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Name/Abstract File No.
Adjutant General: An Inventory of Its Annual and Biennial Reports gr01321
The annual and biennial reports of the Adjutant General contain extensive information on military events involving Minnesotans from territorial days on.
Adjutant General: An Inventory of the Compiled Rosters of Minnesota Civil War Regiments gr02560
Two separate sets of compilations (approximately 1865 and approximately 1915) of service information on
individuals who served in Minnesota regiments during the Civil War.
Anoka County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Subject Files gr02578
Includes materials relating to incorporation of villages, consolidation of school districts, the proposed Ham Lake airport, civil defense, the county extension committee, the county library, the Anoka County Historical Society, the hospital district, highway 35W in Blaine, the Metropolitan Transit Commission, The Minnesota Municipal Commission, the North Suburban Sanitary Sewer District, the Governor's Commission on Crime Prevention and Control, and land subdivision.
Beltrami County: Northern Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02567
Clerk's books (1900-1970), treasurer's records (1932-1976), justice of the peace docket books (1909-1919), road records (1900-1921), election records (1952-1977), photos of the town hall and school, a township map, and miscellaneous files.
Hazel Belvo: An Inventory of Her Papers 01365
George Morrison letters and photographs, 1960s-2000 [1 of 4] Personal papers of painter and educator Hazel Belvo. Belvo's papers include her subject files, business records, biographical data such as resumes/vitas, Belvo's undergraduate thesis, and press mentions; and select catalogs from exhibitions. Subject files document Belvo's public engagements, such as teaching and exhibitions, as well as her personal research and interests, and select exhibition and personal files regarding colleagues, mentors, students, and former spouse George Morrison and partner Marcia Cushmore.

Includes digital content.
Benton County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Records gr02579
Superintendent's record (1886-1901), including lists of superintendents, school district officers, teacher applicants, and teachers employed, and information on teacher examinations and financial accounts; school district register (1874-1918); record of examination for teacher's certificates (1913-1915); teacher's retirement fund ledger (circa 1917-1931); register of reading circle certificates (1913-1916); School Survey Committee reports (1948, 1953); school consolidation/dissolution papers (circa 1958-1972); and annual reports to state education department (1963-1970).
Carlton County: Barnum: An Inventory of Its Records gr02580
Clerk's books (1902-1971), treasurer's registers (1919-1979) and annual statements (1891-1922, 1942-1982), audit board report (1917), ordinances (1889-1960), election registers (1968-1970), city plan (1970), centennial celebration program (1989), and municipal liquor store license (1940).
Mary Britton Clouse: An Inventory of Her Papers 01353
Personal papers of artist and animal rights activist Mary Britton Clouse. Includes documentation of her work promoting animal rights in various capacities. This includes records of her tenure as President of the Minnesota-based Animal Rights Coalition (ARC), her leadership with Legislative Efforts for Animal Protection (LEAP), and her founding of the Chicken Run Rescue (CRR). The collection also includes audiovisual recordings.
Dakota County: West Saint Paul: City Council: An Inventory of Its Minutes and Agenda Packets gr02581
Missing January-May 1977, 1986, and January-February 1987. Volume 1 (1889-September 1895) includes city ordinances (Nos. 1-101; 1889-1917).
William F. Davidson and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers 01513
Business and personal papers of William F. Davidson, steamboat entrepreneur and real estate and grain elevator owner who made his headquarters in Saint Paul and Saint Louis; those of his son, Edward E. Davidson, who assisted in managing the numerous Davidson firms after his father's death in 1887; and those of his son-in-law, Watson P. Davidson, who owned and managed extensive real estate enterprises in Saint Paul, Oregon, and elsewhere in the Middle West and Far West and as well as the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
William E. Frenzel: An Inventory of His Papers 00036
William Eldridge (Bill) FrenzelCongressional papers and office files (1970-1992) of a third district Republican congressman from Minnesota (1971-1991) who later (1990-) served as a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution. The material focuses largely on Frenzels work on the House Ways and Means Committee Subcommittee on Trade and the House Administration Committee, and his efforts at Brookings to secure passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (1993). Brookings Institution files (1990-2000) include information about Frenzels efforts to secure passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (1993). There is a small amount of material from Frenzels years in the Minnesota House of Representatives (1963-1969).

Includes digital content.
Health Department: An Inventory of Its State Trauma Advisory Council Meeting Minutes and Agenda Packets gr02550
Meeting minutes and agenda packets of this Health Department advisory council.
Health Department: Commissioner's Office: An Inventory of Its Files of Dr. Edward Ehlinger gr01626
Includes copies of the speeches, talking points, and/or the agenda for the engagement at which the commissioner was speaking. Also includes subject files.
Hennepin County: Independent School District No. 283, Saint Louis Park: An Inventory of Its Records gr02577
Records documenting the administration of this Hennepin County school district. Included are annual reports, board minutes, clerk's books, clerk's receipts and disbursements registers, payroll registers, student activities general account ledger, student records, treasurer's books, treasurer's receipts and disbursement registers, and a 125th anniversary poster (2015).
Highway Department: Bridge Division: An Inventory of Its Arrowhead Bridge Plans gr02549
Bridge plans for the Arrowhead Bridge, including the lift bridge or draw bridge located in the central span of the bridge.
Hubert H. Humphrey: An Inventory of His Papers 00720
Hubert H. HumphreyPapers of a Democratic United States senator from Minnesota and Vice President of the United States. Include sets of files detailing various aspects of Humphrey's life and career, including his service as mayor of Minneapolis (1945-1948), his first tenure as United States Senator (1949-1964), his service as Lyndon B. Johnson's Vice President (1965-1969), his final terms as United States Senator (1971-1978), materials pertaining to election campaigns, and to his family and personal life.

Includes digital content.
Kittson County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Records of Convictions in Justice Court gr02553
Records of convictions in Justice Court from the Kittson County District Court.
Kittson County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Registration and Certificate Records gr02554
Records or registers for dentists, veterinarians, physicians, optometrists, ministers' ordinations, and basic science certificates.
Kittson County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Final Decrees gr02556
Include miscellaneous orders for 1916-1923.
Kittson County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Insanity Records gr02557
Reports of investigations of insanity, commitment warrants, and related documents.
Kittson County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Order Books gr02558
Includes final decrees.
Kittson County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Will Books gr02559
Copies or transcriptions of the complete texts of wills probated by the courts, accompanied by certifications of authenticity and of filing signed by witnesses and clerks of court. Original wills are found in the probate case files.
Kittson County: Sheriff: An Inventory of Its Jail Registers gr02552
Jail registers of the Kittson County Sheriff.
Legislature: Senate: An Inventory of Its Senate Bills gr00707
File Nos. 1239-1254Senate bills and resolutions, including engrossments. The 1987-1988 bills are missing.

Includes digital content.
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council: An Inventory of Its Records gr02551
Records of the regional arts council that serves the seven-county Twin Cities Metropolitan Area (Minnesota), documenting both its daily functions and activities and its relationship with various state and regional arts organizations.
Minnesota Historical Society: An Inventory of Its Institutional Records 00513
MHS Fire Losses, etc., 1881The archives of the Minnesota Historical Society contains historically valuable records from all of its administrative and program units. They reflect and document the history of the organization from its 1849 beginning as the first private corporation chartered by the territorial legislature.

Includes digital content.
Donald Moe: An Inventory of His Papers 01437
Donald M. Moe, 1970sCampaign files, investigation files, committee agendas and transcripts, legislative files, research, audiovisual, and other materials created during the twenty year legislative career of Donald Moe, former Minnesota State Representative and Senator.
Municipal Board: An Inventory of Its Dockets gr02548
Dockets of the Municipal Board and it's predecessor the Municipal Commission concerning municipal annexations, consolidations, detachments, dissolutions, incorporations and Section 5 (incorporation or annexation of townships according to population) documents filed by cities and townships with the Board.
Munsingwear: An Inventory of Its Records 00206
Video iconArticles of incorporation and minutes (1887-1971), correspondence, financial records (1936-1964), legal agreements, patent and trademark information, product catalogs, and scrapbooks ([193-]-1990) documenting a Minneapolis-based clothing manufacturer, its predecessor, Northwestern Knitting Company, and several clothing subsidiaries.

Includes digital content.
Murray County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr02562
Annual and quarterly reports of the county superintendent to the county auditor, noting students enrolled and districts visited (1884-1907); clerk's reports from a few districts (1875, 1892); textbook and equipment reports from various districts (1935-1938); lists of school officers (1949-1955); and a Fulda High School faculty handbook (1966/67).
Murray County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School Censuses gr02563
Murray County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School District Organization and Dissolution Records gr02564
Largely orders and petitions pertaining to formation and boundaries of school districts (1878-1909); scattered material from 1954-1968.
Murray County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Teacher Records gr02565
Teacher examination and certification records including teacher record cards; a teacher's reading circle course record (1912-1922); and a teacher's retirement fund record (1916-1922).
Murray County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Teachers' Annual and Term Reports gr02561
Incomplete. Includes summaries of teachers' reports for some years. Reports for 1935-1942 include pupil classification and scholarship record forms.
Northern Pacific Railway Company: Engineering Department: An Inventory of Its Records 01016
NP Engineering Subject files (1867-1970); accounting records (1879-1921); standard plans for buildings, bridges, and other structures ([188-]-[196-]); track profile maps (1890-1927); and bridge records (1892-1960) created or compiled by the Northern Pacific administrative unit responsible for locating, surveying, constructing, and maintaining roadways and structures.

Includes digital content.
Olmsted County: Recorder: An Inventory of Its Indexes to Deeds gr02569
Two sets of grantee and grantor indexes to deeds, both covering roughly the same time span.
Otter Tail County: Parkers Prairie Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02571
Includes town record books (1874-1934), clerk's books (1934-1958), treasurer's books (1901-1952), road record books and other road records (1888-1955), minutes of a special meeting of Parkers Prairie and Miltona (Douglas County) townships concerning a judicial road (1927), annual meeting proceedings (1892-1960), treasurer's annual statements (1893-1962), audit board minutes and annual reports (1893-1960), poll lists/election registers (1889-1984), pocket gopher warrants (1912-1929), wolf bounty oaths and certificates (1899-1926), and assessment rolls (1888-1893).
Ramsey County: North Saint Paul: Justice of the Peace: An Inventory of Its Dockets gr02568
Civil and criminal docket books kept by various justices of the peace in the village (city as of 1951) of North St. Paul, including a coterminous portion of New Canada Township for the years 1946-1957. The majority of the dockets were kept by justices A. T. Shockey, Myron M. Wildasin, A. E. Michael, Albert Karnuth, Norbert E. Schmit, Robert Greising, and Lawrence R. Olson.
Ramsey County: Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority: An Inventory of Its Records gr00996
Minutes and agenda packets, June-July 1987 Minutes, agendas, resolutions, and background materials documenting the activities of this oversight authority for rail transit services. Also includes materials related to the Union Depot grand re-opening and funding.

Includes digital content.
Ramsey County: St. Paul: School Records: Independent School District No. 625: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous School Materials gr00531
Photographs, histories, dedication programs, design development proposals, correspondence, reports, newsletters, handbooks, scrapbooks, and other assorted materials documenting over 100 St. Paul elementary, junior high, high, and special schools.
Rochester State Hospital: An Inventory of Its Patient Case Books gr01024
Volume No. 1, Men and Women, 1879-April 30, 1885Personal and medical histories of each patient admitted to the hospital. A one-page form gives personal and family data, physical description (sometimes with photograph), data on history of insanity, results of physical and mental health examination upon admission, and date and cause of admission and discharge from hospital. Additional pages contain daily comments on the patients' health, activities, behavior, attitudes, and occasionally medical treatment.

Includes digital content.
St. Louis County: District Court (Duluth): An Inventory of Its Naturalization Records and Indexes gr02555
Indexes to declarations of intention, and to final papers and petition and record; indexes to declarations and final papers, and to declarations and petitions; declarations of intention; final papers; petition and record; lists of citizenship petitions granted and denied; repatriation record; and loose dispositions and related papers.
Arnold Schwyzer and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers 01514
Papers of Schwyzer and his daughter Marguerite, both St. Paul physicians, and some of other family members. Included are their correspondence with family, friends, and professional colleagues; Arnold Schwyzer's medical articles, lists of operations, and case histories; diaries, guest books, and journals of various members of the Schwyzer family; and numerous notebooks for courses taken by Arnold and his wife Johanna at schools in Switzerland. Most papers for 1852-1905 are in German.
Sherburne County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Birth and Death Records gr02572
Birth and death returns (dated 1870-1909), birth and death certificates (dated 1891-1934; bulk dated 1907-1910) submitted to the District Court; and burial or removal permits (dated 1953-1981) issued by the District Court.
Stearns County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Probate Case Files and Index gr00278
Case File Nos. 19319-19321Case files (microfilm) and index covering circa 1857-1891 (unfilmed original).

Includes digital content.
Twin Cities Dunkers (Club : Minn.): An Inventory of Its Records 01515
Records of the Twin Cities Dunkers (formerly Minneapolis Dunkers), an organization which recognizes individuals and groups for their athletic achievements and provides financial support to area high school sports teams. Includes: event, meeting, and yearly programming materials and photographs; rosters and rule books; biographical files, correspondence, and photographs regarding co-founder and longtime member of the organization Norm McGrew, and scrapbooks and miscellany for the organization.
Veterans Affairs Department: An Inventory of Its Annual Reports gr02162
Annual reports of the Department of Veterans' Affairs.
Wadena County: North Germany Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02566
Clerk's books (1894-1979); treasurer's books (1906-1979) and annual statements (1906-1984); annual town meeting proceedings (1908-1976); audit board reports (1908, 1913-1941, 1950-1985); poll lists (1908-1983) and vote abstracts (1940-1984); wolf bounties (1908-1928, 1944); road records (1906-1959), including petitions, orders, notices, contracts, and land tax passbooks; burial/removal permits (1907-1918, 1927-1939); preliminary engineering report for bridge replacements over the Red Eye River (1981); and contracts and resolutions with the Minnesota Pipeline Company (1954).
Waseca County: Otisco Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02570
Clerk's books (1858-1978), treasurer's books (1883-1950, 1953-1978) and annual statements (1936-1973), road records (1859-1962), audit board annual reports and minutes (1936-1956), election records (1942-1966), supervisors' annual account (1935-1963), and chattel mortgage book (1877-1913).
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Case Files gr02573
Files numbered 1-306 (old series) and 1-7603 (new series). Also includes miscellaneous case file papers, too large for the docket packets (boxes 58-60) and miscellaneous unnumbered cases, arranged chronologically (boxes 60-61). Civil and criminal cases are interfiled.
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Coroner's Records gr02574
Coroner's records of the Watonwan County District Court.
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Default Judgment Records gr02575
Default judgment records of the Watonwan District Court.
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Indictment and Information Records gr02576
Indictment and information records of Watonwan County District Court.
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr02582
Minutes of the District Court of Watonwan County.
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Record of Convictions in Justice Court gr02583
Records of convictions in justice court of the District Court of Watonwan County.
Watonwan County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Registration and Certificate Records gr02584
Records or registers for optometrists, chiropractors, dentists, osteopaths, physicians, veterinarians, and basic science certificates.
Watonwan County: Juvenile Court: An Inventory of Its Record Books gr02585
Primarily docket entries for individual delinquency and dependency cases, with a record of petitions, orders, and related documents filed, and other actions taken in the case. Volume A includes monthly summaries of mothers' pension payments ordered by the court, 1930-1931.
Watonwan County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Final Decrees of Distribution gr02586
Final decrees, 1886-1976 (reels 1-8) and miscellaneous orders, 1870-1977 (reels 9-11) containing data on decedents' estates and their distribution to heirs and/or legatees.
Watonwan County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Insanity Records gr02587
Petitions in insanity, reports of jury or board of examiners, and related documents.
Watonwan County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr02588
A narrative chronological record of proceedings of the probate court, largely regarding documents submitted, appearances before the court, and orders issued. Volume A also includes marriage certificates, 1893-1925.
Watonwan County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Will Books gr02589
Copies or transcriptions of the complete texts of wills probated by the courts, accompanied by certifications of authenticity and of filing signed by witnesses and clerks of court. Original wills are found in the probate case files.
Wheelock Whitney: An Inventory of His Papers 01354
Personal papers of businessman, sports executive, educator, politician, and philanthropist Wheelock Whitney. Includes Whitney's personal files on helping to obtain and working for the Minnesota Twins and his partial ownership of the Minnesota Vikings, as well as records from his failed run for U.S. Senate campaign in 1964 and Minnesota gubernatorial campaign in 1982. Collection includes papers with correspondence, clippings, photographs, audiovisual materials, and several scrapbooks.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Clear Lake (Minn. : Township). Burial or removal permits, 1911-1938.
Permits for persons buried in Sherburne County, Clear Lake Township.
Lake Fremont (Minn.). Burial or removal permits, 1911-1922.
Permits for persons buried in Lake Fremont, Sherburne County.
Palmer (Minn. : Township). Burial or removal permits, 1928-1939.
Permits for persons buried in Palmer Township, Sherburne County.

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