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MN Historical Society model 1989 Our Minnesota Historical Society Institutional Archives finding aid has had a makeover! It took many years to update this large collection from a pdf into an xml document. Additional records can now be added to the collection much more easily. In fact, several new digital files were added this month for preservation purposes, including the 1989 construction celebration of the History Center (originally on VHS tape). Thanks to Joe Larsen and April Rodriguez for their continuous work digitizing obsolete media!

New and Updated Finding Aids - January 2023

Name/Abstract File No.
Agricultural Society: An Inventory of Its Century Farm Applications gr00094
Century Farm report, 1976 Application forms for residents who wished to have their farms declared century farms, signifying that the farm had been in the same family for 100 or more years. This was begun as a joint project between the State Fair and the Farmer magazine; later the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation became the co-sponsor. Beginning in 2009, sesquicentennial (150 years) farms forms are included.

Includes digital content.
Charles W. and Mary Lesley Ames: An Inventory of Their Papers 00482
Articles of incorporation and bylaws, 1915-1919Personal papers and organizational records of St. Paul (Minn.) businessman Charles W. Ames and several other members of his family, documenting their lives and involvements in a number of civic, cultural, religious, charitable, and war relief organizations through correspondence, subject files, minutes, newspaper clippings, photographs, printed materials, legal papers, scrapbooks, card files, and newsletters.

Includes digital content.
Attorney General: Solicitor General: An Inventory of Its Hodgson v Minnesota Files gr02291
Headphones iconMaterials relating to the legal challenge to Minnesota's 1981 parental notification law concerning abortions for underage women, particularly several U.S. district court cases, the Attorney General's defense of the state's position, and documentation of the United States Supreme Court case, Jane Elizabeth Hodgson, et al., v Minnesota, et al.

Includes digital content.
Beltrami County: Lammers Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02334
Clerk's (1898-1981) and treasurer's (1900-1908, 1950-1985) books; road records (1899-1982); audit board records (1899-1989); annual meeting minutes (1900-1921); treasurer's annual statements (1899-1989); election records, including poll and land tax lists, returns, and registers (1898-1978); wolf bounty records (1900-1928, 1944-1945); and a copy of the constitution and bylaws of the Waterloo Ridge Private Telephone Company, of Spring Grove, Houston County, sent in response to a request by the Lammers Township Clerk (1915).
Ken and Barbara Jo Davis: An Inventory of Their Papers 00346
Alumni mentoring program, undated Papers reflecting the personal lives, education, and business ventures of an African-American couple from Minneapolis (Minn.). The papers include correspondence (1971-1993), photographs undated and 1960-1973), a guest register (1986, 1989), legal documents, business plans (1986, 1991), articles of incorporation (1973, 1989), minutes (1989), marketing and sales reports (1992-1996), financial statements, stock certificates, newspaper advertisements, coupons, trademarks, menus, flyers, posters, labels, price lists, order forms, newspaper and magazine clippings (undated and 1965-1993), three audio cassettes (undated and 1989), and a scrapbook.

Includes digital content.
Dodge County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Default Judgment Records gr02344
Volumes of default judgment records from the Dodge County District Court.
Dodge County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Judgment Records gr02343
Judgment records of the Dodge County District Court.
Education Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Subject Files gr02336
Correspondence, memos, reports, minutes, newsletters, and similar materials relating to most areas of departmental activity, including general administration, personnel, finances, legislation, and other subjects of interest to the department.
Governor: An Inventory of Its Appointment Files gr02349
Requests for appointment, recommendation letters, petitions, and scattered appointment documents for a wide variety of boards, commissions, inspectors, and judges.
Governor: An Inventory of Its Appointment Records : Agency Officials and Judges gr02351
Records of appointments to state boards, commissions, and departments; appointments of judges (to approximately 1971); and possibly other appointments except of notaries public. Those for 1898-1971 consist of filled-in copies of the appointment certificates, in chronological order by date of appointment, recording name of appointee, office, date of appointment, and expiration date. Those for approximately 1967-1982 are organized by governor; for each governor, there is one sheet per agency, containing a running list of appointees, appointment dates, and sometimes expiration dates. Spine titles on volumes: "Miscellaneous Appointment Record."
Governor: An Inventory of Its Appointment Records : Civil Appointments gr02352
Record of appointments of notaries public, and, for early volumes, commissioners of deeds.
Governor: An Inventory of Its Citizenship Restoration Certificates gr02350
Certificates sent to the governor by the warden of Stillwater State Prison, the superintendents of St. Cloud State Reformatory and Shakopee Women's Reformatory, officials of the Board of Parole and Probation, Youth Conservation Commission, and Adult Corrections Commission, and judges of district court--all affirming the rights of persons to restoration of citizenship following completion or expiration of prison or reformatory sentences, suspended sentences, or probation periods. With some related correspondence, 1953-1970.
Health Department: Health Policy Division: An Inventory of Its Administrative Uniformity Committee Records gr01427
Minutes, meeting files, manuals, and published reports documenting various operations and interests of this committee.

Includes digital content.
Hennepin County: Medical Examiner: An Inventory of Its Coroner Record Books/Medical Examiner Reports gr02297
October 1906-May 1909Information includes date, name, cause of death, case number, place of death, residence, demographic information, place of burial, name of undertaker, and a note if an autopsy was accomplished or not. The volumes dated October 1906-December 1963 are indexed. The volumes dated January 1964-December 1989 are not indexed, and are entitled Medical Examiner Reports. In addition to the information above, the Medical Examiner Reports also include the name of the investigating agency and toxic findings; the place of burial is not included.

Includes digital content.
Koochiching County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Case Files gr02335
Civil and criminal case files, numbers 1-9591 (1907-1950), filed as an integrated set. Also an auxiliary set of numerical case file transcripts and exhibits that, due to legal paper size, did not physically interfile into the main set of civil and criminal case files (circa 1909 - 1941) and one unnumbered file documenting the arraignment and trial of H. L. Kuluvar, owner and operator of the Northernaire Floating Lodge on Rainy Lake, for illegal construction of docks and dikes and lake dredging (May 11, 1961). Also included are coroner's inquest files which were assigned a civil case file number, and filed with the set of civil and criminal case files.
Lee and Rose Warner Nature Center: An Inventory of Its Records 01352
Headphones icon Records of the natural education, research, and programming organization of the Lee and Rose Warner Nature Center located near Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota. The records consists of: land management and administrative records; printed materials, including brochures, newsletters, press releases, maps, and ephemera; annual reports; newspaper clippings; program planning and event material; records regarding financing and planning by various foundations; photographs; scrapbooks; historical publications and articles; exhibit design; and audiovisual records.

Includes digital content.
Martin County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Adoption Case Files gr02339
Adoption case files dated 1878-1985. Adoption case file nos. 328-13748 (dated 1878-1959) were removed by court staff from the court's set of civil case files prior to transfer of the civil case files to the State Archives in 1981. Beginning in 1959 the court started a separate set of adoption case files beginning with the prefix A and a numerical sequence. Lists of the files are included in the accession file.
Minnesota Historical Society: An Inventory of Its Institutional Records 00513
MHS Fire Losses, etc., 1881The archives of the Minnesota Historical Society contains historically valuable records from all of its administrative and program units. They reflect and document the history of the organization from its 1849 beginning as the first private corporation chartered by the territorial legislature.

Includes digital content.
Natural Resources Department: Communications and Outreach Office: An Inventory of Its DNR Alumni and Volunteer Programs Subject Files gr02337
Subject files (undated, 1983-2014) of the DNR Alumni and Volunteer Programs including newsletters, retirees' meeting minutes, reports, project files and related records.
Kathleen A. Olson: An Inventory of Her Papers 00613
Headphones iconPapers of a Minnesota feminist documenting her participation (1970-1980) in voluntary organizations dedicated to achieving full rights for women and the elimination of sexism and sex discrimination in Minnesota schools and her involvement (1980-1984) with University of Minnesota committees working under terms of the Rajender consent decree to end sex discrimination by the University in the hiring and promotion of women faculty and academic staff.

Includes digital content.
Pharmacy Board: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr02338
The minutes focus on recording names of those taking and those passing the exams for pharmacist licenses. Also noted are those granted Minnesota licenses by reciprocity, warnings issued to drug stores and pharmacists for improper sales practices, and citations for license revocations.
Redwood County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Records gr02266
Road papers (1866-1970), including petitions, orders, notices, plats, reports, correspondence and related papers, and road calendar A (1866-1906), containing for each new road, a record of the petition to establish and of the road commissioner's decision, a surveyor's report or other narrative description of the route, and a township map showing its location; fox and wolf bounty papers (1950-1965); school district organization papers (1896-1957) and school consolidation and organization files (1952-1971), and a boundary record (1870, 1880-1892) providing for each school district, a township plat showing boundaries, a legal description of the boundaries, and a list of boundary changes beginning in 1880.
Redwood County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Case File Exhibits gr02345
Civil case file exhibits range nos. 4565-16598 (1910-1980) and criminal case file exhibits (and transcripts) range nos. 1003-5625 (1888-1960).
Redwood County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Registers of Actions gr02341
Registers of actions for civil (1867-1982) and criminal (1878-1982) cases. Each entry gives the names of the parties in the case, frequently the attorneys representing each party, when the case was opened, the case file number, and a record of each document that was filed by the contesting parties or by the court in the case.
Redwood County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil Case Files gr02245
Case File Nos. 2-12523, 12925.
Redwood County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Plaintiffs and Defendants Indexes gr02340
Plaintiffs and defendants indexes; entries may include case file number, parties to the case, type of action, date and amount of judgment, and citation to the register of action volume and page number indexed.
Redwood County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Registers of Actions and Minutes gr02342
Records contain probate court minutes, recording the documents filed and actions taken at each day's session of the court, and registers of actions listing (or sometimes describing narratively) the documents filed and actions taken with regard to each estate, guardianship, or commitment case. Includes index.
Redwood County: School District No. 13/1742, Sundown Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02346
Treasurer's book (1876-1885), attendance registers (1943-1955, incomplete), census (1947-1961, incomplete), classification and term registers (1941-1965), and library accession book (approximately 1943-1949).
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Court Orders and Findings gr02348
Court orders and findings of the Watonwan District Court.
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Judgment Books gr02347
Judgment books of Watonwan County District Court.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Redwood County (Minn.). Burial or removal permits, 1949-1991.
Permits for burial or removal from Redwood County.
Redwood County (Minn.). District Court. Ditch proceedings book, 1905-1924.
Volume A. Includes information regarding county and judicial ditches.
Redwood County (Minn.). Juvenile Court. Adoption record books, 1959-1982.
File nos. 1-159, 1959-1974 (1 volume) and file nos. 160-249, 1974-1982 (1 oversize folder). The court was later known as the County Court, Family Division.
Redwood County (Minn.). Recorder. Records, 1878-1924.
Redwood County Agricultural Society annual reports, 1917, 1920, 1924 (1 folder) and map of the Minnesota Valley Railway, 1878 (1 roll).

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