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Muslim Sheroes of Minnesota Digital Shorts

Muslim Sheroes of MinnesotaWe are pleased to have been able to aquire and catalog this new collection of Muslim Sheroes of Minnesota Digital Shorts from Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment.

The shorts, which serve as a storytelling series, document women trailblazers in the Minnesota Muslim community in areas including but not limited to business, faith, science, health, and community. Some shorts were created in conjunction with TPT and others were created exclusively by RISE.

Tom Hoover Drag Racing Papers

Tom HooverAll manner of interesting and unusual manuscript collections come through our doors and are organized, cataloged, and made available to researchers. That's part of the great fun of being an archival collections cataloger at the Minnesota Historical Society. Papers of business corporations, United States senators, governors, foundations, rock bands, churches, small businesses, and now the Tom Hoover Drag Racing Papers.

Hoover, son of the owner of a Minneapolis wheel alignment shop, got into drag racing as a young man. He eventually began racing Funny Cars, a vehicle with a tilt-up body made of fiberglass or carbon-fiber that looks much like a standard manufacturer's model Dodge, Ford, Chevy, or Toyota, over a custom-made chassis. His team included father George and his wife Betten. It was a family enterprise. They participated in races all over the country.

The collection includes illustrated articles from racing magazines focusing on Hoover and his cars, and nice oversize color photographs of Hoover's cars and his team at races, as well as information about Hoover and his family, his racing career, and some posters and original artist's drawings of racing cars.

New and Updated Finding Aids - February 2022

Name/Abstract File No.
Auditor: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr02169
Variety of records dealing with school and railroad bonds; timber sales; university, school,
internal improvement, and railroad lands; and numerous other topics handled by the auditor's office.
Alvin Del Chamblee: An Inventory of His Papers 00420
Headphones iconScrapbooks and audio-taped recitals of an African-American singer, actor, playwright, and painter.

Includes digital content.
Chisago County: Franconia Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02175
Clerk's record books and registers of orders (1858-1973); clerk's road record books (1870-1957); treasurer's account books (1897-1926); registers of births and deaths (1870-1953); chattel mortgage file book (1884-1896) and related records (1877-1919); and record of board of health proceedings (1894-1899).
Finance Department: An Inventory of Its State of Minnesota Financial Reports gr02172
Annual /biennial financial reports of the State of Minnesota; 1973 to 1981 entitled State of Minnesota Financial Report (1973-1981), Annual Financial Report (1982), and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (1983-).
Finance Department: Budget Support Division: An Inventory of Its Records gr02173
Proposed legislation files and fiscal notes files, providing estimates of the fiscal impact of proposed and introduced legislation.
Finance Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Subject Files of Wayne S. Burggraaff gr02174
Files on an energy study by John Kari, on contract with the Metropolitan Council; and miscellaneous subject files on personnel management, community development, and general departmental administration.
The Garden Club of Ramsey County: An Inventory of Its Records 00637
Garden Club of Ramsey CountyConstitutions and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, membership directories, events and program files, newspaper clippings, committee reports, histories, and financial records of a garden club located in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Green Giant Company: An Inventory of Its Records 01270
Green Giant and How He's GrownFinancial and payroll data, examples of advertising and product labels and packaging, and other records of a Le Sueur, Minnesota-based vegetable canning company established in 1903 as the Minnesota Valley Canning Company, and whose business lines eventually included frozen foods, garden centers, restaurants, and other ventures. The collection includes historical information about the company and related and predecessor firms, research and development activities, and about migrant agricultural laborers in the employ of the firm.

Includes digital content.
Hennepin County: Greenwood Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02176
Clerk's books (1874-1958), treasurer's books (1895-1967), chattel mortgage record books (1875-1913), road book (1882-1914), and miscellaneous papers (1943-1983), including poll lists, election results, minutes, legal materials, and a City of Greenfield zoning map (1983).
Hennepin County: Wayzata: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02180
Birth and death register (1887-1907), birth and death records (1908-1941), birth and death certificates (1941-1946, 1950-1953), and burial permits (1908-1923).
Hennepin County: Wayzata: An Inventory of Its Cemetery Records gr02181
Wayzata Cemetery Association minute book (1882-1906), Old Wayzata Cemetery record of deaths (1855-1897, 1905) and Greenlawn Cemetery record of internments (1909-1923).
Tom Hoover: An Inventory of His Drag Racing Papers 01444
Tom HooverPapers of a Minnesota drag racer and racing enthusiast. Includes clippings and publicity files; photographs of cars, crews, and races; racing publications featuring Hoover and the family's racing cars; news clippings; and posters and original drawings. The collection contains information about the development of Chrysler's Hemi engine by Tom Hoover (1929-2015) and his colleagues.
Human Services Department: An Inventory of Its Organization/Reorganization Files gr02170
Studies and background materials mainly relating to the 1984 organization and subsequent reorganizations of the Human Services Department, and its predecessor, the Public Welfare Department
Human Services Department: Residential Program Management Division: An Inventory of Its Regional Treatment Centers Management Plans gr02171
Mainly annual management plans/reports, with supporting correspondence, submitted to the division by the regional treatment centers. There are also mission statements and organizational charts of the centers collected by the division, the division's work plans for the centers, and its residential facilities manual.
Itasca County: Board of County Commissioners: An Inventory of Its Records gr02178
Minutes and resolutions, and agenda packets.
Itasca County: Recorder: An Inventory of Its Deeds, Mortgages, Miscellaneous Records, and Lien Records gr02179
Recorder's reels nos. 1, 1A, 2-58, [58-A], and 59-130, comprise deed books A-Z and 1-246. Recorder's reels nos. 131A and 131-198, comprise mortgage books A-Z and 1-120. Miscellaneous Records include assorted filings received and registered by the recorder's office. Recorder's reels nos. 199A and 199-233, comprise record books A, 1-4, and 13-93. Recorder's reels nos. 241-246, comprising lien books 1-13.
Wayne D. Jorgenson: An Inventory of His Collected Civil War Materials 01442
A random assortment of Civil War-era records and papers relating to individuals who served in various Minnesota units, collected by an Eden Prairie, Minnesota author. Includes diaries, discharge certificates, appointment certificates, a draft notice, some photographs, some correspondence, a certificate appointing Alfred Sully colonel of the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and a muster roll for Company A of the First Minnesota.
Kanabec County: Grass Lake Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02177
Clerk's books (1891-1974), treasurer's account books (1949-1982) and annual statements (1906-1973), justice of the peace docket books (1894-1931), road records (1888-1921), election records (1910-1972), annual town meeting minutes (1906-1955) and poll lists (1911-1973), town orders (1909-1973), wolf bounty certificates (1919-1920), burial permits (1907-1918), audit board minutes/lists (1906-1949), and the Andree Rural Telephone Company 1929 annual report to the state Railroad and Warehouse Commission.
Planning Agency: Office of Local and Urban Affairs: An Inventory of the Governor’s Rural Development Conference Proceedings and Summary Report gr02153
Headphones iconSummary report, conference proceedings (audio recordings), and a twenty-seven minute highlight audio recording, of this one day conference convened December 13, 1972 at Moorhead State College, Moorhead, Minnesota, to highlight the potential of the Rural Development Act of 1972.

Includes digital content.
Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment: An Inventory of Their Muslim Sheroes of Minnesota Digital Shorts sv000591
Annie QaiserTwelve digital shorts of Sheroes chosen and filmed by the Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment (RISE). The shorts, which serve as a storytelling series, document women trailblazers in the Minnesota Muslim community in areas including but not limited to business, faith, science, health, and community. Some shorts were created in conjunction with TPT and others were created exclusively by RISE.

Includes digital content.
Secretary of State: An Inventory of Its Land Survey Field Notes gr00507
Field notebooks kept by federal government surveyors as they laid out the exterior and subdivision lines of each Minnesota township. Also an interior index.
Soo Line Railroad Company: An Inventory of Its Company Records 00343
Video iconRecords of Minneapolis-based Soo Line Railroad Company, a grain and timber products carrier serving the upper Midwest and providing U.S. connections for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Included are records of predecessor companies Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad, Wisconsin Central Railroad, and Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad, as well as more than 80 other branch lines, predecessors, subsidiaries, and related companies.

Includes digital content.
Traverse County: Arthur Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02168
Birth and death register (1881-1900) and birth (1908-1945) and death (1908-1952) certificates. Includes permits for burial or removal.
Washington County: Marine: An Inventory of Its Records gr02142
Clerk's record book (1875-1912); financial records of the village and its fire department and firemen's relief association; a chattel mortgage record (1896-1913); road tax records; election records; and assorted miscellany.
James M. Youngdale: An Inventory of His Collected Civil War Materials 01443
Political campaign materials; newspaper clippings; drafts of articles, monographs, and theses; teaching materials; and some correspondence documenting Youngdale's participation in the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party (1946-1981), Independent Voters of Minnesota (1946-1948), the Progressive Party (1948), the Americans for Democratic Action (1969-1975), the New Democratic Coalition (1968-1970), National Farmers Organization and other agricultural groups, and a number of pro-peace groups (1960s) protesting the Vietnam War. Youngdale, a farmer from Benson (Minn.), was a veteran of World War II, and later taught at the University of Minnesota and other institutions.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Swanson, Thor W., collector. Paul P. Swanson Army deceased personnel file, 1910-2008 (bulk 1943-1949).
Department of the Army Individual Deceased Personnel File of Air Force pilot Paul Swanson, of Minneapolis, who was lost in New Guinea in 1944 during World War II. The file was assembled in 2007-2008 and consists of photocopied documents relating to Swanson's military service, his death, the recovery of his partial remains and burial (as an unknown soldier), disinterment, and their eventual identification and reinterment in a military cemetery in the Philippines.

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