What's New -- April 2022

By April Rodriguez

Interested in two-for-one companion travel specials?

Come fly with Republic Airlines or ride with us on Jefferson Bus Lines!

The Minnesota Historical Society holds the Jefferson Transportation Company records and the Republic Airlines records. The media digitization team recently completed the digitization of the audio, video, and film materials within the collection.

Making the ride the best that it can be!

The digitized materials in the Jefferson Transportation Company mostly consist of radio spots, video of past employees reminiscing about the company, and a few home movies of the Zelle family.

Some highlight are:

•Both reminiscing footage contains photos of buses and bus drivers from the early 1900s through the 1940's, showing the progression of bus models and bus driver's uniforms.

The Big Sand Lake home movies, July-August 1930. One of the most amazing impromptu contortion performances I've ever seen starts around the ninth minute.

Energy saver public service announcement, May 7, 1980 asks the people of Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Minnesota to help with the energy issues by utilizing public transportation when possible and or consider ride sharing.

Nobody serves our Republic like Republic Airlines!

Digitized materials from the Republic Airlines records mostly consist of advertisements and company news.

Some highlights are:

In Republic video newsletter, June 9, 1982, the advertising manager breaks down their latest series of commercials featuring real customer feedback and celebrity cameos.

Good People Make Our Airline Great, undated gives viewers a look into what it takes to run an airline company.

I'd also like to point out that historical records can sometimes include offensive materials. For example: Bonanza Air Lines, Wild West (undated) contains Native American tropes, and Radio Interview of West Coast Airlines Stewards (undated) can be construed through today's lens as discriminatory and sexualizing women. Archives still provide access to historical records to the public to be researched and analyzed. From our Sensitive Material & Take-Down Notice note:

The Minnesota Historical Society is the home of many culturally significant and sometimes sensitive items. Some material may contain terms that reflect the creators' views, or those of the period in which the materials were created, written, or recorded, but may not be considered appropriate today. These views are not necessarily the views of the Minnesota Historical Society.

Jefferson bus lines reminiscence with unknown person, undated Jefferson bus lines reminiscence with unknown person, undated

Unknown person from The Big Sand Lake home movies, July-August 1930 Unknown person from The Big Sand Lake home movies, July-August 1930

Hughes Air West top banana, June 11, 1976 Hughes Air West top banana, June 11, 1976

Republic video newsletter, June 9 Republic video newsletter, June 9

Good People Make Our Airline Great, undated Good People Make Our Airline Great, undated

New and Updated Finding Aids - April 2022

Name/Abstract File No.
Frazer Arnold : An Inventory of His Papers Relating to Wilbur Foshay 01450
Portrait of Wilbur Burton Foshay Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, minute books, and other papers relating to Minneapolis businessman and power company operator Wilbur Burton Foshay and to his W. B. Foshay Company. The papers largely focus on the company and on the trials (1931-1933) of Foshay and his associate, Henry Henley, for mail fraud, and on efforts to secure pardons for the men after they were convicted and sent to Leavenworth Prison. Much of the material was collected or originated by Frazer Arnold, a Colorado attorney who was Foshay's business associate and friend.
Clay County: Ulen Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02230
Town record/clerk's books (1882-1891, 1906-1979), treasurer's books (1926-1959, 1969-1978) and annual statements (1969-1983), annual meeting proceedings (1969-1982), audit board annual reports (1969-1981), road record book (1883-1977), and poll lists (1978-1989).
Education Department: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports at the Minnesota Historical Society gr00435
Reports, newsletters, and miscellaneous print and near-print items of or about the Education Department. The records cover all aspects of the department's duties and activities, including curriculum, rules and regulations, standards, administration, school finance, development, Indian education, instruction, foreign languages, pupil personnel services, libraries, management, planning, equal educational opportunity, professions development, school facilities and transportation, special education, statistics, teacher certification and placement, vocational rehabilitation, and vocational-technical education.
Education Department: Development and Partnership Division: An Inventory of Its Records of Assistant Commissioner Nan Skelton gr02226
Records include AIDS prevention files, legislation files, secondary vocational education restructuring files, Whole Child Initiative program files, and selected subject files.
Future Now (Organization): An Inventory of Its Records 01088
Future Now logo Annual reports, articles of incorporation, bylaws, financial statements, minutes, administrative files, and client and potential client files of a Twin Cities-based consulting firm working to advance progressive issues through the training of and consultation with members of local environmental, neighborhood, cooperative, social justice, and similar organizations.
Aloysius F. Grengs: An Inventory of His Papers m341
HeadphonesAutobiographical scrapbooks (1889-1977) reproduced on microfilm, loose photocopies (1889-1988), a few photographs (1932, 1974), and audio cassettes (1976-1987) documenting Grengs' life as an agricultural laborer, truck driver, carpenter, construction worker, and inventor in various locales in Minnesota, South Dakota, and the West. They also reflect his youth in Yellow Medicine County (Minn.), his family life, his health, the management of his household, and his personal interests.

Includes digital content.
James J. Hill: An Inventory of His Papers 00698
James J. HillCorrespondence, financial records, legal documents, diaries, blueprints, maps, publications, speeches, biographical data, newspaper clippings, and photographs related to the personal and business dealings of St. Paul railroad baron and business magnate James J. Hill.

Includes digital content.
Japanese American Citizens' League. Twin Cities Chapter: An Inventory of Its Organizational Records 01447
Japanese American Citizens' League logo Correspondence, minutes, newsletters, photographs, and a scrapbook of the Twin Cities (Minnesota) chapter of a national organization established in 1929 to promote and protect the welfare and civil rights of persons of Japanese ancestry in the United States, and whose scope was later broadened to include all Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
Jefferson Transportation Company: An Inventory of Its Records 00474
Video iconRecords of a Minneapolis-based bus company that was also involved in retail and hotel projects in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Includes business records of subsidiary, related, and acquired bus companies, and personal and business papers of long-time company president Edgar F. Zelle and other members of the Zelle family.

Includes digital content.
Kandiyohi County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Pupil Record Cards gr02228
Pupil record cards from the Kandiyohi County superintendent of schools.
Kandiyohi County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School Census gr02227
The bulk of the census begin in 1909, some, however, begin later. Most end with the district's consolidation/dissolution, some as early as 1935; others not until 1970. Following the main body of Kandiyohi district census are census for Kandiyohi residents who attended schools in districts headquartered in adjoining counties (Meeker, Renville, Stearns, and Swift) and St. John's Private School (1924).
Kandiyohi County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Teachers Insurance and Retirement Fund Records gr02229
Record book (1919-1937) and card files (1919-1955). They record teacher's name, post office address, years of teaching experience and years with the district, annual salary, amount deducted, and related data.
Frederick E. Kroeger: An Inventory of His Papers 01449
Portrait of Frederick E. Kroeger Notes, diaries, and log books, a photograph album, a clippings scrapbook, a scrapbook of military documents and service-related materials, and related miscellany of a Wells, Minnesota World War II United States Navy bomber pilot who served in the Pacific Theater, and who later worked as a high school teacher.
Legislature: An Inventory of Its House and Senate Bills (Legislative Set) gr00675
Consists of the final signed copies of House files, Senate files, chapter files, and resolutions.
Legislature: Electronic Real Estate Recording Commission: An Inventory of Its Meeting Files gr00561
Meeting files of the Electronic Real Estate Recording Commission [ERERC] (2008-2019), and its predecessor, the Electronic Real Estate Recording Task Force [ERER] (2000-2008).
Mike Lynch: An Inventory of His Papers 01366
Mike LynchPersonal papers of painter Mike Lynch. Papers include sketchbooks and loose sketch pages; journals; art instruction books; business records; project files, including research on pigments and the Gold Metal Flour Mill Elevator; select prints; other childhood and professional ephemera; and clippings scrapbooks.

Includes digital content.
Minnesota Academy of Science: An Inventory of Its Records 01448
Records documenting the history, administration, and activities of the Minnesota Academy of Science (1873-1986) and a number of related organizations including the National Science Foundation (1953-1971), the Minnesota Junior Academy of Science (1936-1986), the Minnesota Science Teachers Association (1963-1972), and the Minnesota Environmental Resources Council (1969-1974). The records include correspondence, bylaws, minutes, financial records, registers and lists, annual reports, contracts, programs, reports, field journals, manuals, newsletters, and newspaper clippings.
Minnesota Experimental City Authority: An Inventory of Its Records gr01633
HeadphonesRecords documenting the unsuccessful attempt to build a planned city in northeastern Minnesota in the early 1970s.

Includes digital content.
Ramsey County: St. Paul: School Records: Independent School District No. 625: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous School Materials gr00531
Photographs, histories, dedication programs, design development proposals, correspondence, reports, newsletters, handbooks, scrapbooks, and other assorted materials documenting over 100 St. Paul elementary, junior high, high, and special schools.
Republic Airlines: An Inventory of Its Records 00358
Republic making airwaves, July 1, 1979Corporate records and subject files related to Republic Airlines (1979-1986) and its predecessor and acquired lines, including North Central Airlines (1952-1979) and its predecessor, Wisconsin Central Airlines (ca.1940s-1952); Southern Airways (ca.1940-1979); and Air West/Hughes Airwest (1968-1980) and its predecessors, Bonanza Air Lines (ca.1940s-1968), Southwest Airways (ca.1940s-1958), Pacific Air Lines (ca.1958-1968), and West Coast Airlines (ca.1940s-1968).

Includes digital content.
Secretary of State: Election Division: An Inventory of Its Election Returns gr00676
Abstracts of votes for national, state, and county candidates, including special elections, supplemented by precinct summary statements, computer printouts, and related correspondence.
United States Surveyor General of Minnesota: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Maps and Lists gr02231
Plat maps and sketches showing progress of the Minnesota land survey, Indian reservation boundaries, part of the Fort Ripley and Red River Road, plats available from Jewett and Son, a list of townships surveyed, hand-drawn or blueprint plats of various towns and cities, and assorted survey plats of north central Minnesota.
Wilkin County: Atherton Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02223
Birth and death registers (1889-1948), and birth (1911-1914) and death (1949-1951) certificate records.
Wilkin County: Breckenridge: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02224
Birth and death certificate record (1887-1953; typed transcriptions); birth and death certificate registers (1921-1953); and permits for burial or removal (1932-1946).
Wilkin County: Rothsay: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02225
Birth (1892-1907, 1913-1940, 1943-1949) and death (1892-1953) records, and burial/removal permits (1924-1953).

New and Updated Catalog Records

Dahl (Family : Dahl, Arthur). Arthur and Theodore Dahl papers, 1897-1994 (bulk 1917-1945).
Papers encompassing the military careers of brothers Arthur and Theodore Dahl from Hutchinson, Minnesota. Arthur Dahl's papers include: his original WWI enlistment certificate (1917); appointment certificate to the rank of sergeant to the U.S. Army, 13th Field Artillery (February 22, 1918); military leave permission form while Dahl served in France (October 19, 1918); Treasury Department bond letters sent to Dahl (1936); Order to Report for Induction (1942); WWII discharge certificates (1944); WWII company examination documents and special orders (1942-1943); a copy of a Swedish language baptism certificate for Arthur (1897); a short history regarding the 181st Station Hospital (1944); five postcards from his stations in Europe (1917-1918); one small U.S. Army memo book (approximately 1942); and letters written to his parents and younger siblings during WWI and WWII (1918-1945). Materials from Theodore include: one color photograph of him in his admiral uniform (undated); a graduation portrait photograph from the Naval Academy (1927); a photocopied booklet of ""Pohems by Dahl,"" which are published transcriptions of poems he had written in Swedish brogue during his naval career to entertain his compatriots (1930-1952); a folder of letters written to his family in Minnesota while serving in the Pacific (1943-1944, 1944-1949); and a letter to Theodore Dahl from Charles S. Adams, a fellow veteran who served under Dahl when he was a Rear Admiral on the U.S.S. Belleau Wood (October 25, 1994).

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