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The family papers of Maud Hart Lovelace, the author of the cherished Betsy-Tacy children's book series and her husband Delos Lovelace, also an author and newspaperman (Minneapolis Tribune, New York Daily, and the New York Sun), are now available online and available at the Gale Family Library for research. Much of the papers have been digitized for online access.

The papers document the community that helped shape and inform the setting and characters for Maud Lovelace's Betsy-Tacy book series. This includes biographical information, genealogical data, photographs, correspondence, and Maud's early writings regarding her personal and family life in Mankato, Minnesota. Correspondence include letters with her sister Kathleen and parents Tom and Stella Hart, and extended family members and friends.

The papers also include the personal correspondence between Maud and Delos, including their early romance prior to marriage, and during Delos's military service in World War I (1917-1919). Maud's diaries, photographs, albums, and correspondence between Maud, Delos, their daughter Merian, and friends document Lovelace family life, traveling, and the years the family resided in New York state and Claremont, California (1910s-1972).

The bulk of the collection focuses on the writings of Maud and Delos. This includes published and unpublished book manuscripts of Delos Lovelace, including The Keeper of the Scrolls, Flight from Herod, and That Dodger Horse. Articles, short stories, and writings both by Maud and Delos Lovelace are also included, as well as select poems of Maud Lovelace, and her draft book manuscript What Cabrillo Found.

Notes, research files, and reviews are included for their co-authored novel Gentleman from England, Maud's book Early Candlelight, and other proposed books and writings. The papers also contain business files, promotional materials, royalty statements, press and clippings scrapbooks for Maud's publications, and fan mail sent to Maud regarding her Betsy-Tacy books and other writings.

Additional information regarding the background of the acquisition and contents of the Maud Hart and Delos Wheeler Lovelace Family Papers can be found in the article "'Living with writing': MNHS acquires Maud Hart Lovelace and Delos Lovelace Papers," by Lydia Lucas, Minnesota History (Vol. 66 No. 4 Winter 2018).

Maud and Delos Lovelace's books and various publications, and biographies can also be found in the Minnesota Historical Society's library holdings.

Maud and Delos Lovelace portrait, approximately 1925Maud and Delos Lovelace portrait, approximately 1925.

Maud and Merian Lovelace, 1930s Maud and Merian Lovelace, 1930s.

Maud autographing Early Candlelight, 1929 Maud autographing Early Candlelight, 1929.

New and Updated Finding Aids - March 2023

Name/Abstract File No.
Adjutant General: An Inventory of Its Spanish-American War Veterans Unpaid Relief Applications gr02373
Unpaid applications for relief submitted by Minnesota veterans, or the survivors of veterans, of the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, and the China Relief Expedition, under the provisions of Laws of Minnesota 1931, Chapter 405.
Agricultural Society: An Inventory of Its Century Farm Applications gr00094
Century Farm report, 1976 Application forms for residents who wished to have their farms declared century farms, signifying that the farm had been in the same family for 100 or more years. This was begun as a joint project between the State Fair and the Farmer magazine; later the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation became the co-sponsor. Beginning in 2009, sesquicentennial (150 years) farms forms are included.

Includes digital content.
Bethlehem Baptist Church: An Inventory of Its Church Records 00667
Video iconAnnual reports, minute books, some ministerial records, newsletters, Sunday bulletins, member directories, subject files, some photographs, and other material relating to and documenting the programs and ministry of a Baptist congregation located near downtown Minneapolis that began in 1871 as a congregation of Swedish immigrants.

Includes digital content.
Council on Latino Affairs: An Inventory of Its Records gr02075
Subject files; files relating to community forums; publications; board minutes, meeting files, and subject files; and audio recordings of the Notas Latinas audio program created by the Council.

Includes digital content.
Dakota County: Ravenna Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02376
Town record books, containing minutes and treasurer's records (1859-1955); a treasurer's book (1884-1909); and poll lists and election summaries (1938-1956). Minutes for 1859-August 1860 are for the city of Hastings, from which Ravenna Township separated in June, 1860.
Finance Department: An Inventory of Its Correspondence with Governor's Office gr02374
Correspondence with the governor's office (1979-1982, October 1987-1989) on budgets, special projects and programs, financial management of state government, and other matters of interest to the Finance Department; and constituent correspondence (1981-1990), mainly regarding the state budget, taxes, and funding for various programs, directed to the Finance Department from the governor's office for reply. Location of correspondence with the governor's office for 1983-1987 is unknown.
Health Department: Family Health Division: An Inventory of Its Supplemental Nutrition Programs Section Records gr02372
Includes state plans (FY 1999-FY2006); WIC work simplification project (2002), and WIC program operations manual (2004).
Housing Finance Agency: Home Improvement Division: An Inventory of Its Records gr02378
Records of the Housing Finance Agency's Home Improvement Division, including correspondence of the housing development officer (1984-1985), the Solar Bank Deferred Loan Program (1984-1985), and the Rehabilitation Loan Program (1984); and grant files of the Emergency Energy Conservation Program (1979-1982) and the Home Improvement Grant Program (1976-1981). The grant files include administrative memos, subject files, allocation plans, evaluations, procedural guides, training workshop materials, and individual grant files.
Isanti County: Maple Ridge Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02375
Clerk's books (1873-1916, 1919-1981); treasurer's books (1899-1987); road records (1877-1941), including county line road agreements between Maple Ridge and Brunswick townships (the latter is in Kanabec County); chattel mortgage record book (1885-1904); justice docket (1886-1898, 1904); poll list (1945); and record of the investigation of the pollution of Stanchfield Creek in Dalbo due to starch factory waste (1937). The latter includes photographs.
J.M. Dalglish Company: An Inventory of Its Records 00022
Video iconPhotographs, design blueprints, motion picture films, and correspondence of a metal fabricating company established in 1927 as general manufacturing agents for various products. The company fulfilled defense contracts during World War II and manufactured lawn mowers and similar items afterward.

Includes digital content.
Lac qui Parle County. Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Pupil Records gr02382
Pupil record transcripts (1927-1962), records of eighth grade graduates and of non-graduates (1917-1928), and a delinquent (truant) children record (1914-1922).
Lac qui Parle County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr02381
District clerk's annual reports (1899), eighth grade commencement program (1923-1955), and superintendent's correspondence (1908-1922, 1955-1967) and subject files (1919-1964). The latter includes Lac Qui Parle County Historical Society minutes, lists of school officers and teachers, and materials relating to the Young Citizen's League, music festivals, consolidation, county advisory committee and school survey committee, and Teacher's Progressive League.
Lac Qui Parle County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School Censuses gr02383
School censuses of the Lac qui Parle County Superintendent of Schools.
Lac qui Parle County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Special State Aid Record gr02384
Annual reports of the teacher/principal, clerk, and county superintendent to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, detailing each district's enrollment; physical condition of buildings and school yard; amount, condition, and valuation of library books, textbooks, and equipment; teacher's wages; cost of cleaning the school and outhouses; and repairs or improvements made during the previous year.
Lac Qui Parle County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Superintendent's Record gr02385
Includes rejected teachers certificate record (1882-1900) and school district officers and teachers records (1886-1969).
Lac Qui Parle County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Teacher Records gr02386
Teachers examination and certification records (1880-1964) and teachers retirement fund records (1919-1964).
Lac Qui Parle County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Teacher's Term Reports gr02387
Teacher's term reports for the Lac qui Parle County Superintendent of Schools.
Legislature: Senate: An Inventory of Its Senate Bills gr00707
File Nos. 1239-1254Senate bills and resolutions, including engrossments. The 1987-1988 bills are missing.

Includes digital content.
Loft Literary Center: An Inventory of Its Records 00213
Bylaws and statement of purpose, minutes, correspondence, financial information, annual reports, information on classes and readings, class proposals, membership data, newsletters, promotional materials, sales and advertising, web administration, magazine editors files, and miscellaneous files relating to an organization formed to provide a meeting place and support group for local writers, as well as offering classes to advance people's writing skills.

Includes digital content.
Maud Hart and Delos Wheeler Lovelace and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers 01302
Maud and Delos Lovelace, undatedBiographical and genealogical data, writings, correspondence, photographs, diaries, memorabilia, and other papers of author Maud Hart Lovelace, of her husband, author and newspaper man Delos Wheeler Lovelace, and of other family members. The bulk of the material pertains to the literary works of Maud and Delos Lovelace, including published and unpublished works, research notes, royalty statements, and fan letters; correspondence between Maud, her sister Kathleen, her husband Delos, her parents Thomas and Stella Hart, and her daughter Merian; a nearly complete set of Maud's diaries (1923-1972); and photographs and photograph albums.

Includes digital content.
Metropolitan Council: An Inventory of Its Council Administration Files gr02389
Documenting the interests and activities of the council, the administration files include administrative meeting minutes and agenda packets; council resolutions; memoranda (1971-1972); management team minutes (1971-1974); Manpower Technical Advisory Committee records (1973); work programs and budgets (1970-1974); newsletters (1967-1975); policy plans and programs (1973-1974); depositions in the Metropolitan Council Housing and Redevelopment Authority case (1980); correspondence of the chairman, council members, and general staff, and with metropolitan area counties and the Housing and Urban Development Department (1964-1974); and subject files (1967-1975).
Metropolitan Council: An Inventory of Its Council Chair's Files gr02388
Correspondence, subject and speech files, primarily of council chairs James L. Hetland (1967-1971), Albert J. Hofstede (1971-1973), John E. Boland (1973-1978), and Charles R. Weaver (1979). There are scattered files from the offices of chairs Gerald J. Isaacs (Jan. 1983-1984), Sandra S. Gardebring (1984-1986), and Steve Keefe (1986-1989).
Mille Lacs County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr02391
Lists of school district teachers and officers; teachers' certificate information; miscellaneous records relating to teachers and officers; building (1916-1922) and visitation (1944-1956) information on school facilities; county superintendent's annual reports (1873-1901), annual report statistical summaries (1905-1912), and circular letters to school districts (1949-1970); school district clerks' annual reports (1873-1907); record of applications for special school aid (1906-1917), which give additional information on the schools; and reports, minutes, correspondence, and related papers of the Mille Lacs County School Survey Committee (1946-1960).
Min-Dak Areawide Comprehensive Health Planning Council: An Inventory of Its Records gr02390
Annual reports, minutes and meeting materials, certificate of need correspondence, Chicago regional office minutes, minutes of the West Central Minnesota Regional Action Council (affiliated with the Minnesota Public Health Association), and files on area health care facilities, primarily nursing homes.
Minneapolis-Moline Company: An Inventory of Its Records 00063
Video iconRecords related to a Minneapolis-based manufacturer of farm tractors and implements and to several predecessor, related, and successor companies, including the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company, the Minneapolis Steel and Machinery Company, B.F. Avery & Sons Co., the Moline Plow Company, and the White Motor Corporation.

Includes digital content.
Minnesota Historical Society: State Historic Preservation Office: An Inventory of Its Review and Compliance Files 00557
Files created by Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office staff in the course of reviewing construction, rehabilitation, and demolition projects to ensure that sites and properties of historic significance were not adversely affected.
Emily Peake: An Inventory of Her Research File on Minnesota Ojibwe Women 01497
Emily PeakeMaterials collected and created by Minneapolis Ojibwe activist Emily Peake (1920-1995) while researching traditional, transitional, and contemporary life styles of Minnesota Ojibwe women under the auspices of the Minnesota Historical Society Women's History Grants Program.
Ramsey County: Board of Commissioners: An Inventory of Its Wedell [Commissioner Dick] Files gr02377
Correspondence and subject files kept by Commissioner Dick Wedell. Topics covered include abortion, education, the Association of Minnesota Counties, health and welfare issues, community and economic development, crime and criminal facilities, health insurance, ice arenas, job training, Lake Owasso residence, libraries, mosquito control, parks, communication, transportation, Snail Lake Regional Park, the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant, and waste management.
Daniel A. Robertson: An Inventory of His Family Papers 01496
Daniel A. RobertsonPersonal papers of a Saint Paul newspaper publisher and politician and his family. Includes writings, lectures, genealogical and family history data, and correspondence with many prominent Minnesota men of the day. Some of the correspondence is in French.
Orrin F. Smith and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers 01439
Correspondence and related papers, 1853-1862Correspondence, newspaper articles, and biographical and genealogical data on the interrelated Smith, Goddard, Fruit, Laird, and Nevius families, their migrations from Pennsylvania to Minnesota and elsewhere in the Midwest, and the social, economic, and religious climate of their times.

Includes digital content.
Tax Court: An Inventory of Its Closed [Completed] Decision Files gr00473
Case files for appeals from orders of the Commissioner of Revenue regarding tax disputes, or from property valuations or classifications, that resulted in a Tax Court decision. The court's decisions interpret the law and have precedent value.
Watonwan County: Madelia: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02237
Birth and death registers (1887-1907), birth (1908-1941, 1952) and death (1916-1941, 1951-1952) certificate records, report of a death (1903), burial/removal permits (1912-1922, 1925-1932, 1949, 1952), and Madelia Hospital death record book (1922-1950).
Watonwan County: Madelia: An Inventory of Its Justice Court Dockets gr02379
Civil (1873-1941) and criminal (1873-1970) dockets. The dockets are separated into civil and criminal series but both types may be included in each register. Arranged in chronological order. Indexed.
Watonwan County: Madelia: An Inventory of Its Records gr02380
Records including village/city council meeting minutes, ordinances, lockup registers, and financial records.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Champlin (Minn. : Township). Birth and death records, 1870-1909.
Box 1. Birth, 1870-1908, and death, 1870-1909, register (1 volume). Box 2. Reports of birth, undated and 1905-1907 (1 folder). Contains 9 reports.
Charles Monroe Schulz letter to Patricia Franke, 1976, 1998-2007.
Letter from Schulz to Patricia Franke (Urbana, Illinois), with envelope, relating his experiences in St. Paul and at Sanford School (January 20, 1976); clippings (1998-2007), mainly from the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Rancho Cucamonga, California), regarding Schulz; and a photograph (2002) of the site of Mattocks School in St. Paul.

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