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October is American Archives Month! Check out our Minnesota State Archives facebook page for updates about what goes on behind the scenes! Coming up this month in the archives world we have Electronic Records Day on October 10th and #Ask an Archivist Day on October 13th!

Archiving Film at the Minnesota Historical SocietyThis month we are highlighting a series of records that we acquired this year from the Council on Latino Affairs. Often in government, the names of councils and departments do not remain the same over the decades. This makes things extra interesting when trying to archive and catalog collections of overlapping records from entities with multiple different names. This is especially true of the Migrant Affairs Office, which was created in 1974 by Governor Wendell Anderson. In 1976 a Liaison for Spanish Speaking People was appointed as the successor to the Migrant Affairs Office and in 1977 the Spanish Speaking Affairs Council was created. The Spanish Speaking Affairs Council existed from 1978-1996. It became the Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC) from 1996-2015, when it became the Council on Latino Affairs. Thankfully, we can preserve the histories of these entities in multiple ways in our finding aids, catalog records, and agency history records (like this one for the Spanish Speaking Affairs Council which includes much more information). It was a delight to finally create finding aids and more context for these records and also add new digitized content to the Migrant Affairs Office recently as well. Enjoy!

New and Updated Finding Aids - September 2021

Name/Abstract File No.
American Ex-Prisoners of War, inc. Department of Minnesota: An Inventory of Its Records 01079
Charters, membership rosters, bookkeeping records, minutes, newsletters, reports, members' reminiscences, scrapbooks, and other records of the Department of Minnesota and of the Red River Chapter of a non-profit veterans service organization that advocated for former prisoners of war and their families. Includes papers of Henry Sha, the Central Minnesota Chapter's longtime commander, and his wife Joyce, who served as the chapter's treasurer.
Church of St. John the Evangelist (Saint Paul, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Parish Records 01433
Records of an Episcopal Church parish established in 1881 and located in the Ramsey Hill neighborhood of Saint Paul. Includes historical information, vestry minutes, financial records, subject files, registers of church services, records of parish organizations, scrapbooks, and photographs.
Cottonwood County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Records gr02079
School district reorganization records, including school survey committee reports (1948), reorganization orders and proposals (1948-1964), and consolidation map and plats (circa 1948, 1964, 1966); lists of teachers and school officers ( 1884-1901, 1924-1957); a state aid record (1910-1916); miscellaneous teachers' term reports (1903-1904); and an annual report of the Mountain Lake-Delft Public Schools (1961).
Cottonwood County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Teacher Records gr02080
Teacher's examination and certificate records (1873-1912), reading circle record (1910-1914), retirement fund record (1919-1930), record cards (approximately 1916-approximately 1947), and salary data (1931-1947).
Council on Latino Affairs: An Inventory of Its Records gr02075
Subject files; files relating to community forums; publications; board minutes, meeting files, and subject files; and audio recordings of the Notas Latinas audio program created by the Council.
Douglas County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Tax Lists gr02078
Tax lists for the civil subdivisions of Douglas County, recording the taxes assessed and paid on real and personal property for the years 1867-1901 and subsequent sample years 1910-1911, 1920-1921, 1930-1931, 1940-1941, 1950-1951, 1960-1961, 1970, 1980-1981, 1990-1991, and 2000-2001.
Human Services Department: Health Care Management Division: An Inventory of Its Subject Files of Mary Kennedy gr02083
Subject files of Mary Kennedy, Health Care Management Division director, focusing primarily on Minnesota's health care reform during the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly the activities of the Health Care Access Commission and development of the Children's Health Plan. They include proposals, reports, meeting minutes, and correspondence.
Human Services Department: Residential Program Management Division: An Inventory of Its Files of Dwight P. Maxa gr02082
Correspondence (March 1988 - July 1992) and subject files (1983-1994) of division director Dwight P. Maxa. The correspondence files document all aspects of the division's interests and activities, including planning and development, policy changes, legislation, operations management of the regional treatment centers, and communication with other division heads. The subject files include sections on the Department of Human Services, chemical dependency, information systems management, legal advocacy for the developmentally disabled, and hospital review boards.
Human Services Department: Residential Program Management Division: An Inventory of Its Files of James Walker gr02081
Files of James Walker, who served as division director (1987-1989), facilities operations head (1989-1992), and financial/capital resources manager (1993-1994), and as the Public Welfare Department's residential facilities director prior to 1987. The correspondence files (February 1989 - April 1994) deal mainly with financial, budget, policy, and operational issues.
Human Services Department: Residential Program Management Division: An Inventory of Its Logged Letters gr02085
Memoranda and directives sent to the regional treatment centers' chief executive officers regarding all aspects of division and center administration. The Series A--Action Required letters were sent by Health Care and Residential Programs Assistant Commissioner Maria Gomez (October 1988 - June 1989), Deputy Assistant Commissioner Bob Baird (July 1989 - June 1990), division director Dwight Maxa (December 1990 - July 1993), and other divisional staff (July 1992 - August 1996). The Series I--Information Only letters were sent by Gomez (October 1988 - March 1989) and Maxa (April 1989 - November 1990). There is also one folder of miscellaneous letters (1992-1994).
Human Services Department: Residential Program Management Division: An Inventory of Its Regional Treatment Centers Correspondence gr02086
Letters to the regional treatment centers documenting the division's administration of the day-to-day operation of the state-owned centers, including governing board meetings, funding, personnel, staff training, statewide committees, patient transfer, buildings and equipment, medical records, regulations and policies, admission/discharge system, accreditation, contracts, and incident reports.
Human Services Department: Residential Program Management Division: An Inventory of Its Subject Files gr02084
Subject files covering such topics as budget, cost accounting, Labor Management Committee, legislation, negotiations, Rochester State Hospital closure, rules and regulations, safety plans, community services, workers compensation, grants, and information systems. They include correspondence, reports, schedules, workplans, and related materials.
Alexander MacDonald Keith: An Inventory of His Papers 01432
Lietenant Governor A.M. Keith at his desk in the State Capitol, circa 1965 Papers of Alexander MacDonald "Sandy" Keith, former Minnesota Senate member, Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota, and Associate and Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court. Papers include: court opinions (1989-1992); chronological and alphabetical correspondence (undated, 1989-1997); Korean War correspondence (1953-1955); congratulation correspondence (1966); post conference memoranda (1992-1998); appointment books (1989-1997); speeches (1985-2015); awards (1996, 1998); subject files; organizational files; campaign materials (1966); photographs (undated, 1960s-1990s); and scrapbooks (1950s-1960s).
Martin County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Records gr02072
Includes notice to form a school district in Lake Fremont Township (July 1883) and teacher's term reports (1908-1931).
Minnesota Children's Museum (Saint Paul, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Records 00256
Organizational records created by the Minnesota Children's Museum. Includes newsletters, annual reports, clippings, exhibit and educational records, financial and administrative records, organizational histories, development and marketing materials, records regarding the move from Minneapolis to Saint Paul and new museum space design in the early 1990s, audiovisual materials, and oral history interviews of museum founders.
Minnesota Library Association: An Inventory of Its Records 00409
Board, division, section, round table, committee, conference, and other records of the Minnesota Library Association, a statewide association of library professionals.
Minnesota Waterfowl Association: An Inventory of Its Records 01334
Video icon Includes the records of the Minnesota Waterfowl Association, an organization dedicated to preservation, protection, and enhancement of Minnesota's wetlands and related waterfowl habitat . The records include: Habitat Project files (1967-2019); Board materials (1967-2002); published materials, including newsletters, brochures, and reports (1967-2016), and audio and visual records (undated, 1967, 2002).

Includes digital content.
John Musser: An Inventory of His Papers 00351
Correspondence, estate files, business files, community affairs files, travel files, diaries, biographical and genealogical materials documenting the career and family life of a Weyerhaeuser corporate executive and St. Paul (Minn.) community leader.
Ramsey County: Independent School District No. 623 (Roseville): An Inventory of Its Records gr02074
Meeting minutes (1949-2009) and appraisal reports (1959-1964) concerning property, photographs, maps and diagrams, and information about the use and value of the properties. Also includes reports from the Brimhall School property (1964), school district property at the intersection of County Road C and Rice Street (1961), and University of Minnesota property (1959), including the Gibbs School, at the intersection of Larpenteur Avenue and Cleveland Avenue.
Redwood County: Health and Human Services Board: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr02073
Minutes of the Health and Human Services Board of Redwood County.
Rock County: Battle Plain Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02061
Birth and death registers (1889-1907), birth (1907-1946) and death (1907-1952) certificate records, and burial/removal permits (1907-1938).
Rock County: Beaver Creek Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02062
Birth and death register (1873-1907), and birth (1908-1949) and death (1908-1953) certificate records.
Rock County: Denver Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02063
Birth and death register (1900-1909), and birth (1908-1912, 1915-1946) and death (1908-1912, 1916-1940, 1943-1952) certificate records.
Rock County: Luverne: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02064
Birth and death certificate records (1918-1953) and health officer's dangerous disease record (1918-1946).
Rock County: Magnolia Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02065
Birth (1876-1917) and death (1887-1917) registers, and birth (1908-1946, 1950) and death (1907-1913, 1918-1952) certificate records.
Rock County: Martin Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02066
Birth and death registers (1874-1913), and birth (1912-1947) and death (1912-1953) certificate records.
Rock County: Mound Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02067
Birth and death registers (1877-1907), and birth (1908-1943) and death (1908-1953) certificate records.
Rock County: Springwater Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02068
Birth and death register (1873-1899), and birth (1914-1945) and death (1914-1953) certificate records.
Rock County: Vienna Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02069
Birth (1874-1907) and death (1875-1906) registers, and birth (1908-1918) and death (1908-1917) certificate record.
SASE: The Write Place: An Inventory of Its Records 00636
Video icon Records of a nonprofit, community-based arts organization that was established to make literary arts accessible to a diverse community. The collection documents the poetry, writing, and other literary programs SASE sponsored and administered in Minneapolis and in St. Paul, particularly among inner-city minority and at-risk youth.

Includes digital content.
Secretary of State: Election Division: An Inventory of Its Election Returns gr00676
Abstracts of votes for national, state, and county candidates, including special elections, supplemented by precinct summary statements, computer printouts, and related correspondence.
Spanish Speaking Affairs Council: An Inventory of Its Records gr02076
The bulk of the records were kept by council director Jose H. Trejo (1977-1989). They document the administration and activities of the council and reflect its educational, social, economic, and political services to the Hispanic community in Minnesota. The 1990-1993 records include materials of director Eduardo Wolle.
Trade and Economic Development Department: An Inventory of Its Star City Program Files gr02070
The majority of these records comprise the individual application files. There are also a small number of administrative files, that include general program information and presentation materials, a training manual, and a video.
Washington County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr02071
Lists of school board officers, teachers, principals, other school personnel, and graduates; eighth grade commencement programs (1936-1937); teachers' institute programs (1910/1911-1915); and Washington County school contest premium lists for school exhibits and spelling contests (1914-1916); and a research paper on the history of various Washington County school districts (1992).

New and Updated Catalog Records

Hoag, Charles. Charles Hoag papers, 1826-1899.
Papers of early Minneapolis education and city leader Charles Hoag. The papers include: correspondence and miscellaneous papers regarding family matters, agriculture, land agreements, and Hoag's appointment as Hennepin County Superintendent of Schools (undated, 1826-1899); Minnesota Odd Fellows Mutual Benefit Society papers (1876-1887); financial records regarding livestock, butter, and personal finances (1836-1879); a Northwestern Wool Growers Association record book (1864-1866); and a teachers examination record (1870).
Kelly, Martin P. Martin P. Kelly Papers, 1917-1925 (bulk 1917-1918).
Correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous papers of an aviator who served in the United States Army Air Service during World War I. Includes a flight record log, and class notes for automatic and machine gun, cross country flying, and engine classes. Brief diary entries note Kelly's movements and activities while in military service.
Minnesota Women in Psychology (Organization). Minnesota Women in Psychology records, 1977-2013.
Newsletters, membership directories, program flyers, twentieth anniversary materials, and miscellaneous papers of a Minnesota-based organization for women in the mental health professions.
Simmons, Peter A. Letters and manuscript from Meridel Le Sueur to Peter Simmons, 1972 June-August.
Two letters from Le Sueur, written from New Mexico, to Simmons while he was incarcerated for anti-war activities in the federal youth correctional facility in Englewood, Colorado. One letter from Le Sueur to Simmons' mother, asks her to forward the second letter and an eleven-page manuscript entitled "Dance at Cochiti New Mexico". The letters and manuscript discuss Native American ceremonies and philosophy in New Mexico and Le Sueur's recommendations for writing in prison. The manuscript cover is illustrated by an unidentified woman in New Mexico. Envelopes accompany both letters.
Van Hyfte, Henry Bernard. Henry Bernard Van Hyfte World War II papers, 1942-1949.
Letter of Henry B. Van Hyfte of Taunton, Minnesota, ("V" mail) from France (July 18, 1944); telegram to his mother (August 8, 1944) notifying her of his death, and documents (1942-1949) relating to his life insurance policies and burial records.

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