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The papers of Alexander MacDonald "Sandy" Keith explore his distinctive political and legal career, in which he served in all three Minnesota government branches. This included serving as a Minnesota Senator, Lieutenant Governor, and Supreme Court Justice.

A notable chapter of his political career includes his challenge to the 1966 Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) endorsement for governorship against Karl Rolvaag, whom Keith served under as Lieutenant Governor. Keith earned the endorsement from the DFL, but Rolvaag still ran in the primary election, defeating Keith. This division among the DFL ultimately led to Rolvaag's defeat in the general election to Republican Harold LeVander. Correspondence, letters from supporters, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and campaign materials (1950s-1966) in the papers document this unique period in Minnesota political history, and Keith's earlier Minnesota political career.

His papers also highlight his private legal practice in family law in Rochester, Minnesota, and his judicial career as an Associate and Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court. Court opinions, post conference memos, correspondence, speeches, subject files, legal organization records, and program records (1989-1998) detail his legal and judicial work, and the legal topics and communities he worked on or served.

Lastly, as a veteran of the Korean War, the papers also include letters sent from Keith to his parents during his service with the U.S. Marine Corps (1953-1955) and his speeches regarding the commemoration of the Korean War and September 11 attacks (2000s).

SKeith_1989 Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Sandy Keith, approximately 1989

SKeithforGovernor_1966 Sandy Keith for Governor, 1966

SKeithHHHnomination_congratulations_1966 H.H.H. nomination congratulations to Keith, January 28, 1966

New and Updated Finding Aids - October 2021

Name/Abstract File No.
Church of St. John the Evangelist (Saint Paul, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Parish Records 01433
Video iconRecords of an Episcopal Church parish established in 1881 and located in the Ramsey Hill neighborhood of Saint Paul. Includes historical information, vestry minutes, financial records, subject files, registers of church services, records of parish organizations, scrapbooks, and photographs.

Includes digital content.
Hennepin County: An Inventory of Its Minutes and Reports of County Agencies gr00593
Minutes of the General Hospital Advisory Board, several mental health and corrections organizations, Center Hospital Board, Indian Child Welfare Council, Metropolitan Inter-County Association, Regional Railroad Authority, Personnel Board, and Tuberculosis Control Advisory Board; and reports, other issuances, and scattered minutes from a variety of other county departments, agencies, and programs.
Hennepin County: Bloomington: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr01203
Annual, financial, planning, and miscellaneous reports and other issuances of various city offices, agencies, commissions, and associations.
Hennepin County: Minneapolis: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports of Minneapolis City Agencies gr01592
Includes city charter, annual reports, treasurer's annual reports, controller's bond report, and publications of the public welfare board, health department, general hospital and school of nursing, park and recreation board, police department, buildings department, housing and redevelopment authority, public schools, public works department, fair employment practice commission, and civil rights department.
Patrick and Marilyn Maloney: An Inventory of Their Household Budget Records 01440
Ledgers, expense journals, worksheets, and graphs documenting the annual budgets of a Minnetonka (Minn.) couple (1958-1993). The expense journals contain a chronological listing of expenses which have been totaled monthly and entered into the ledgers according to broad categories including shelter, food, automobile, clothing, medical, income taxes and social security, charity, entertainment and recreation, savings and investments, and miscellaneous. Photocopied articles from "Changing Times" (1970, 1990), describing the Maloneys' budget method and the lifestyle they managed to maintain, are also included.
Metropolitan Council: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr01923
Reports, newsletters, and miscellaneous print and near-print items of or about the Metropolitan Council.
Donald Moe: An Inventory of His Papers 01437
Donald M. Moe, 1970sCampaign files, investigation files, committee agendas and transcripts, legislative files, research, audiovisual, and other materials created during the twenty year legislative career of Donald Moe, former Minnesota State Representative and Senator.
Olmsted County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Indictment and Information Records gr02101
Indictment and information records of the District Court of Olmsted County.
Olmsted County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Judgment Records gr02100
Judgment records of the District Court of Olmsted County.
Chris Osgood: An Inventory of His Papers 01438
Includes materials collected and created by Chris Osgood while working with McNally Smith College of Music and the Resources and Counseling for the Arts' (later renamed Springboard for the Arts), as well as select materials related to Osgood's individual artistic projects, special events, guitar teaching, and musical gigs, including his work with his band The Suicide Commandos.
Ramsey County: St. Paul-Ramsey Hospital: An Inventory of Its Patient Register, Outcall Department gr02087
Patient register, Outcall Department, 1917Register maintained by the Outcall Department of house calls made by staff doctors.

Includes digital content.
Ramsey County: St. Paul-Ramsey Hospital: An Inventory of Its Statistical Record of Contagious Diseases gr02088
Statistical record of contagious diseases, 1922-1926Records of data maintained by the Contagious Disease Department (North Department) on the numbers of cases and patients treated, the various contagious diseases of the patients admitted, and the results of care and treatment at the hospital.

Includes digital content.
Ramsey County: St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center: An Inventory of Its Hospital and Medical Center Records gr00017
Journal and ledger, January 1, 1897 - December 31, 1901 Records documenting the administration and activities of the St. Paul-Ramsey Hospital and Medical Center, and its predecessors, the City and County Hospital, Anker Hospital, and St. Paul-Ramsey Hospital.

Includes digital content.
Regional Transit Board: An Inventory of Its Records gr00247
Records of the Regional Transit Board (RTB), the body legislated to administer the transit needs of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. The materials document the organization, administration, operation, and dissolution of the board, including its relationship to the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC), its role in trying to bring light rail transit to the area, and its various programs involving short-range transit planning, particularly those involving the handicapped and elderly.
Rice County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Tax Lists gr00824
Tax lists for the civil subdivisions of Rice County, recording the taxes assessed and paid on real and personal property.
Roseau County: Barto Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02089
Birth and death registers, 1899-1907; birth, 1903-1904, 1907-1943, 1950, and death, 1914-1940, 1942-1952, certificate records. Also one corrected birth certificate, February 20, 1909.
Roseau County: Dewey Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02090
Birth, 1900-1907, 1915-1939, 1941-1948, and death, 1900-1907, 1916-1944, 1952, records; burial/removal permits, 1908-1941.
Roseau County: Malung Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02091
Birth, 1899-1950, and death, 1894-1907, 1919-1953, records; burial/renewal permits, 1907-1948; and a delayed birth certificate, April 9, 1900.
Roseau County: Neresen Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02092
Birth, 1900-1948, and death, 1900-1950, registers; birth, 1906-1911, and death, 1910-1911, certificate records.
Roseau County: Oaks Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02093
Birth, 1906-1938 (OPEN FOR USE), and death, 1906-1936, records; burial/removal permits, 1912-1937.
Roseau County: Pohlitz Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02094
Birth, 1900-1950, and death, 1899-1950, records; burial/removal permits, 1908-1941.
Roseau County: Skagen Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02095
Birth, 1890-1900, 1907-1948 (OPEN FOR USE), and death, 1895-1900, 1915-1952, records; burial/removal permits, 1924-1936.
Roseau County: Spruce Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02096
Birth, 1893-1948, and death, 1900-1953, records; burial/removal permits, 1908-1941.
Roseau County: Stafford Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02097
Birth, 1890-1912, 1914-1951, and death, 1890-1899, 1914-1953, records; burial/removal permits, 1912-1943.
Roseau County: Stokes Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02098
Birth, 1896-1952, and death, 1896-1952, records; delayed birth certificate, 1906.
Roseau County: Warroad: Municipal Hospital: An Inventory of Its Patient Records gr02099
Maternity patient registers (1924-1973), and death record books (1928-1955).
Transportation Department: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr01312
Reports, newsletters, and miscellaneous print and near-print items of or about the Transportation Department.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Bohler, Christopher E. Christopher E. Bohler collection of 19th century manuscripts, 1861-1894.
Civil War era letters, documents, a photograph, and other ephemera collected by private collector Christopher Bohler. Collection includes letters to and from members of the First Minnesota, including soldiers Frederick Geiser, Charles M. Lockwood, Edward A. Walker, and William Irvine (1861-1864); letter to Third Minnesota soldier Cyrene Blakely from wife Celia Blakely (September 24, 1863); letters, documents, and other ephemera related to various Second Minnesota soldiers (1861-1866); letter from S.J.R. McMillan to Charles Rice (July 3, 1894); and two documents related to Henry Sibley, including a copy of his mustering-out letter and documentation of money paid to three servants of Sibley (1866).
Finch, J.D. J.D. Finch letter to Henry and Mary Poppino, 1857 May 31.
Letter from J.D. Finch, Brownsdale, then Olmsted County, Minnesota Territory, to Henry and Mary Poppino of Perry City, New York, (presumed sister of author) describing life in Brownsdale, the surrounding prairie, and disturbances of Native Americans in the territory. Includes envelope minus stamp.
Mairs, Thomas S. Thomas S. Mairs collection regarding Clara Mairs, 1923-1970.
Materials compiled by Thomas S. Mairs, great-nephew of artist Clara Mairs. Collection includes: sketches by Clara Mairs (undated, 1965); Clement Haupers and Clara Mairs letters and postcards sent to and received from Thomas S. Mairs, Jr., the nephew of Clara (undated, 1941, 1959-1960); exhibition flyers and catalogs (1957, 1961, 1967, 1970); issue of The American Magazine of Art featuring Minnesota artists (1936); and Clara Mairs' "Bird File" consisting of clippings and sketches (undated, 1923-1942).
Minnesota Women in Psychology (Organization). Minnesota Women in Psychology records, 1977-2021.
Newsletters, membership directories, program flyers, twentieth anniversary materials, and miscellaneous papers of a Minnesota-based organization for women in the mental health professions."
Morgan, J.W. J.W. Morgan (St. Louis, Missouri). Letter to My Dear Doct. & friend, 1860 September 19.
Two-paged autographed letter signed detailing Morgan's trip through Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota in search of a place to settle, commenting most favorably on Minnesota. He describes eating in a log cabin, the agricultural bounty of the state, and its healthy animals. He also describes attending a Republican rally in Hannibal, Missouri. Includes typed transcription by the vendor.
Saint Paul Civic Symphony (Saint Paul, Minn.). Saint Paul Civic Symphony records, 1952-2018.
Records of the Saint Paul Civic Symphony, a community-based orchestra. The records include: Board of Directors meeting minutes, budget reports, and committee reports; articles of incorporation and by-laws; press releases; photographs; news clippings, advertisements, and press; performance programs; miscellaneous awards, posters, and ephemera; the Symphony's 40th anniversary concert at the Ordway; independent consultant reports; membership rosters; miscellaneous internal and external correspondence; and materials regarding a Sister City relationship between the Nagasaki Symphony Orchestra and Saint Paul Civic Symphony.
Stevens, Frederick C. (Frederick Clement), 1861-1923. Frederick C. and Ellen J. Stevens scrapbooks, 1897-1916.
Four scrapbooks (1898-1914) documenting Stevens' career as a Republican U.S. Representative from the Minnesota Fourth District (Ramsey County). Included are newspaper clippings and correspondence pertaining to issues Stevens was interested in, mainly: a dam to generate power for Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the University of Minnesota; Panama Canal tolls; the Underwood Tariff bill; and the decrease in troops at Fort Snelling. The correspondence is from constituents, government officials, other congressmen, and friends. Loose material in the scrapbook was removed and placed in a folder. The collection also includes two scrapbooks (1908-1916) kept by Ellen J. Stevens, wife of Congressman Frederick Stevens, while living in Washington, D.C., containing correspondence, memos, clippings, calling cards, invitations, and other ephemera. A separate loose folder of materials is also included for one of these scrapbooks. Lastly, a folder of miscellaneous letters, postcards, speeches, and a political flyer (1897-1917) are also included.

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