What's New -- November 2021

This month we are highlighting the Ramsey County Port Authority of the City of Saint Paul records. We have added two new acquisitions and also digitized the Riverview Industrial Park series.

The Riverview neighborhood of Saint Paul's West Side, also known as the West Side Flats, was declared an Industrial Development District by the city of Saint Paul in August 1960. The neighborhood had a significant Jewish and Latino population. Approximately 520 parcels of land, which contained family homes, businesses, and houses of worship, were assessed and acquired by the city for industrial redevelopment beginning in January 1963. The Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority completed a study of the area which showed that 436 families lived there, most of whom were eligible for public housing.

By digitizing the property assessments, and including the names of the property owners in the coding of the finding aid, we ensure increased access to information about this lost Saint Paul neighborhood and its inhabitants to researchers now and in the future.

PortAuthority110RobertsonJewishChurch "Jewish Church" 110 Robertson

PortAuthoritySweetShop Sweet Shop, 234 E. Filllmore

PortAuthorityMap Riverview Industrial Park Project Maps and Summary Information

New and Updated Finding Aids - November 2021

Name/Abstract File No.
American Refugee Committee: An Inventory of Its Records 01042
Statement of history, April 2010Domestic and international program records, organizational files, correspondence, subject files, publications, printed material, and newspaper clippings from the American Refugee Committee (ARC), a humanitarian relief non-governmental organization (NGO), with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ARC conducts activities across the world in many regions including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, and the Balkans. ARC was founded in 1978 by Neal Ball initially to handle the resettlement of refugees, mainly Cambodians, following the Vietnam War.

Includes digital content.
James Ford Bell and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers 00749
James Ford Bell, Sr.Business and personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, print materials, scrapbooks, diaries, personal reminiscences on a variety of topics and individuals, and other papers of a Minneapolis flour-milling executive who was an active participant in public affairs. Includes diaries, correspondence, and memory books of James Ford Bell's father, James Stroud Bell, and papers of other Bell family members.

Includes digital content.
Benton County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Tax Lists gr02102
Tax lists for the civil subdivisions of Benton County, recording the taxes assessed and paid on real and personal property located in the county.
Conservation Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its White Pine Blister Rust Control Files of Jake Licke gr02115
Records kept by Jacob Licke in his role as district (1929-1963) and state (1963-1965) leader in Minnesota's white pine blister rust control program.
Conwed Corporation: An Inventory of Its Records 00477
Video iconRecords of a St. Paul-based manufacturer of commercial ceiling and interior products, building construction and remodeling products, insulation and padding materials, wooden office furniture, and other products. Includes records of predecessor Wood Conversion Company.

Includes digital content.
Emergency Relief Administration: An Inventory of Its Langland (Harold S.) Files gr02118
Correspondence, memoranda, statistics, reports, administrative bulletins and circulars, and miscellany created or kept by Harold S. Langland, Personnel Director and coordinator of statistical and research projects.
Emergency Relief Administration: An Inventory of Its State Relief Agency Reports and Publications gr02117
Statistical and financial data on programs and budgets of the State Relief Agency, including some predecessor reports of the state Emergency Relief Administration; and project status reports, both narrative and statistical, some containing photographs.
Faribault, Martin and Watonwan Human Service Board: An Inventory of Its Records gr02120
Agenda packets (1977-1978), an annual report (1977), community health services plan (1977), comprehensive plans and budgets (1975-1989), supervisors' minutes (1981-1984), staff newsletters (1980-1985), annual inventories (1974), and reports to the board. Also includes an admissions register for a boys' group home located in Fairmont and operated by the board (1979-1982).
Donald MacKay Fraser: An Inventory of His Papers 00290
Photo collage Papers of a Minneapolis lawyer and politician who served as Minnesota state senator (1954-1962), as U.S. congressman from Minnesota's fifth district (1962-1978), as mayor of Minneapolis (1979-1994), and as a consultant and lecturer in his post-mayoral years (1994-2014). The collection is particularly strong in its documentation of international relations, Democratic party policy and reform, human rights issues, environmental conservation, and women's issues in the 1960s and 1970s.

Includes digital content.
Hennepin County: Excelsior Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02119
Minute books (1892-1949), road order books and petitions (1880-1941), and financial records (1858-1946). The latter include clerk's books (1890-1948), clerk's register of poor relief (1935-1945), treasurer's account books (1886-1897, 1906-1921, 1933-1961) and statements of receipts and disbursements (1912-1956), and certificates of sums voted (1924-1925). The treasurer's account books include records of the Village of Shorewood for June 1956-December 1961.
Legislature: Joint Committee Investigating the Stillwater State Prison: An Inventory of Its Records gr01979
Headphones iconRecords, including tapes and transcripts of hearings, correspondence and subject files, staff interviews, reports, and background information, of the joint legislative investigating committee formed to study the needs and workings of the state prison.

Includes digital content.
Natural Resources Department: Fish and Wildlife Division: An Inventory of Its Director's Subject Files and Related Records gr02116
Correspondence, memoranda, circular letters, reports, statistics, and similar materials pertaining to the general administration, activities, and policies of the Fish and Wildlife Division (previously Game and Fish Division). They are primarily the files of Milo Casey, division director through 1976, and David B. Vesall, deputy director and director.
Natural Resources Department: Forestry Division: An Inventory of Its Brainerd Office Files gr02114
Files of the Forestry Division's Brainerd regional office (Region 1 until 1969, then Region 3), which was responsible for forestry operations across central Minnesota, and of the region's Brainerd area office (Area 4 until 1963, then Area 31). Both are headquartered in the city of Brainerd, and for a time shared office facilities.
New Century Club (St. Paul, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Records 00073
Historical information; articles of incorporation and bylaws; minutes; treasurer's journals and records; meeting presentations and papers; programs and yearbooks; oral histories; and miscellaneous related records of a women's literary club organized in 1887 to promote social and literary activities and to provide intellectual stimulation for its members.
Otter Tail County: New York Mills: An Inventory of Its Justice and Municipal Court Records gr02110
Justice of the peace dockets (1913-1973) and municipal court records (1934-1941).
Ramsey County: Saint Paul: Mayor: An Inventory of Its Records gr02113
Subject files (undated and 1971-2007); policies (undated, 1977-1995); and files regarding sister cities (1976-2004).
Ramsey County: Saint Paul: Mayor: Coleman: An Inventory of Its Files of Mayor Norm Coleman gr02112
Files documenting Norm Coleman's tenure as mayor of St. Paul. They include subject files (1994-2001); speeches, including his State of the City addresses (1993-1996); awards presented to the mayor (1994-2001); correspondence (1993); news releases (1994-1998); and related records.
Ramsey County: Saint Paul: Mayor: Kelly: An Inventory of Its Files of Mayor Randy Kelly gr02111
Files documenting Randy Kelly's tenure as mayor of St. Paul. They include correspondence (2002-2005) and subject (2001-2005) files.
Ramsey County: Saint Paul: Port Authority: An Inventory of Its Records gr01125
Planning for Progress quarterly, June 1976Annual reports (1964-1994, incomplete); minutes (1964-1983, incomplete); financial statements (1969-1986) and budget materials (1976-1981); board minutes, meeting files, and agendas (1932-2017); committee minutes and agendas (1989-2012); resolutions (1963-2017); photographs (undated, 1970-1976); project files concerning Riverview Industrial Park (1893, 1961-1962); legal opinions (1947-1991); and published materials (1938-2005) documenting the work of this city agency that acts as a public economic development corporation for the city of St. Paul and the East Metro area.

Includes digital content.
Arlen Stangeland: An Inventory of His Moorhead Office Congressional Files 01066
Arlen StangelandProject files, legislative files, political and election files, biographical information, and similar material from the Moorhead, Minnesota office of Republican congressman Arlan Stangeland, who represented the state's seventh congressional district from 1977 to 1991. The bulk of the collection relates to legislation affecting the seventh district, and to federally-supported projects within the district.

Includes digital content.
Stearns County: Cold Spring: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02103
Birth and death registers (1900-1907), and birth (1908-1928, 1937-1953) and death (1914-1928, 1937-1953) certificate records.
Stearns County: Krain Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02104
Birth and death registers (1872-1907), birth and death certificate record (1908-1953), and burial/removal permits (1944-1945).
Stearns County: Le Sauk Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02105
Birth (1888-1908) and death (1889-1907) registers, birth (1908-1946, 1950-1951) and death (1910-1952) certificate registers, and burial permits (1913-1937).
Stearns County: Melrose: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02106
Birth and death registers (1888-1907) and certificate record books (1908-1913, 1918-1954); and a burial permit (1946).
Stearns County: Melrose: Public Hospital: An Inventory of Its Maternity and Death Records gr02107
Maternity registers (1925-1979) and death record books (1925-1975).
Stearns County: Paynesville: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02108
Birth and death register (1887-1900) and certificate records (1908-1953), and burial permits (1910-1940).
Stearns County: Sauk Centre: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02109
Birth (1884-1908) and death (1885-1908) registers, birth (1907-1953) and death (1908-1953) certificates, and stillbirth certificates (1951-1953).

New and Updated Catalog Records

Ingerson, Ashbel, 1827-1897. Ashbel Ingerson Civil War letters, 1860-1865.
Ten letters written by Ashbel Ingerson, Fifth Regiment Minnesota, Company F, during the US Civil War. All letters are handwritten by Ingerson and addressed to his wife Sarah. One letter is addressed to both his wife and Br. Charles. Letters are sent from the following locations: Selma; Camp Clear Creek; Corinth; Vicksburg; Atlanta; New York; and Morehead, North Carolina. A detailed index that summarizes contextual information of each letter is filed with the letters.
Marsh (Family: Marsh, George H., 1833-1902). Marsh family letters, 1854-1875.
Approximately thirty-five letters of George H. Marsh (1833-1902) and John Quincy Adams Marsh (1826-1915) from Mankato (Minn.), principally to John L. Pierce, of South Londonderry and, later, Chester (Vt.) [Pierce was married to George and John's sister Ellen]. The letters discuss travel to Minnesota from New England, economic conditions in Mankato, relations with the Native Americans, and land dealings. After 1870, the letters concern primarily land dealings. Also includes a four-page edition of The Mankato Weekly Record (Vol. IV, no. 6, February 21, 1863) depicting the execution of thirty-eight Dakota and containing annotations by J.Q.A. Marsh.
Textbook collection of the Minnesota Historical Society.
Historic textbooks (chiefly 19th century) by various authors and publishers covering a range of subjects including English, history, philosophy, Biblical studies, government, business, arithmetic, science, languages (French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Middle English-Anglo Saxon, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish), education, physical education, home economics, music, art education.

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