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New and Updated Finding Aids

Name/Abstract File No.
Adjutant General: An Inventory of Its Military Service Record Cards sam001
Aaker-AldrichService record cards for persons who entered federal military service via the Minnesota National Guard and its predecessor, the Minnesota State Militia. They include army, navy, marines, foreign service, naval militia, surgeons and nurses, home and state guards, and cemetery burials. They cover the period from the Civil War through World War II.

Includes digital content.
Administration Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Advisory Opinions gr02506
Non-binding advisory opinions on issues related to data practices or the Open Meeting Law issued by the Commissioner of Administration.
Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience and Interior Design Board: An Inventory of Its Meeting Minutes gr02500
Meeting minutes (July 1921-2000) of the board. Besides periodic meeting minutes, includes annual meeting minutes. Arranged in chronological order by date.
Carver County: Dahlgren Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02503
Clerk's (1864-1954, 1959-1964) and treasurer's (1864-1959) books, treasurer's annual statements (1954-1978, incomplete), justice of the peace docket (1856-1899), estray record book (1866-1889), township stationery (approximately 1920), and road records (1864-1949).
Carver County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Will Books gr02502
Copies or transcriptions of the complete texts of wills probated by the courts, accompanied by certifications of authenticity and of filing signed by witnesses and clerks of court. Original wills are found in the probate case files.
Richard L. Ferrell: An Inventory of His Flour Milling Industry History Collection 00699
Portrait of Richard L. FerrellCollected by Richard Ferrell who once managed the Pillsbury's historic A Mill. Includes flour milling advertisements, marketing materials, promotional items, cookbooks, newsletters, periodicals, architectural drawings, moving images, sound recordings and photographs. Items produced by Minnesota-based millers form the core of the collection, but it also includes materials from companies in neighboring states, the Pacific Northwest, and Canada.

Includes digital content.
Helen Angela Hurley: An Inventory of Her John Ireland Research Files 01512
Sister Helen Angela HurleyResearch materials relating to Roman Catholic Archbishop John Ireland of Saint Paul gathered from many sources by Sister Helen Angela Hurley, a Roman Catholic nun, teacher, and scholar, while she was preparing a biography of Ireland to be titled John of St. Paul.
Charles John Ingles: An Inventory of His Charles J. Ingles Journals 01470
Diary, programs, and clippings, 1884-1897, 1946 Journals (1884-1897) (1,436 pages) kept by Charles John Ingles of Saint Paul (1863-1943) while working for the Saint Paul Public Library and the Great Northern Railway Company, rich in detail on the social and cultural history of Saint Paul. Includes one letter from 1946.

Includes digital content.
Burton M. Joseph: An Inventory of His Papers 01214
Burton M. JosephPapers of Minneapolis businessman and philanthropist Burton M. Joseph, including biographical information, military service-related materials, subject files, scrapbooks, and records of the I.S. Joseph Company (Minneapolis).

Includes digital content.
Legislative Advisory Committee: An Inventory of Its Correspondence gr02501
In two series 1941-1971 and 1971-1975. Generally alphabetical.
Legislative Auditor: An Inventory of Its Investigation Reports and Reviews gr01343
Reports of investigations of misuse (usually theft) of public funds or other state resources by state agency employees, undertaken by the Legislative Auditor's Office at the request of agency administrators or staff members. From 1987 to some time after 2003, the reports are labelled "special reviews" and were conducted by the Financial Audit Division. If evidence of misuse of state resources was found, it was reported to the Attorney General, the appropriate county attorney, and the Legislative Audit Commission. Also includes preliminary reviews or assessments on state funded agencies or programs.
Legislative Auditor: Financial Audits Division: An Inventory of Its Audit Reports gr00705
Audit reports conducted annually by the Financial Audit Division to assess the state's major financial operations and determine whether the state's financial statements comply with generally accepted accounting principles.
Legislative Auditor: Program Evaluation Division: An Inventory of Its Program Evaluation Reports gr00239
Published reports that describe state programs or the operations of state agencies, analyze
management problems, evaluate outcomes, and recommend alternative means of reaching
program goals.
Legislature: Legislative Building Commission: An Inventory of Its Reports to the Commission gr02486
Reports to the Commission by state agencies, colleges, the University of Minnesota, state hospitals, and state institutions on their building needs and plans.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Agencies and Boards Files of Marlene Johnson gr02488
Correspondence, memoranda, and background materials reflecting Johnson's interactions with various state departments and agencies, especially those concerned with various aspects of economic development.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Audiovisual Materials of Marlene Johnson gr02489
Photographs (approximately 1982-1990), audio cassettes (1983-1990), and videotapes (1985-1990) documenting the official activities of the Lieutenant Governor.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Business and Technology Files of Marlene Johnson gr02490
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, and background materials on various projects and programs to promote the well-being of small business, the formation of new small businesses, and the development of high technology enterprises, and to foster entrepreneurship in general.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board Files of Marlene Johnson gr02491
Minutes, agenda packets, correspondence, reports, and project files. The project files include materials on the Capitol building, the Minnesota History Center, the new judicial building, a landscape design competition for the state capitol area, transportation and parking projects, and a Vietnam veterans memorial.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its General Correspondence of Marlene Johnson gr02492
Correspondence with individual constituents; businesses; federal, state, and local officials; lobbying and special interest groups; and various government agencies.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Memorabilia of Marlene Johnson gr02493
Letters, cards, articles, invitations, thank yous, agendas, programs, and other special materials gathered by the lieutenant governor and labeled "scrapbook"; and certificates.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Public Relations Materials of Marlene Johnson gr02494
Contains newspaper clippings (1983-1990), press releases (1983-1990), letters to the editor, including opinion editorials and memos (1985-1990), and "State Government Reports," a newspaper column written by Johnson (1985-1986).
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Scheduling Files of Marlene Johnson gr02495
Itineraries, related correspondence, background materials, and miscellany for Johnson's appearances, speaking engagements, trips, and similar activities; and schedule planning lists identifying future events she planned to attend (1988-1990).
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Speech Files of Marlene Johnson gr02496
Speech texts, sometimes annotated with alterations. Beginning in 1988, many are accompanied by a summary sheet giving details and background on the event or group to which she spoke.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Subject Files, Miscellaneous, of Marlene Johnson gr02497
Correspondence, reports, proposals, memos, and background materials covering a diverse range of issues and topics dealt with by the lieutenant governor and her staff.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Tourism Files of Marlene Johnson gr02498
The Tourism Advisory Committee acted as council to the Office of Tourism on its marketing programs and reviewed its major advertising campaigns. Its files (1983-1990) document Johnson's activities as committee chair and include correspondence, member lists, minutes, agendas, reports, and related materials.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Women's Issues and Groups Files of Marlene Johnson gr02499
Files covering various issues and topics as related to women and women's groups; including abortion, economy, the Equal Rights Amendment, displaced homemakers, peace, nursing, sexual abuse, shelters, women lawyers and entrepreneurs, and women in business, politics, government, agriculture, education, science and engineering, trade and cultural missions, and natural resources.
Lieutenant Governor: Johnson, Marlene: An Inventory of Its Working Subject Files of Marlene Johnson gr02487
Subject files, including background and reference materials, on issues and events of interest to the lieutenant governor. Many of these were kept as ready reference files in notebooks and labeled "working files." They also include trip files to foreign nations, and files on conferences that the lieutenant governor attended.
Mille Lacs County: Princeton Township: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02454
Birth register, 1887-1900; Death register, 1887-1899 Birth (1887-1942) and death (1887-1941) records. Also includes death certificate for Winent Myer Radeke (1915).

Includes digital content.
Mower County: Austin: Justice of the Peace: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Dockets gr02509
Civil and criminal dockets of several justices of the peace. Two volumes also include the justices' marriage registers (1870-1901).
Mower County: Austin: Municipal Court: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Dockets gr02510
Records of the Austin Municipal Court in Mower County.
Mower County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Case File Transcripts and Exhibits gr02511
Transcripts, depositions, and exhibits for several civil trials and one criminal trial.
Mower County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil Case Files gr02512
File nos. 1-16392.
Mower County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Coroner's Records gr02514
Includes inquest files, nos. 337-1979 (1930-1976) and 31 inquest transcripts (1951-1970).
Mower County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Criminal Case Files gr02513
File nos. 1-2418.
Mower County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Criminal Information Record gr02515
Criminal information record from the Mower County District Court.
Mower County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Default Judgment Books gr02516
Default judgment books of the Mower County District Court.
Mower County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Records gr02508
Pupil, teacher, and school district officer record cards, and selected subject files.
National Association of Railway Business Women: Twin Cities Chapter: An Inventory of Its Records 01061
Articles of incorporation and bylaws, minutes, financial records, correspondence, newsletters, scrapbooks, clippings, photographs, and print and semi-print materials of an organization of women employed by various railroads in the Minneapolis-St. Paul (Minnesota) area. Also included are miscellaneous files relating to the national organization and to its District III subdivision, to which the Twin Cities Chapter belongs.
Chris Osgood: An Inventory of His Papers 01438
Includes materials collected and created by Chris Osgood while working with McNally Smith College of Music and the Resources and Counseling for the Arts' (later renamed Springboard for the Arts), as well as select materials related to Osgood's individual artistic projects, special events, guitar teaching, and musical gigs, including his work with his band The Suicide Commandos.
Ramsey County: Saint Paul: Workhouse: An Inventory of Its Record of Claims and Accounts gr02505
Monthly recapitulations of expenditures, giving payees, amount of each payment (total and classified by type of expense), warrant number, and itemization or other details on the nature of the expenditure. Includes monthly payroll for workhouse employees.
Ramsey County: Saint Paul: Workhouse: An Inventory of Its Records gr02504
Includes prisoner registers, physician's record, punishment records, workhouse farm annual reports and record book, ledgers, cashbooks, and broom factory accounting records.
Thursday Club (Saint Paul, Minn.): An Inventory of Its Records 00408
Constitutions (1927/1928, 1939/1940 and 1957); minutes (1894-1917, 1930-1955, and 1993-2000); an early membership list (1895-1897); yearbooks containing the club's annual programs, membership rosters, and secretary's report (1895/1896-1999/2000); treasurer's books and reports (1924-1941, 2000-2001); scrapbooks (1908-1956); and miscellaneous papers ([1906]-1990)documenting the activities of a Saint Paul women's literary and intellectual society organized on May 14, 1894.
Twin City Milk Producers Association: An Inventory of Its Records 00095
Video iconCorrespondence, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, historical information, agreements and contracts, bulletins, and similar files documenting the activities of a cooperative marketing association organized in 1915 to standardize practices in the marketing, pricing, and grading of dairy products among producers and dairies in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area (Minn.).

Includes digital content.
Waseca County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Pupil Record Cards gr02507
Pupil record cards: active (1950s-1960s, incomplete); graduates (1940-1954); inactive, nongraduate (1950s-1960s); and inactive (1930s-1960s).
Woman's Christian Temperance Union Of Minnesota: An Inventory of Its Records 00106
Headphones iconRecords related to a state-wide women's organization focused primarily on raising public awareness of the personal and social problems brought about by the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and on the advocacy of individual abstinence and prohibition. Includes records of district and local unions (chapters).

Includes digital content.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Chanhassen (Minn.). Birth and death register, 1900-1939.
Includes births (1900-1939) and deaths (1900-1938).

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