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Hubert H. Humphrey We are excited to announce the addition of 19 series inventories to the online finding aid for the Hubert H. Humphrey Papers, representing 178 boxes of files.

Hubert Humphrey (1911-1978) represented Minnesota for many years in the United States Senate, and for four years (1965-1969) as Vice President of the United States.

This is a continuation of an inventory conversion project begun in 2020 during Covid (when staff were working from home). Online inventories of the Humphrey Papers were created from paper inventories that filled 6 loose-leaf notebooks in the Gale Family Library reading room.

The 19 additional series are designated "Additional Files" and have been added to the end of the existing online Humphrey Papers inventory.

This follows the addition of 12 series inventories last May, which mostly document Humphrey's final senate terms (1971-1978) and represent some 450 boxes.

We now have online access to a finding aid of 2336 boxes in 92 record series, all now electronically searchable. This is a major accomplishment which will greatly facilitate research in the Humphrey Papers, one of our largest and most high-profile collections.

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New and Updated Finding Aids - November 2022

Name/Abstract File No.
Chippewa County: Kragero Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02303
Town record books/clerk's books (1873-1922, 1938-1980); treasurer's receipt and disbursement register (1880-1941), books (1942-1947), and annual statements (1901-1978; incomplete); annual meeting proceedings (1917); audit board annual reports (1917-1918, 1939-1980); road order (1877) and road weight restriction placard (undated); and election records (undated, 1944-1980), including poll lists.
Dakota County: Inver Grove Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02302
Clerk's books/town record books (1858-1917, 1919-1965), audit board annual reports (1921, 1923), and treasurer's annual statements (1918, 1921).
Glen Lake State Sanatorium: An Inventory of Its Maintenance Department Subject Files gr02306
Correspondence, minutes, reports, memoranda, background files, proposals, policies, and specifications documenting the work of this department. Topics covered include alarm and security systems, asbestos and PCB testing in the 1980s, remodeling and rehabilitation of the various buildings, well and water reports, roads, fire and health inspections, pollution, and severe weather procedures.
Glen Lake State Sanatorium: An Inventory of Its Medical Staff/Administrative Meeting Minutes gr02307
Minutes of the weekly medical staff meetings (1925-1962) and weekly (1963-1979) and monthly (1979-1988) medical/administration meetings. The early minutes deal exclusively with the medical treatments and policies of the sanatorium, and the professional activities of the medical staff. The later minutes, while continuing to deal with the above, also cover the various administrative and financial aspects of the sanatorium/nursing home's operation.
Glen Lake State Sanatorium: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Minutes and Reports gr02308
Minutes and reports of various sanatorium and nursing home bodies, including meetings of the computer task force, department heads and supervisors, head nurses, housekeeping, management team, medical director, nurses/resident program, resident council, social services department, and volunteer advisory board; and the following committees: biweekly, chaplaincy advisory, ethics, executive, infection control, medical records, patient/resident care policies, patient services, physical plant, safety, and union and management.
Glen Lake State Sanatorium: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr02309
Guest register (1918-1990) of visitors to the sanatorium and rest home, including various organizations' attendees that held meetings at the facility and people who attended the annual homecoming celebrations and the special 75th anniversary celebration held in August, 1990.
Glen Lake State Sanatorium: An Inventory of Its Nursing Procedures Records gr02310
Individual files documenting various nursing procedures used at the sanatorium/nursing home, including medical treatments, general care, emergency plans, record keeping, and personal hygiene.
Headwaters Regional Development Commission: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr02301
Plans, programs, studies, and reports covering programs and projects in the Headwaters RDC area. They include Headwaters RDC programs plans, work programs, and audits, and various reports, studies, and plans covering such topics as economic development plans and projections, area agencies on aging, roadway improvement, Bemidji-International Falls rail right-of-way re-use, peat development, outdoor recreation, regional transportation, land use, and water resources.
Hennepin County: Medical Examiner: An Inventory of Its Medical Examiner Case Files With Index gr02299
Index cards (1964-1980) and medical examiner case files (1964-1980). Index cards arranged in chronological order, and thereunder, in alphabetical order by name. Case files arranged in numerical order by case file number. The rolls for the 1980 case files are labelled "Deceased Records."
Hubert H. Humphrey: An Inventory of His Papers 00720
Hubert H. HumphreyPapers of a Democratic United States senator from Minnesota and Vice President of the United States. Include sets of files detailing various aspects of Humphrey's life and career, including his service as mayor of Minneapolis (1945-1948), his first tenure as United States Senator (1949-1964), his service as Lyndon B. Johnson's Vice President (1965-1969), his final terms as United States Senator (1971-1978), materials pertaining to election campaigns, and to his family and personal life.

Includes digital content.
Minnesota Work Projects Administration: An Inventory of Its Records of Minneapolis Public Works Projects 01473
Three-ring binders containing history, legislation, diagrams and plats of streets, highways, alleys, building blocks, and suburban developments relating to several Work Projects Administration projects in Minneapolis and in some nearby suburban communities.
Morrison County: Morrison-Todd-Wadena Community Health Services: An Inventory of Its Records gr02300
Annual reports, bylaws, minutes, resolutions, and related records of this joint community health board serving the residents of the three-county area and it's predecessor and sister organizations the Cass-Todd-Wadena and Morrison Community Health Services and the Four County Advisory Committee and Executive Committee that included Cass, Todd, Wadena, and Morrison Counties.
Morrison County: Public Health Advisory Committee: An Inventory of Its Records gr01971
Records of this local public health advisory committee serving the residents of Morrison County. Includes meeting minutes, advisory committee handbook, correspondence, and related records.
Pine County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Records gr02198
Arlone.Road record books (1874-1933); plats (undated and 1938) including townships, town sites, subdivisions, and villages; and subject files (1870-2004).

Includes digital content.
Scott County: Highway Department: An Inventory of Its Bloomington Ferry Bridge Records gr02305
Records related to the construction of the Bloomington Ferry Bridge (5,850 feet in length) which was completed in 1996 and connects Hennepin County and Scott County. The bridge passes through the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The project involved coordination among several county, state and federal entities, including MnDOT (Department of Transportation), the Minnesota DNR and PCA (Department of Natural Resources and Pollution Control Agency ), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and several others.
Secretary of State: An Inventory of Its Session Laws at the Minnesota Historical Society gr00487
Acts of the Minnesota Legislature as passed in each year's legislative session. Laws of a permanent nature are subsequently incorporated in the Minnesota Statutes that are coded laws. The Laws of Minnesota also include uncoded laws, including appropriations, proposed constitutional amendments, local laws, and effective date sections.
Wabasha County: Lake City: An Inventory of Its Records gr02304
Chattel mortgage register (1872-1913); election records (1880s-1976), including poll lists and election returns; appraisals of city property (1959, 1964, 1968): a 1968 audit report; and correspondence and related materials (1930s-1960s). The latter include information on city council members, city employees, and water front property; city (1948), business (1954) and slip space (1946) maps; and a 1965 financial statement.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Macdonald, Frances Jeane. Frances Jeane Macdonald papers, 1974-2021 (bulk 1974-1975).
The papers include a journal and caricature sketches created and maintained by Frances Jeane Macdonald (formerly Aiken), who was a professional Honeywell illustrator and served as a juror in the trial United States v. Banks and Means (Wounded Knee) in 1974. The collection also includes press clippings, poetry, photographs, articles, brochures, and pamphlets related to the trial, which were collected by Macdonald and her father Myles F. Aiken (1974-1975, 2013, 2021). The journal and a scrapbook of clippings includes an attached short note written by Macdonald, which provides history and context for each volume (1974, 2021). The caricature sketches were done by Macdonald during the trial, and published in various newspapers. Copies and reproductions of the caricature sketches are included (approximately 1974, 2021). The papers also consists of a certificate of appreciation for Macdonald's participation in the trial (1974) and a photograph of Dennis Banks given to Macdonald after the trial (approximately 1974).

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