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Hundreds of vintage Green Giant Company film advertisements are now available to view online in our collection's finding aid! Many of these came at a time when home frozen vegetables and ready meals became popular, and some even feature the Green Giant's apprentice Little Green Sprout. Also included are employee films, promotion plans, and footage of Corn on the Curb Days (now known as the annual Giant Days Celebration) in Le Sueur, MN.

This material was initially transferred from the Le Sueur County Historical Society and was digitized by Saving Tape Media Conversion in Minneapolis. Since these rarely had official titles, they're represented in the finding aid with the shorthand they were labelled as.

The Green Giant Company had its beginnings in 1903 as the Minnesota Valley Canning Company. Its famous green giant advertising icon was created in reference to the company's large Prince of Wales peas, and his image was featured in advertisements and on can labels and packaging. In fact, the company's name was changed to Green Giant Company in 1950 owing to the success of the figure.

In 1999 the Jolly Green Giant was judged one of the top ten advertising images of the twentieth century by AdAge magazine, in company with the Marlboro Man, Ronald McDonald, Betty Crocker, the Energizer Bunny, and the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Green Giant and How He's Grown

New and Updated Finding Aids - December 2022

Name/Abstract File No.
Adjutant General: An Inventory of Its Records of the Second Minnesota Volunteer Infantry gr02315
Includes two lists of clothing issued (May and November 1863) by Quartermaster Lieutenant S. DeWitte Parsons of Company D, Second Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, to company commander Captain John Moulton; voucher no. 6 concerning condemned garrison equipage (March 1863) issued by Captain John Moulton; an invoice for snare drum and drumsticks (January 1864) issued by Lt. Minor C. Humston, Fourth Kentucky Regiment quartermaster, transferring the equipment to Captain John Moulton; a list of articles of clothing issued by Captain John Moulton (June 30, 1863); and a monthly return of clothing, camp and garrison equipage received and issued by Captain John Moulton (April 1864).
Attorney General: Health Division: An Inventory of Its Administrative Law and Rules Proceedings Files gr02333
Files on the promulgation and enforcement of rules and regulations governing public health matters, and on licensure of and disciplinary actions against health care professionals.
Census Records: An Inventory of Its Steele County Population Schedules gr02327
Population schedules for the townships of Aurora, Berlin, Blooming Prairie, Havana, Lemond, Somerset, and Summit; and the city of Owatonna. The townships of Clinton Falls, Deerfield, Medford, Meriden and Merton are included in the 1880 and 1885 schedules; and the village of Blooming Prairie is found only in the 1875 schedule. The schedules were originally held by the Steele County District Court.
Judith Lehman Farmer: An Inventory of Her Papers 01364
1983 campaign literature head shotPersonal papers of community organizer, educator, and Minneapolis School Board Member Judith Lehman Farmer. Her papers document Farmer's longtime career as a Minneapolis School Board member, her role in developing school choice programs in the Minneapolis Public schools, her political and community organizing activities, personal papers, subject and reference materials, speeches and interviews, and digital files regarding her political and community organizing, personal life, and celebration of life.

Includes digital content.
Freeborn County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Probate Case Files gr02332
Probate case files of Freeborn County.
Glen Lake State Sanatorium: An Inventory of Its Subject Files gr02311
Documenting the administration and daily operation of the Glen Lake Sanatorium, the Glen Lake State Sanatorium, and the Oak Terrace Nursing Home, the subject files contain correspondence, reports, memos, instructional sheets, manuals, and related materials.
Glen Lake State Sanatorium: An Inventory of Its Utilization Review Committee Records gr02312
Minutes of this committee, which was organized to assure high quality patient care and effective and efficient utilization of hospital facilities and services. The committee, which met monthly, concurrently reviewed all tuberculosis hospital unit admissions and the necessity for continued hospitalization of all tuberculosis hospital and skilled nursing (nursing home) patients, and performed medical care and evaluation studies to assure quality of care and effective administration of health care would be conducted for tuberculosis hospital and skilled nursing units.
Governor: An Inventory of Its Claims By and Against the State gr02313
Judgments, and occasionally other supporting documents, in claims for recovery of money or payment of damages, primarily brought by the state of Minnesota against private citizens and corporations, but occasionally brought by private parties against the state.
Green Giant Company: An Inventory of Its Records 01270
Green Giant and How He's GrownFinancial and payroll data, examples of advertising and product labels and packaging, and other records of a Le Sueur, Minnesota-based vegetable canning company established in 1903 as the Minnesota Valley Canning Company, and whose business lines eventually included frozen foods, garden centers, restaurants, and other ventures. The collection includes historical information about the company and related and predecessor firms, research and development activities, and about migrant agricultural laborers in the employ of the firm.

Includes digital content.
Health Department: Health Policy Division: An Inventory of Its Administrative Uniformity Committee Records gr01427
Minutes, meeting files, manuals, and published reports documenting various operations and interests of this committee.
Hoerner Waldorf Corporation: An Inventory of Its Records 00490
Financial records, treasurer's records, business contracts and records, stock information, insurance information, management training materials, marketing information, sales and promotion materials, and subject files of a St. Paul-based paperboard and folding carton manufacturer that for most of its existence was known as Waldorf Paper Products Company and that later became an operating division of Champion International Corporation (1977-1985) and Rock-Tenn Company (1997-).
League of Minnesota Poets: An Inventory of Its Records 00983
Minutes and treasurer's reports; historical materials; administrative materials; membership lists; and scrapbooks and photograph albums, containing letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, and poems of an organization of Minnesota men and women interested in writing and promoting poetry.
League of Women Voters of St. Paul: An Inventory of Its Records 00217
Video iconHistorical information, bylaws, minutes, correspondence files, annual reports, financial and membership records, league publications, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and program-related files of a local League of Women Voters chapter organized in November 1919.

Includes digital content.
Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement: An Inventory of Its Minutes and Meetings Files gr02328
Meeting files of the Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement (1977-1995) and of its predecessors. The files contain meeting agendas, signed minutes, occasional correspondence or memos, copies of pending legislation with analyses attached, actuarial reports, newspaper clippings, and occasional minutes from various short-term subcommittees and task forces such as the subcommittees on permanent commission and on policeman and fireman funds.
Mower County: Board of County Commissioners: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr02318
Minutes of the Board of County Commissioners of Mower County.
Municipal Board: An Inventory of Its Annexation Files gr00124
Files on requests for annexations of additional land to cities and villages. They include annexation petitions, city ordinances for annexation, plats, correspondence with the Municipal Commission, and commission orders. Some files, particularly for contested annexations, also contain hearing transcripts, legal briefs, court case file documents, municipal planning reports, and other background materials.
Municipal Board: An Inventory of Its Detachments Files gr00122
Files covering two distinct kinds of detachments: simple detachments of municipal property being rural in character for which no development plans exist; or simultaneous detachment and annexation of incorporated land in which property of one municipality abuts another and is detached and annexed in a single concurrent action.
Municipal Board: An Inventory of Its Incorporation Files gr00123
Files regarding petitions for incorporation, sometimes including annexations, of various Minnesota cities and towns, primarily in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. They contain petitions, briefs and other legal papers, correspondence, transactional documents, and exhibits. Among the exhibits are transcripts of hearings and proceedings, planning and zoning documents, maps, and sometimes election registers and poll lists for incorporation elections. There is an especially lengthy file on Burnsville and adjacent communities.
Municipal Board: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr00875
Reports, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks documenting the board's role in municipal and township annexation, detachment, consolidation, incorporation, development and suburbanization topics.
Murray County: Assessor: An Inventory of Its Assessment Rolls gr00360
Assessment rolls for the civil subdivisions of Murray County, recording the value of taxable real and personal property for the years 1873-1874, 1877-1892, 1894-1901 and subsequent sample years 1910-1911, 1920-1921, 1930-1931, 1940-1941, 1950-1951, 1960-1961, 1970-1971, 1980-1981, 1990-1991, 2000, and 2010-2011.
Pine County: Partridge Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02317
Birth and death register (1901-1941), birth and death certificate records (1941-1953), and burial removal permits (1916, 1924-1950).
Red Lake County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School Censuses gr02330
Largely annual census reports arranged numerically by district, but each district's files may also contain teachers' reports of non-attendance, pupils excused from attendance, correspondence regarding change in pupil status, annual report of superintendent or principal, statement of cost of school building, report of clerk to principal teacher, census of handicapped children, teachers program report, and classification of pupils report.
St. Paul-Nagasaki Sister City Committee (Saint Paul, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Records 00160
Articles of incorporation and bylaws (1965-1998), correspondence (1952-2004), minutes (1965-2005), membership lists, newspaper clippings, annual reports, financial information, a scrapbook (1960-1976), photographs (1976?-1995), and related material of a volunteer organization formed in 1955 to promote understanding and fellowship between the two cities. The sister city concept originated from President Dwight Eisenhower's People-to-People Program in 1956. Nagasaki was chosen by the U.N. Secretariat and was the first Asian city to become a U.S. sister city.
Steele County: County Court: Family Division: An Inventory of Its Adoption Records gr02319
Adoption record books of the County Court, Family Division of Steele County. Records from 1972 and prior are from the Steele County Juvenile Court.
Steele County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Judgment Dockets gr02326
Transcripts of judgments (1857-1858) and judgment dockets (1858-1984).
Steele County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Plaintiffs and Defendants Indexes gr01551
Plaintiffs and defendants indexes; entries may include case file number, parties to the case, type of action, date and amount of judgment, and citation to the register of action volume and page number indexed.
Steele County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Registers of Civil and Criminal Actions gr02321
Civil action registers (1856-1984) and criminal action registers (1858-1984). All volumes are indexed. Early registers may contain civil and criminal case files.
Steele County: Juvenile Court: An Inventory of Its Mothers' Pension Records gr02325
Juvenile court orders for support payments to mothers of dependent children, giving names and birth dates of each child and the mother's name, certifying their dependency, and ordering the payment of a monthly allowance for support; with the county auditor's record of monthly payments to the mother.
Steele County: Juvenile Court: An Inventory of Its Records gr02320
A register, containing a record of delinquents, dependents, neglected, feeble-minded, and state school cases (1917-1942); and two registers of criminal actions (1960-1969).
Steele County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Final Decrees of Distribution gr02324
Final decrees of distribution of the Steele County Probate Court.
Steele County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Insanity Record Books gr02322
Petitions in insanity, reports of insanity examinations and (after 1959) of inebriety examinations, and related orders and commitment documents.
Steele County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Probate Registers and Indexes gr02128
Probate registers of actions. They also serve as an index to the separately cataloged probate court case files. Also includes general indexes to probate cases and insanity record books and informal probate registers and index.
Steele County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Will Books gr02323
Copies or transcriptions of the complete texts of wills probated by the courts, accompanied by certifications of authenticity and of filing signed by witnesses and clerks of court. One volume includes a few final decrees for 1914. Original wills are found in the probate case files.
Trade and Economic Development Department: An Inventory of Its CANDO (Community and Neighborhood Development Organization) Pilot Project Files gr02331
The records document the various administrative aspects of this project designed to stimulate and strengthen grassroots community-based development efforts statewide and encourage Minnesota's citizens to play a greater role in improving and revitalizing their communities and neighborhoods. Included are contracts, proposals and pilot group files, administrative files, training manual and resource guide files, and the 1991 final report. The files contain contracts, proposals, budget materials, legislation, goals and objectives, evaluation plans, activity reports, work plans, manuals, guides, and workshop materials.
Transportation Department: An Inventory of Its Land Survey Records of Ronald D. Olson gr02314
Includes subject files, land survey maps, and a photograph album.
Veterans Homes Board: An Inventory of Its Minutes and Agenda Packets gr02329
Minutes and agenda packets of this body, appointed by the governor, to oversee the veterans homes in Hastings, Luverne, Minneapolis, and Silver Bay. The files may include agendas, correspondence, board policies, executive committee meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, resolutions, hospital newsletter, brochures, administrator's reports, and executive directors' reports.
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Real Estate Tax Judgment Records gr02316
Real estate tax judgment records of the District Court of Watonwan County.

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