What's New -- June 2024

Newly added accessions this month include the Harriet Bart Winter Projects Collection of Object Poems; the Gary M. DeCramer Papers; Health Department, Environmental Health Division, Wells Management Program Records; the Meeker County, Board of Commissioners Agenda Packets; and the Wing Young Huie Photograph Collection and Archive.

Other collections with additions or added digital content include the Solon J. Buck Papers; several series of the Faribault State School and Hospital Records; Freeborn County, Probate Court, Probate Case Files; the League of Women Voters of Minnesota Records; the Lieutenant Governor: Joanell M. Dyrstad Files; the Earl W. McGee Contact Sheet Photograph Albums; several additions to the MNHS Institutional Archives; the Peavey Company Records; the S. Morton Robinson Papers; the Secretary of State Maps; the Timothy J. Sheehan Papers; Stearns County, Probate Court, Probate Case Files; and the Van F. White Papers.

In addition there are many newly encoded finding aids that are now available online for the first time.

New and Updated Finding Aids

Name/Abstract File No.
Aitkin County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Case File Transcripts gr02978
Civil case file transcripts (1895-1938); criminal case file transcripts (1919-1934).
Harriet Bart: An Inventory of Her Winter Projects Collection of Object Poems lb00191
"The Winter Projects are an accumulation of twenty-one small objects and books. They were created annually over a period of 20 years ... Each Winter Project is a multiple made in an edition of 60 or 70 ... The creative challenge was to transform mundane bits and pieces into small visual object/poems. I thought of each project as an act of imagination with a Fluxus "do it yourself" aesthetic. In retrospect I see that the Winter Projects are reflections of my larger studio projects and events in my life. Together, they comprise a kind of autobiography by object." --Artist's statement from Harriet Bart website. Accompanied by a thank you note from the artist to Patrick Coleman, curator for the Minnesota Historical Society; and a catalog for an exhibition of the items at the Walker Art Center Library December 15, 2010-February 15, 2011.
Big Stone County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Default Judgment Dockets gr02995
Default judgment dockets of the Big Stone County District Court.
Big Stone County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Judgment Books gr02996
Judgment books A-L of the Big Stone County District Court.
Solon J. Buck: An Inventory of His Papers 00794
Solon Justus Buck, 1931Professional correspondence of Buck as superintendent of the Minnesota Historical Society (1914-1931); as a history department faculty member at the universities of Indiana (1908-1909), Illinois (1910-1914), Minnesota (1914-1931), and Pittsburgh (1931-1935); and as director of the Western Pennsylvania Historical Survey (1931-1935). Correspondents include other historians, archivists, and historical agency administrators.

Includes digital content.
Crow Wing County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil Case Files gr02977
Case List for File Nos. 1-2934Case files numbered 1-22,606.

Includes digital content.
Gary M. DeCramer: An Inventory of His Papers 01547
Gary M. DeCramer Papers of a state senator from Southwestern Minnesota who represented District 27 in the Minnesota legislature from 1983 to 1992 as a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. In addition to legislative papers, the collection includes information about a variety of other projects and activities, campaign files, and personal papers.
Douglas County: Alexandria: Municipal Court: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Dockets gr02991
Docket sheets for 1940 to January 1965, and a few transcripts of cases (1960-1968).
Education Department: State Advisory Commission on School Reorganization: An Inventory of Its Records gr02983
Files of the State Advisory Commission on School Reorganization [Laws 1947 c421]. They include agenda packets and minutes (1947-1970), reports to the Legislature (1949-1971), subject files (1946-1954, 1961), and publications (1947-1962).
Faribault State School and Hospital: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Patient Records gr00624
Record of special requests concerning children, 1899-1902Miscellaneous records containing information on individual patients.

Includes digital content.
Faribault State School and Hospital: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr00930
Programmatic reports, announcements of educational courses offered at the hospital (1913-1916), patient index (1887-1917?), an evaluation of the nursing department (1966), tour guides' manuals (1975, [1977]), a historical chronology from 1879 to 1979, a task force plan for the Faribault Regional Center (1988), research articles by hospital staff, and miscellaneous issuances.
Faribault State School and Hospital: Chief Executive Officer: An Inventory of Its Administrative Files gr00937
Primarily the administrative files of Harold Gillespie, administrator (1969-1974); Charles V. Turnbull, chief executive officer (1975- ) and others.
Freeborn County: Albert Lea: An Inventory of Its City Manager's Files gr02988
Correspondence, reports, memos, circulars, and miscellany regarding the city's management and finances. They are largely the files (1929-1932) of C. C. ("Stub") Ludwig, concerning such matters as city council actions, community facilities and services, various fiscal and budgetary matters, street and waterworks improvements, community health and sanitation, and his membership in municipal government associations.
Freeborn County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Probate Case Files gr02332
C296-C298.Probate case files of Freeborn County.

Includes digital content.
Goodhue County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil Case Files gr02989
File numbers A1-A3670 and 1-19785. Although the cases were opened between 1854 and 1950, a few of the later files may contain materials post-dating 1950.
Goodhue County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Criminal Case Files gr02990
File Nos. 5-1950.
Health Department: Environmental Health Division: An Inventory of Its Wells Management Program Records gr02985
Records concerning the Health Department's regulation of well drillers and pump installers. Include meeting minutes, reports, correspondence and memoranda.
Human Services Department: An Inventory of Its Published Records and Reports gr01604
Reports, newsletters, and miscellaneous print and near-print items of or about the Human Services Department.
Jackson County: Jackson: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr02984
Includes financial statements, Park Board minutes, building permits, service reports and correspondence relating to cable television, correspondence and miscellaneous records of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, and correspondence and miscellaneous records of the Zoning Committee.
League of Women Voters of Minnesota: An Inventory of Its Records 00191
Selected correspondence: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. AnthonyRecords documenting the activities of the state league founded in 1919, its local leagues, and their participation in the national League of Women Voters.

Includes digital content.
Legislature: Senate: Select Committee on Juvenile Justice: An Inventory of Its Records gr02992
Records of a committee established by the Senate Rules and Administration Committee on October 9, 1979 to develop a coherent set of proposals and recommendations dealing with juvenile justice for report to the 1980 legislature. Part of the files were apparently kept by Rick Sevra, Senate counsel, who provided research and staff support to the committee and its chair, Senator Gerry Sikorski.
Lieutenant Governor: Dyrstad, Joanell M.: An Inventory of the Files of Joanell Dyrstad gr02931
Schedules: February-April 1991Schedule (1991-1992) and speech (1991-1994) files of Lieutenant Governor Joanell M. Dyrstad.

Includes digital content.
Earl W. McGee: An Inventory of His Contact Sheet Photograph Albums sv000593
Album 354, 1961-1962A collection of contact sheet photographs, 1961-1966 by Earl W. McGee, a prominent Black photographer. Six three ring binders holding a combined 424 three-hole punched leaves of photograph contact sheets, most measuring about 8 x 10 in.

Includes digital content.
Meeker County: Board of Commissioners: An Inventory of Its Agenda Packets gr02986
Agenda packets for the years 1987-2023.
Minnesota Historical Society: An Inventory of Its Institutional Records 00513
MHS Fire Losses, etc., 1881The archives of the Minnesota Historical Society contains historically valuable records from all of its administrative and program units. They reflect and document the history of the organization from its 1849 beginning as the first private corporation chartered by the territorial legislature.

Includes digital content.
Olmsted County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Probate Case Files gr02993
Guardianship case files, 1863-1919 (reels 1-36) and estate case files, approximately 1855-1955 (reels 37-291, 291A, 292-484).
Peavey Company: An Inventory of Its Records 00037
Video iconSubject files, financial and accounting volumes, minutes, unpublished annual reports, correspondence, patent files, trademark files, company printed, photographs, scrapbooks, and motion pictures and audio tapes relating to the Peavey Company, a family-held, Minneapolis-based grain merchandising and processing firm.

Includes digital content.
Public Welfare Department: An Inventory of Its Manuals and Handbooks gr02975
These records include incomplete runs of the Public Welfare Manual, a looseleaf volume documenting the state's welfare program and policies distributed to the county welfare boards (1944-1972), manual letters, the new or updated sections of the volume (1944-1972, 1954-1983), and an administrative manual that superceded the Public Welfare Manual but which included some material from it (1945-1985).
Railroad and Warehouse Commission: An Inventory of Its Correspondence and Subject Files gr02980
Includes general correspondence, personnel correspondence, and miscellaneous subject files.
Railroad and Warehouse Commission: An Inventory of Its Correspondence of the Supervising Inspector of Country Elevators gr02981
Correspondence regarding grain elevator licenses, ownership, operation, and related matters.
Railroad and Warehouse Commission: An Inventory of Its Elevator and Warehouse Records gr02979
Files regarding the licensing, regulation, and operations of grain elevators and public storage warehouses.
Railroad and Warehouse Commission: An Inventory of Its Livestock Dealers Proceedings gr02982
Hearing transcripts, legal documents, commission orders, and correspondence documenting complaints against livestock dealers and the commission's resolution of the complaints.
S. Morton Robinson: An Inventory of His Papers 01544
Shannon Morton Robinson Microfilmed correspondence of a young Minneapolis man who served in the Civil War as a drummer boy with Company D of the First Minnesota Infantry Regiment. Includes letters and papers of other members of the Robinson family, particularly Seth L. Hammon, Robinson's brother-in-law, who also served in Company D. The collection includes two photocopied letters.
Secretary of State: An Inventory of Its Maps gr02987
Fort Ripley via Crow Wing River to the main road leading to the Red River of the North, July-October 1857 U.S. government and military road survey maps (1850s), maps of proposed railroad construction, and miscellaneous maps filed with the secretary of state.

Includes digital content.
Timothy J. Sheehan: An Inventory of His Papers 01546
Timothy J. Sheehan, approximately 1865 Accounts, correspondence, and diaries kept by Sheehan as sheriff of Freeborn County, Minnesota (1871-1883), Indian agent on the White Earth Reservation (1885-1889), and deputy United States marshal at St. Paul (1890-1907); muster-out rolls for the 5th Minnesota Infantry, Company C, in which Sheehan served as Lieutenant and later as Captain; returns of provisions and equipment for various Civil War regiments; and related miscellany.
Stearns County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Probate Case Files and Index gr00278
Case File Nos. 19319-19321Case files (microfilm) and index covering circa 1857-1891 (unfilmed original).

Includes digital content.
Trade and Economic Development Department: An Inventory of Its Celebrate Minnesota 1990 Program Files gr02976
The records include press releases; minutes of various committees, subcommittees, and task forces; activity/information kits; published records, including brochures, directories, leaflets, catalogs, manuals, and reports; newsletters (1989-1990); promotional videotapes; and correspondence and subject files.
United States District Court Monitor for the Welsch Consent Decree: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Welsch Consent Decree Files gr02994
Records relating to the Welsch Consent Decree, a landmark court case (1972-1989) which led to major changes in the treatment of Minnesota's institutionalized mentally retarded citizens. A court monitor was appointed in September 1980 to review compliance with the consent decree, to report to the court with respect to compliance, and to resolve complaints about noncompliance. The position was terminated in 1988 and the case formally dismissed in August 1989.
Van F. White: An Inventory of His Papers 00299
Personal papers and memorabilia, undated and 1939, 1975-1989 Personal and political papers of Van F. White, the first African American elected to the Minneapolis City Council.

Includes digital content.

New and Updated Catalog Records

Huie, Wing Young, 1955-. Wing Young Huie photograph collection and archive.
Includes photoprints predominantly for Wing Young Huie's documentary and street photography project Lake Street USA, as well as some photoprint files for his projects: Frogtown: Photographs and Conversations in an Urban Neighborhood; the University Avenue Project, Volumes 1 and 2; Arts on Chicago Project; and Looking for Asian America. The collection also includes accompanying documentation for the Lake Street USA, which consists of oral history interviews and transcripts, coffee shop journals, educational materials, project ephemera, zines, materials written by and about Wing Young Huie, and correspondence.

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