, 1942-1952, and burial or removal permits, 1937-1947. The earliest pages of both birth and death entries are noted as being Polk County.
Smithy Norton: An Inventory of His Papers 00618
Headphones iconPapers documenting the life and career of an African American who spent his youth in Minneapolis; served (1942-1945) in the United States Army during World War II at bases in the American South, where his duties involved public relations and special services assignments relating to African American troops; was a public and community relations consultant and agency owner in Chicago (ca. 1935-1941, 1948-1951), where he undertook a variety of advertising and publicity projects directed primarily at the African American community; continued these activities following his return (ca. 1952) to Minneapolis, where he was a pioneer in promoting an awareness and knowledge of national and state African American history through his educational exhibits and was actively involved (ca. 1969-1979) in Black History Week/Month activities; and was a long-time employee (1954 - 197-) of Greyhound Lines at the Minneapolis terminal.

Includes digital content.
Public Safety Department: An Inventory of Its Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education Records gr01846
Meeting minutes and agendas, and subject files of this board created to assess the condition of firefighter training throughout Minnesota.
Public Service Commission: An Inventory of Its Index to Public Service Commission Files gr01814
A card index to railroad, warehouse, trucking, and related matters brought before the Public Service Commission and its predecessor, the Railroad and Warehouse Commission. Entries refer to the commissions' "A", "B", "E", "F", and "K" files, and to Railroad and Warehouse Commission minutes (1935-1946).
Public Service Department: An Inventory of Its "A" Files gr01853
Supporting dockets for proceedings and orders of the Public Service Commission and its predecessor, the Railroad and Warehouse Commission.
Public Service Department: An Inventory of Its Orders: Formal Rate Files ("A" Files) gr01852
Docket files concerning transportation rates, opening and closing of lines and service, and station and line maintenance.
Soldiers Home: An Inventory of Its Hospital/Clinic Records gr01845
Records of the Soldiers Home's hospital, clinic, pharmacy, and dietician. They include patient record books (1898-1935), a record of medication prescribed (1928-1933), weekly lists of patients (1945-1958), inventories of the hospital commissary (1937-1945), minutes of the hospital's patient/resident care committee (1977-1981), daily menus for meals served at the home (1938-1955), minutes of various committees (1988-2007), and related miscellany.
Supreme Court: An Inventory of The Case Files, General Index, and Briefs of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals gr00088
Table of contentsMaterials relating to the proceedings of the trial (lower) courts, filed by the lawyers of parties involved in actions or proceedings in preparation for a hearing with the Supreme Court or (beginning in 1983) the Court of Appeals. They also include the opinions, orders, and judgments generated by these two higher courts.

Includes digital content.
George C. Tanner: An Inventory of His Papers p1035i
Rev. George C. TannerThe papers of George Clinton Tanner, registrar of the diocese (diocesan historian) from 1878 to 1920, consist largely of notes, manuscripts, and transcripts of materials relating to 19th century diocesan and parish history.
Transportation Department: An Inventory of Its Audio Visual Materials gr00100
Trunk Highway 35WPhotograph prints and negatives and movie reels depicting highway construction and repair projects; road-building equipment and technology; road crews and field camps; dedication ceremonies for completed transportation projects; project sites prior to road construction, showing neighborhoods, commercial buildings, residences, and bridges; historic site markers; and miscellaneous Transportation Department activities.

Includes digital content.
Transportation Department: An Inventory of Its Duluth Public Hearing Records gr01847
Transcripts, public correspondence, and photographs from three different public informational meetings held in Duluth about State Project (S.P.) 6982-03 (I-35) and S.P.6925-41 (T.H. 61), regarding various proposed construction projects on I-35 and Highway 61. The Department of Highways became the Department of Transportation in 1976.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940. Letters to Thomas Boyd, 1924.
Two autograph letters signed by Fitzgerald to Thomas Boyd, author of Through the Wheat and confidante and colleague of Fitzgerald. One letter, two pages (June 23, 1924) from Villa Marie, Valescure, St. Raphael, Var, France, discusses the French countryside, purchase of a car, his time in St. Paul (Minn.), his opinion of Sinclair Lewis, Boyd's writing style, and the value of Fitzgerald's novels. The second letter, one page (approximately 1924) from Paris, critique's Boyd's later work and shares Fitzgerald's nervousness about his own revision attempts.
Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951. Czech-language publishing contract for Kingsblood Royal by Sinclair Lewis, 1947 June 19.
Typewritten publishing contract among publisher Random House, author Sinclair Lewis, and translator Vaclav Petr for a Czech-language edition of Kingsblood Royal by Lewis.
Richmond P. Warner Papers.
Diaries and transcriptions of letters written during an 1892 European tour and during Minnesota hunting and fishing trips of a young Saint Paul man. There are corresponding photographs taken by Warner in 1891 that document a canoeing, hunting, and fishing trip recorded in one of the diaries that began in Brainerd and continued on to the headwaters of the Mississippi at Lake Itasca, before returning to Saint Paul a month later. Also includes a donor-provided typed summation of the 1891 Itasca trip.

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