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Name/Abstract File No.
Attorney General: Civil Litigation Division: An Inventory of Its Scott County Sexual Abuse Investigation Records gr02627
Complaints, correspondence, transcripts, investigation reports, physicians' statements, and similar materials pertaining to a number of related Scott County cases involving allegations of sexual abuse against children. The state Attorney General's Office in turn investigated the handling of these cases by the Scott County attorney's office.
Attorney General: Criminal Division: An Inventory of Its Records of Investigation of Scott County Attorney's Office gr02626
Records of the attorney general's investigation into the activities of the Scott County attorney's office, specifically as related to that office's handling of several child sex abuse cases or allegations.
ClearWay Minnesota: An Inventory of Its Records 01522
ClearWay Minnesota logoOrganizational records of ClearWay Minnesota, an independent nonprofit organization that improves the health of all Minnesotans by reducing tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke. The organizational records include: administrative records, program files, reports, publications by ClearWay and related organizations, audiovisual materials, ephemera, and digital files.

Includes digital content.
Compiled Materials Relating to Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies: An Inventory of Collections 00680
Some correspondence and other papers; print materials, including souvenir programs, promotional and advertising items, press manuals, sheet music, and a commemorative history; a few photographs; and microfilmed loose newspaper clippings and scrapbooks relating to the first professional traveling ice show, founded in Minnesota, which featured figure skating and ice dancing, acrobatic and comedic skating, music, costumes, lighting, and elaborate production numbers.
Dakota County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Judgment Dockets gr02625
Volumes 7-8, 13-15.
Dakota County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Land Registration and Decree Record gr02631
Land registration and decree record of the Dakota County District Court.
Dakota County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr02632
Minutes of the Dakota County District Court.
Dakota County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Naturalization Records and Index gr02633
Personal name index, declarations of intention, final papers, petitions, and related records.
Dakota County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Real Estate Tax Judgment Books gr02634
Tax judgment books for 1874-1878, 1894-1895, and tax years 1944-1948.
Dakota County: Farmington: An Inventory of Its Ordinances gr02624
Includes handwritten copies, and clippings from local newspapers. The volume was also used from time to time for other miscellaneous records: constitution, bylaws, minutes, and a membership list of the Grant and Wilson Club (Republican) of Polk Township, Nodaway County, Missouri (July-Sept. 1872); articles of incorporation and bylaws of the Farmington Mill Co. (March 6, 1874, printed notice); ordinance no. 4 (1905) of the Village of Randolph; and miscellaneous entries that appear to constitute an evaluation of the credit-worthiness of certain individuals and firms (otherwise unidentified and somewhat illegible).
Dakota County: South Saint Paul: City Clerk: An Inventory of Its Records gr02636
Correspondence, reports, resolutions, and financial records relating to municipal departments and services of the city of South St. Paul, particularly charter amendments, the fire department, health inspections, the municipal library, the police department, and recreation programs and facilities.
Dakota County: South Saint Paul: Justice of the Peace: An Inventory of Its Dockets gr02637
An incomplete set of civil (1887-1891, 1896-1915, 1919-1935) and criminal (1887-1904, 1907-1910, 1914-1917, 1931-1940) docket books kept by South St. Paul justices: A. B. Clarke, M. J. Doyle, James L. Stevenson, Christopher C. Doss, T. S. Kennedy, George Marshall, Thomas R. Prince, M. H. Ellsworth, and Andrew Johnson.
Dakota County: South Saint Paul: Municipal Court: An Inventory of Its Docket and Indexes gr02638
Judgment docket (September 1927-March 1932), and civil (undated, 1930s-1940s) and criminal (undated) indexes.
Dakota County: Waterford Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr02639
Town record books (1858-1974), treasurer's records (1868-1977), poll lists and election records (1906-1984), a list of township officers (1925-1968), petitions primarily regarding roads (1908-1978), and miscellany.
Dakota County: West Saint Paul: An Inventory of Its Financial Records gr02640
Journals (1889-1951) and trial balances (1889-1907) for general city funds, school funds, and the city's permanent improvement revolving fund.
Dakota County: West Saint Paul: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr02641
Budget files (1963-1976), City Charter Commission minutes and related records (1946-1989), poll list (1918) and election returns (1926), ordinances, with index (1889-1968), and minutes of the Board of Water Commissioners (1916-1918), Housing Code Committee (1970-1972), and Adjustments Committee (1966-1967, 1971-1989).
Dakota County: West Saint Paul: An Inventory of Its Planning Commission gr02643
Minutes and agenda packets (1941-1989), planning reports (1964-1967), and files concerning Midwest Planning and Research, inc. (1960-1962) and the Northern Dakota County Planning Commission steering committee (1959).
Dakota County: West Saint Paul: Justice of the Peace: An Inventory of Its Dockets gr02642
Docket books for a number of West St. Paul justices, including Charles F. Rhoades, Albert Tripp, J. C. Gregg, Martin Boege, Ambrose Bill, and Edmund C. Meisinger. Civil docket for 1929-1936 includes records of marriages performed by the justices.
Dakota County: West Saint Paul: Police Department: An Inventory of Its Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Crime Reports gr02644
Annual or (where annual are missing) January-September summaries of statistics for crimes committed in West St. Paul, as compiled by the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
Freeborn County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Judgment Books gr02630
Judgment books of Freeborn County District Court.
Freeborn County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Judgment Dockets gr02629
Judgment dockets of Freeborn County District Court.
Freeborn County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr02628
Minutes of the Freeborn County District Court.
Governor: An Inventory of Its Proclamations gr00486
Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1860 Proclamations and executive orders, primarily executive office copies of those issued during 1901-1978. Includes printed copies and some miscellaneous typescripts for the years 1850-1927 and occasional later years, primarily for holidays and other celebratory occasions, and indexes for the years 1901-1965 and 1977-1978. Of particular interest are proclamations declaring the creation of new or partitioned counties, 1895-1912.

Includes digital content.
Hennepin County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Tax Lists gr00265
Tax lists for the civil subdivisions of Hennepin County, recording the taxes assessed and paid on real and personal property for the years 1860-1901 and sample years 1910-1911, 1920-1921, 1930-1931, 1940-1941, 1950-1951, 1960-1961, 1971, and 1980-1981. There are no tax lists for 1876-1878.
Louis W. (Louis Warren) Hill: An Inventory of His Papers 00050
Louis W. Hill, Jr.Political papers, correspondence, subject files, financial records, business records, memorabilia, and other materials relating primarily to Louis W. Hill, Jr., but also to his siblings and to other members of the Hill family.

Includes digital content.
Institute for Minnesota Archaeology: An Inventory of its Records 00860
Reports of investigations list, undatedBoard minutes, meeting files, financial statements, subject files, correspondence, and program and project files of an organization founded in 1982 to conduct archaeological investigations, to promote archaeological awareness, and to acquire archaeological sites for preservation, as well as records of related firms Hemisphere Field Services, Inc., Hemisphere Group, Inc., and IMA Consulting, Inc.

Includes digital content.
Minnesota Historical Society: State Historic Preservation Office: An Inventory of Its Multiple Property Documentation Forms 01526
Files created by Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office staff.
Minnesota Historical Society: State Historic Preservation Office: An Inventory of Its Tax Credit Files 01494
Files created by Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office staff.
Pollution Control Agency: An Inventory of Its Minutes and Agenda Packets gr02646
Minutes of meetings of the board of directors of the Pollution Control Agency and its predecessor, the Water Pollution Control Commission; and agenda packets for meetings of the PCA, including reports, correspondence, memoranda, statistical tables, proposals, recommendations, and related papers.
Pollution Control Agency: An Inventory of Its Records gr02647
Minutes, reports, printed materials, hearings, subject files, studies, background materials, and related records.
Pollution Control Agency: An Inventory of Its Rules Promulgation Hearing Files gr02645
Rules promulgation hearing files dealing with the problems of acid rain and vehicle noise, particularly the proposed adoption of Minnesota Rules Relating to Acid Deposition Standard and Control Plan (1980-1986), and the adoption of Minnesota Regulation NPC-3 and NPC-4, Relating to Motor Vehicle Noise Limits and Permits for Noise Sources (1972-1975). The files include transcripts, prehearing orders, correspondence, exhibit lists and exhibit samples.
Louis N. Scott and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers 01524
Correspondence, minutes, contracts, financial records, stock records, and other materials relating largely to Scott's career as a theater manager and owner in St. Paul and Minneapolis, and to the continuation of these activities by his wife Elizabeth after his death. His theatrical career began in 1882 when William F. Davidson placed him in charge of the Grand Opera House in St. Paul.
Rod Searle: An Inventory of His Papers 00566
Correspondence, legislative files, Republican Party and campaign files, book research files, speeches, photographs, family correspondence and diaries, and biographical materials of an Independent-Republican state legislator from Waseca County in southeastern Minnesota who served in the Minnesota House of Representatives (District 30B) from 1956 to 1980.
Stearns County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Probate Case Files and Index gr00278
Case File Nos. 19319-19321Case files (microfilm) and index covering circa 1857-1891 (unfilmed original).

Includes digital content.
Stearns County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Pupil Records gr02649
High school examination cards for non-graduates (approximately 1929 - approximately 1949) and graduates (approximately 1913 - approximately 1966).
Stearns County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Record Books gr02652
Description and boundaries of school districts and register of school district officers (1857-1895), and record of teacher examinations, teacher job applications, teachers employed, schools wanting teachers, and school district officers.
Stearns County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School Consolidation Files gr02650
Consolidation files for individual school districts or groups of school districts in Stearns County, documenting consolidations, dissolutions, annexations, and reorganizations.
Stearns County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its School Graduates Record gr02651
Information includes pupil's name and age, school district number, date diploma was issued, and grades earned in various subjects.
Stearns County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Teacher Record Cards gr02648
Teacher certificate and examination record cards (approximately 1910 - approximately 1930), pension fund record cards (approximately 1900 - approximately 1970), and record cards (approximately 1903 - approximately 1915).
Stearns County: Superintendent of Schools: An Inventory of Its Teachers' Records gr02653
Teachers insurance and retirement fund record (1915-1960), reading circle certificate record (1911-1930), teacher certificate record (1889-1908), and teacher examination record (1907-1967).
Watonwan County: Saint James: An Inventory of Its Records gr02635
Includes board of trustees and city council minutes, city charters, city code, village treasurer's book, ordinances, zoning ordinance updates, resolutions, minutes, agenda packets, and related records.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Minnesota Historical Society. State Historic Preservation Office. National Historic Landmark: Thomas Veblen farmstead, 1989-2013.
Files created by Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office staff. Includes project and grant information, correspondence, publications, awards, reports and related records.

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